First Kiss Friday with The Earl Takes A Wife

I have this novella pre-order!

Sherry Ewing

Welcome to another First Kiss Friday, my lovelies! Today it’s my pleasure to give you an excerpt from The Earl Takes A Wife that is currently available for pre-order. In this scene, Adrian has just given Celia a necklace for her 18th birthday and she kissed his cheek. Read on and enjoy, gentle readers.


Her impulse to bend forward to kiss Adrian’s cheek may have been an innocent enough gesture in her mind, yet her heart apparently thought differently, given its rapid rhythm. Could he hear the staccato sound that betrayed her feelings for him whether she voiced them aloud or not? Surely he could, since he was standing so close. Was she the only one who felt as though the world was tipping, as if his mere presence made her head spin?

She should step away. She should distance herself from the man who caused such reckless…

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