Medieval Monday with Ruth A. Casie

I’m unfamiliar with this author’s work but this looks like a promising read.

Sherry Ewing

Welcome to Medieval Monday and the second week of our Celebration theme. Today for your reading pleasure I have the lovely Ruth A. Casie with her next snippet and isn’t this cover just divine? Happy reading, my lovelies!


In the grip of a silent panic, her heart raced. Surely, she should say something more…

“I understand ye’re leaving us tomorrow. I was afraid I wouldna see ye. Wi’ so much ta do in th’ village, there is barely time ta…” A knot in her throat made it difficult for her to swallow. She didn’t want him to leave. “As clan chieftain, I want ta give my thanks for all yer help. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by th’ people, or by me.” The man who stood before her was so strong, had a commanding presence, and was handsome. That hadn’t gone unnoticed either. “I spoke out of place before and…

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