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Taming My Christmas Rogue

Taming the Duke’s Heart

(Miracle Express Book 2)

by Tammy Andresen

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Print Length: 92 pages

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Publisher: Swift Romance Publishing Corp. 

Publication Date: November 5, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


Taming My Christmas RogueA roguish lord and an innocent lady…

Lord Andrew Maddox is a rogue of the first order…he’s the last man Dani should want. Yet her eyes are drawn to Drew every time he enters the same room as her, which is often since her family and his are spending Christmastide together. Dani just has to avoid him for a week and then she can go back to her orderly life and her almost husband hunt. Being shy does make it difficult to search. Except for her rakish rogue has other ideas.

Miss Danielle Frazier is far too virtuous for his tastes… so why can’t he stop thinking about her? He must take drastic measures. His plan? Steal one kiss. He likes a woman with a certain amount of knowledge and Dani clearly has none. One botched kiss and he’ll be over this ridiculous infatuation. Except for from the moment their lips touch, nothing goes the way it’s supposed to and kisses under the mistletoe rarely end romantic fantasy. Now Drew has a new problem entirely… for the first time in his life, he might be falling in love.

Seducing an Heiress on a Train

A Victorian Christmas Romance

(Miracle Express Book 4)

by Lauren Smith

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Publication Date: November 12, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


LS_ME_Seducing-an-Heiress-on-a-Train_HiRes-520x800 book 4Seducing an heiress has never been easier…

Roguish Oliver, Viscount Conway, desperately needs money to save his family’s estate from debt collectors, and he knows just what to do – marry an heiress. When he sets foot on a train leaving Southampton, he bumps into Rayne, the most bewitching woman he’s ever met, and as luck would have it, she’s an American heiress. The woman swears she won’t marry, especially a fortune hunter. Oliver must win her for his bride at any cost, even if it means compromising the lady on a train and stealing her heart.

Avoiding fortune hunters has never been harder…

Rayne Egerton is happy to escape the New York ballrooms to travel with her father through England while he tends to business. What should have been an enjoyable Christmas vacation turns upside down with a moment of unexpected passion when a stranger in the cabin next to her steals a scorching kiss. The mysterious Lord Conway is everything that Rayne desires and fears in a man with his sinfully good looks, wicked smile and devastating kiss. As heiress to her father’s fortune, she isn’t going to give up her freedom for any man unless he can love her without her money. As the train rolls through snowy English countryside, she starts to wonder if Oliver may be the Christmas gift she’d been secretly hoping for.

A Sprig of Mistletoe

(Miracle Express Book 6)

by Katherine Bone

Publisher: Seas the Day Publishing

Publication Date: November 19, 2019; 1st edition

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


A Sprig of MistletoeShe’s unconventional . . .

Christmas is Lady Catherine “Kitty” Egerton’s favorite time of year, and even though the temperature is mild and there’s little hope for snow, life couldn’t be better. Charles Dickens’s new novel is proving to be all the rage. Even more diverting, she’s accepted her brother’s invitation to travel to London with a childhood friend on the London and Birmingham Railway, to inspect a workhouse on Saffron Hill. The journey allows Kitty to help the poor, and to access the bookstore where Dickens’s latest book is sold. But in an irony of fate, the book is out of stock, and she shamefully accepts several copies from a mysterious donor, risking her reputation.

He’s not who he says he is . . .

Bartholomew “Bart” Fernsby netted his worth speculating on the railroad. But to whom much is given, more is required. Haunted by a scandalous past and determined not to let history repeat itself, Bart takes on the plight of the East End by becoming one of the founding members of a Poor Law Union seeking to bring education to the poorest sections of London. To that end, he’s enlisted a friend to help raise funds for Field Lane Ragged School, a workhouse Charles Dickens visited three months earlier. The children housed there idolize the writer, and as a gift to them, Bart purchases multiple copies of A Christmas Carol with plans to distribute them to those who’ve learned how to read. There’s only one problem—Bart hates Christmas.

Can a sprig of mistletoe deliver a miracle?

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To Secure His Legacy

(Other Pens, Mansfield Park Book 4)

by Leenie Brown

File Size: 2512 KB

Print Length: 192 pages

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Publisher: Leenie B Books (March 11, 2019)

Publication Date: March 11, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


Digital List Price: $3.99

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Sometimes, when a gentleman wants to secure his future and mend the errors Tom_Other Pens Coverof his past, all he needs is Faith.

Tom Bertram spent his life chasing pleasure until a gate proved too tall for his horse. Now, having faced his own mortality, he is a changed man. He plans to be all that he should be so that he can secure his legacy. If only he had paid more attention to his lessons, he would be able to fix his follies on his own. However, he did not, and now, he must enlist the help of a financial expert.

Faith Eldridge has witnessed the devastation of living to excess and possesses the skills necessary to protect her future from such calamity. Despite her best efforts to keep her activities secret, her talent has not gone unnoticed, and she soon finds herself in a position to lend aid to a gentleman in desperate need of assistance in recouping his losses.

When Tom meets Faith, he doesn’t realize that they have met before — well, they have sort of met before — but that’s a secret Faith hopes to keep Tom from discovering. However, when her student turns out to be as clever as he is handsomely distracting, and when Tom finds his tutor more than a trifle alluring, can any secret be concealed? And when tragedy strikes, can Tom secure both his legacy and his heart, or will his heart be the price he must pay for his former behaviour?

Tom: To Secure his Legacy is the fourth episode in Leenie Brown’s Other Pens, Mansfield Park series of books. If you like well-written stories with charmingly resolute heroes bent on bettering their lives and practical yet compassionate heroines determined to choose their own future, then you will enjoy this story about overcoming the past and learning that love is far more valuable than a healthy financial portfolio.

So, put the kettle on, grab your copy of Tom: To Secure his Legacy, and discover with Tom and Faith that taking risks is necessary when securing a happily ever after.

My New Release Review of

Available Now The Gift of the Marquess

The Gift of the Marquess

Love is All Around Book 2

by Darcy Burke

File Size: 2817 KB

Print Length: 134 pages

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Publisher: Darcy Burke Publishing

Publication Date: October 15, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


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The Gift of the Marquess CoverThe Marchioness of Darlington wants nothing more than a houseful of children, but after three years of marriage Poppy has given up hope. When she learns her husband doesn’t share her sense of loss, Poppy tries to soothe her aching heart by helping at a local institution for single women and mothers. But the arrival of an expectant mother only reignites her longing, driving the wedge between her and Gabriel deeper.

After losing his mother and sister in childbirth, Gabriel, the Marquess of Darlington, is secretly glad his wife hasn’t been able to conceive. He can’t bear the thought of losing her, not even to achieve their dream of having a family. Desperate to prove his love, Gabriel makes a shocking proposition. It’s a risk, but if he can overcome Poppy’s fears and hesitation, he can give her what she wants most for Christmas.

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Untouchables comes a Christmas Regency series! Don’t miss these holiday classics retold with love, passion, and heart.

Book One: The Red Hot Earl

Book Two: The Gift of the Marquess

Book Three: Joy to the Duke ~ Coming Nov. 12th ~ Pre-Order Now!

My Thoughts:

The Marchioness of Darlington wants nothing more than a houseful of children, but after three years of marriage Poppy has given up hope.
After losing his mother and sister in childbirth, Gabriel, the Marquess of Darlington, is secretly glad his wife hasn’t been able to conceive. He can’t bear the thought of losing her, not even to achieve their dream of having a family.
Gabriel makes a shocking proposition. It’s a risk, but if he can overcome Poppy’s fears and hesitation, he can give her what she wants most for Christmas.
But Poppy has other ideas for the young woman who has landed on their doorstep.. Her pregnancy and the fact that she doesn’t want the baby tears at Poppy’s heart. Although she wants a baby of her own she can’t fathom anyone not wanting their child.
As Poppy tries to convenience the young mother to keep her child, Gabriel seeks to make this child theirs.
How will this convoluted second book in this Love is All Around series end?
Although this is the second book in this holiday romance series it can easily be read as a stand alone. There are linking characters but you will never be lost if you choose to read the out of order or read only one.
I gave this touching book 4.25 of 5.0 stars for story line and characterization.
I was granted a complimentary digital ARC of this book to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.
The gift of the marquess Teaser art

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