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Wedded in Sin Banner

Wedded in Sin

(A Bridal Favors Novel)

by Jade Lee

“A charmingly seductive tale” (New York Times bestselling author Courtney Milan):
After Penny’s parents are murdered, Samuel is determined to locate the culprit…
But he soon finds himself falling for Penny and yearning for a future with her.
A spirited Regency romance!

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Print Length: 322 pages

Publisher: ePublishing Works!

Publication Date: October 22, 2019

Sold by: Services LLC

Language: English


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Wedded in Sin Cover“A richly painted and fun foray into the regency era with a bright and intelligent heroine.” ~Reader Review

With her parents murdered and her inheritance stolen, all Penny Shoemaker has is her position at A Lady’s Favor dress shop designing handcrafted shoes for brides. But it’s not enough to support herself and her younger brother. Her only chance to regain what is rightfully hers lies in the strange but brilliant Samuel Morrison.

A dispossessed younger son, Samuel Morrison has a weakness for damsels in distress. So when Penny’s predicament literally lands at his feet, he turns his keen detective skills to her problem. As Penny’s predicament fills his time—she also begins filling his heart.

But can he regain Penny’s stolen inheritance, win her heart, and create a life not only for himself and Penny but for her younger brother, too, without running afoul of those who murdered her parents?

The answer may be just one favor away…

“A charmingly seductive tale.” ~Courteny Milan, New York Times bestselling author.

Bridal Favors, in series order:

    1. Engaged in Wickedness
    2. Wedded in Scandal
    3. Engaged in Passion
    4. Wedded in Sin

Lady Cecelia banner

Lady Cecilia Is Cordially

Disinvited for Christmas

A Secrets and Seduction, Book 0.5

by Sheridan Jeane

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Print Length: 138 pages

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Publisher: Flowers and Fullerton

Publication Date: October 8, 2019

Sold by: Services LLC

Language: English

ASIN: B07X4J7M87

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Lady Cecelia CoverLady Cecilia Is Cordially DisInvited for Christmas
Home for Christmas
Weary of the long hours he’s been spending on a make-or-break legal case, Devin Montlake, the youngest son of the Earl of Vincent, is thrilled at the prospect of spending Christmas with his childhood love Lady Cecilia. With professional success almost within his grasp, he can finally formalize their understanding. Unfortunately, his interfering family’s House Party might well be his last chance.

Believing they’ve been disinvited to the Vincent’s Christmas gathering, Lady Cecilia and her family are surprised when they receive Devin’s last-minute plea to attend. Lady Cecilia knows the Vincents want better for Devin than the daughter of an impoverished earl, and, after months of Devin’s silence, she isn’t sure what to expect. Does Devin plan to break things off with her in person, or will he ask for her hand in marriage? And if he does propose after so much time apart, how can she be sure she is still first in Devin’s heart?

My Thoughts:

Reviewed on October 8, 2019:

I read It Takes a Spy last year and since it’s the continuation of Lady Cecilia and Devin’s story I feel like it was written and read in the wrong order.
This short beginning read is delightful though and since I have read it already I will endeavor to re-read It Takes a Spy.
I still have both the ARC and the published book on my kindle but will need to download either one again in order to re-read and enjoy that book again.
The original published date of It Takes a Spy was in 2014 and I read and reviewed it in 2018.
I gave this prequel novella 4.25 of 5.0 stars for story line and characterization even though it went back in the history of this series.
I was familiar with Cecilia, her family and Devin from It Takes a Spy although Devin’s family was new to the cast of characters.

Gambling on a Scoudrel Banner

Gambling on a Scoundrel

by Sheridan Jeane

File Size: 2234 KB

Print Length: 368 pages

Publisher: Flowers and Fullerton, LLC

Publication Date: March 29, 2014

Sold by: Services LLC

Language: English


Digital List Price: $4.99

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Lucian’s grandfather believed his tainted French blood had ruined him…Gambling on a Scoudrel Cover
Lucian’s father was an outcast until his death for the sin of falling in love and marrying a French woman. When both of Lucien’s uncles die childless, he finds himself inheriting an earldom– as well as the kind of life he’d been denied since birth. Now he’ll have to sell his high-stakes gambling house in London so he can assume control of his extensive holdings. The last thing he wants is a nosey reporter complicating things.

She has her entire future mapped out…
Until her fiancé jilts her— in a letter.
Temperance won’t take that lying down. Not at all! She will win him back! She will research that article on the evils of gambling Charles Dickens asked her to write! AND, it will be published in his newspaper! To top it off, Ernest will come crawling back to her…

Now, if she can just figure out how to make it all happen…

Gambling on a Scoundrel is a standalone romance.

If you liked this book, check out Sheridan’s Secrets and Seductions series

Lady Cecilia Is Cordially Disinvited to Christmas is a sweet prequel novella to Sheridan Jeane’s SECRETS AND SEDUCTION Series. The rest of the books in the series are a bit spicier than the prequel, and they have a sprinkling of suspense as well!.


Book 0.5 – Lady Cecilia is Cordially Disinvited for Christmas
Book 1 – It Takes a Spy…
Book 2 – Lady Catherine’s Secret
Book 3 – Once Upon a Spy
Book 4 – My Lady, My Spy
Book 5 – Along Came a Spy

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