Highland Treasures Series ~ Spotlight and Sale

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Historical Heartbeats

A Highland Pearl

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Barnes and Noble Paperback

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A Highland Pearlby Brenda B. Taylor

A Five Star Review follows the book blurb. By When Angels Fly, author site of S. Jackson and A. Raymond

A sweet romance blossoms amidst feuding and war. With her reputation at stake after being accused of practicing witchcraft and hated as a member of a rival clan, Maidie considers leaving Clan Munro and returning to the home of her birth in Clan Cameron. Fierce battles, a tragic encounter, and a handsome clan chief compel her to make crucial decisions in this haunting romance set in the16th century Highlands of Scotland.Maidie is summoned to Fàrdach Castle of Easter Ross-shire to assist in caring for the wounded of Clan Munro after a battle with Clans MacKenzie and…

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