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Elizabeth Rose Free Books

Familiar is FREE thru October 12th

Familiar Cover

Dark Encounters Book 1

A warlock in denial gets a second chance at love!

Slade Spencer returns to his hometown after an incident five years ago that changed his life forever. A warlock in denial, he’s subconsciously learned to erase memories from his mind that upset him. Now his past stares him in the face as he meets up with his old flame, Susie Vasilly. This is Slade’s chance to make things right between them. But Susie has a secret that is too dark too even share with him.

Susie is shocked to see Slade, her past lover return to town. Things went badly between them years ago and she didn’t think she’d ever see him again. But whatever problems they had between them before are nothing compared to the life of hell she’s been living since Slade’s been gone. She’s cursed by Slade’s evil uncle, shapeshifting each night into a big yellow cat . . . his Familiar.

When Susie’s life is endangered and her secret is revealed to Slade, he has no choice but to accept his warlock ways and learn the Craft of his kind. He vows to face his inner demons as well as his uncle’s dark arts, on a race to hone his skills to save Susie and break her curse, or die trying.

 Ruby – free starting Oct. 23

Daughters of the Dagger, Book 1

Ruby de Burgh is the first born of the four daughters of Earl Blackpool. They were all named after the stones in daggers, bought by their late mother regarding a superstition. Ruby acts more like the son her father always wanted, and nothing like a lady. And she is not pleased to find out her father has promised Lord Sheffield his choice of one of his daughter’s hands in marriage.

Lord Nyle of Sheffield needs a wife so he can carry on his secret mission for the king. However, after losing three wives in a matter of months, he is sure their deaths were not accidents as it seemed, but rather they were murdered. Now to catch the murderer that he believes to be inside his castle walls, he chooses a wife as bait who he knows can wield a sword and hold her own against any attacker.

Will murder and mayhem place a wedge between an unconventional wife and the Lord of Death, or bring them closer together as emotions are brought to the surface in Ruby – Book 1 of Daughters of the Dagger?

Mary, Mary – free starting Oct. 28

Once Upon a Rhyme Series Book 1

Golden Palm Contest Finalist!

Being invited to see Mary’s garden was not a good thing unless you wanted to end up dead!

Raven Birchfield moves into her deceased eccentric aunt’s home with her mother and younger brother not realizing her life is about to change in ways she’s never imagined. The house backs up to a small graveyard. When she goes to plant a flower in her new yard for her horticulture class, strange things happen.

She digs up an old nursery rhyme book as well as a quartz crystal on a necklace. A raven keeps following her around and she keeps hearing an eerie voice calling out the name Mary on the breeze. To make matters worse, at her new high school she starts getting bullied by one of the popular, pretty girls who happens to have a boyfriend that Raven wishes was hers.

After researching the origins of nursery rhymes for her term paper, Raven finds out that they are really stories of horrid people and events from history, one of them being about Bloody Mary who is featured in the nursery rhyme, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.

When Raven enters into an alternate reality where she ends up in the body and hearing the thoughts of the man killer, Mary, she is forced to make choices that will alter her life as well as Mary’s forever.

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 Blue – releasing Oct. 16th

Once Upon a Rhyme, Book 3

Raven Birchfield has had her share of trouble ever since digging up an old book of nursery rhymes in the garden of her late eccentric aunt’s house where she now lives. With the creepy graveyard next door, evil nursery rhyme characters are coming to life one by one, taking over the bodies of her family and friends.

Now her younger brother Johnny is acting odd, and the spirit of Little Boy Blue has made his appearance. At first she thinks she likes it since “Blue” as he calls himself, has a way with people and can play the trumpet better than her irritating little brother ever could.

But when awful things start happening and Johnny is stuck on another realm, Raven and her friend Candy know they have to save him before it’s too late. But Johnny likes the life of Blue and wishes he could be him forever.

Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it . . . and it might not be what you expect.

Be sure to read Mary, Mary – Book 1, and Muffet – Book 2 as well.

Keeper of the Flame releasing Oct. 28th

second in command logo

Second in Command Series Book 5

Immortality isn’t always a blessing . . . sometimes it’s a curse!

An old sorcerer is how everyone knows him, but Orrick Pendragon has only chosen to shapeshift into the image an old man because of his painful past. When he stole the Eternal Flame over a hundred years ago, he had no idea of the consequences of his action. Being immortal and also married, he had to watch as his loving wife grew old and died while he stayed young and continued to live forever. Heartbroken, he swore, he would never fall in love again. But when Lady Hope appears at his tower door seeking his assistance to find the Eternal Flame, he’s intrigued and strangely attracted to her. Against his better judgment, he finds himself shapeshifting back into his young and handsome form of Sir Rick.

Lady Hope Threston arrives at Blake Castle as Lord Corbett’s ward. However, it is only a ploy on her part to get what she wants. She’s been betrothed to Lord Irwin, a blackhearted, greedy man. In order to convince him to break the betrothal, she agrees to help him find the Eternal Flame. However, she needs the assistance of the old sorcerer to do it. Lord Irwin wants to be powerful, invincible, and immortal, but all she wants is to be free. Then she meets the handsome Sir Rick and magically, everything changes.

Can an immortal man who is destined to live forever, find love again with a mortal woman who is bound to die?

Pirate in the Mist

Brody Cover


(Second in Command Series Book 1)

second in command logo

File Size: 3348 KB

Print Length: 142 pages

Publisher: RoseScribe Media Inc.

Publication Date: October 5, 2017

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


$3.99 to Buy or

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Publisher’s Description:

(Extended version, Revised, New Cover. First seen in the Mists and Moonrise collection.)

Brody, Captain of the Sea Mirage finds himself a victim of his mutinous crew. When he’s thrown overboard, he swims to an island. His vengeance of wanting to kill Old Man Muck, the pirate responsible for the upheaval, is what keeps him alive.

Gwendolen Fisher is the daughter of a fisherman, trying desperately to fill the shoes of her three brothers who have abandoned the family business and disappeared. When she spies a man adrift at sea, she convinces her father and the crew to help him. Once aboard the ship, the man is recognized as a pirate. Before they can address the situation, a storm at sea washes Gwen overboard. The handsome pirate named Brody jumps into the water to save her.

Hanging onto wreckage, Brody and Gwen fight nature as the sea washes them toward the legendary lovers’ caves of Cornwall. Can a pirate and a young maiden find love together or will trouble continue to follow them from both their pasts, making it impossible to be together?

This story was first seen in the Mists and Moonrise multi-author boxed set that is no longer published. However, this is the extended version with a new cover, and never-before published scenes, as well as an epilogue with a surprise ending. This is the story of the secondary character, Brody from the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series. Brody’s story picks up where it left off in Reckless Highlander – Book 3 of the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series. It is best to read the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series first. Also, it would be good to read the Seasons of Fortitude Series before this, so it doesn’t ruin the surprise in the epilogue. Either way, the book can still be read as a stand alone.

Watch for more stories in the Second in Command Series to follow. Each will be a stand-alone book featuring a secondary character from one of Elizabeth’s many series.

My Thoughts:

Will Brody and Gwen find their Happily Ever After in this quick but convoluted tale.

I liked this well written short read. I finished it in just over one hour yesterday. I had put it aside and almost forgot it was releasing as a single title today. I noticed it on my Kindle App. on my tablet and checked to see if I had missed the publication date. I was happy to see that was not the case.

Brody has been a pirate for several years after being abducted by a group of pirates when he was ten years old. They actually had their sights on his friend, but Brody stepped in to save the day by distracting them while his friend made his escape to get help. Unfortunately he was unable to make it back in time to save Brody from his fate.

Gwen is the daughter of a fisherman and since the death of her mother she has sailed with her father disguised as a lad.

After the crew of the Sea Mirage led by scalawags Old Man Muck and Lucky force Brody to walk the plank into the sea and almost certain death, Gwen spots him afloat and saves him. Then as fate would have it due to a violent storm both she and Brody end up back in the sea.

How will this interesting first book of the Second in Command Series end?

Will Brody and Gwen find their Happily Ever After in this quick but convoluted tale.

I gave this book 4.25 of 5.0 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 3.0 of 5.0 flames. There are only kisses in most of this story with one intimate encounter. You will find many familiar characters if you have read other books by Elizabeth Rose, in the epilogue.

I received a complimentary digital ARC of this title from the author via Google Docs. This in no way affected my opinion of this novella which I read and reviewed voluntarily.




(Second in Command Series Book 2) 

second in command logo

File Size: 3687 KB

Print Length: 186 pages

Publisher: RoseScribe Media Inc. 

Publication Date: April 18, 2018

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


$3.99 to Buy or

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Publisher’s Description:

The heartbroken knight.
The runaway bride.
A love between them that is Forbidden!

The Heartbroken Knight:
Frenchman Sir Claude Montague returns to England still in love with Lady Rose after she has broken his heart eight years ago. She is now married and wants him by her side in her husband’s absence, as she is about to give birth to her first baby. He would do anything for Rose, but can he let go of the thoughts that bind him to his past, making him wish he were her husband?

The Runaway Bride:
Lady Evelina Du Pont escapes France and travels to England in disguise, running from an unwanted betrothal to an evil lord. She wants time to find a husband on her own and is looking for a man who will be loyal, protect her, and treat her kindly. Evelina is looking for love! First posing as a nursemaid, she is accepted at Briarbeck Castle where she hunts for the perfect husband. But with the suspicious Sir Claude getting in her way, she cannot restrain herself from pointing out his flaws.

With Claude’s attention taken by the boisterous but beautiful Evelina, he finds a new home for his misplaced love. However, Claude is a knight and she is naught but a servant. Falling in love with a woman of a different status is highly forbidden.

Will a woman searching for a man to love, have her secret identity exposed by a knight who is living with a broken heart from the past? Or will the past and the future collide, causing both Claude and Evelina to change their ways before they realize the present isn’t always as it seems?

Forbidden: Claude, is the story of the son of the hero and heroine from The Baron’s Destiny – Book 3 of the Barons of the Cinque Ports Series. While it is recommended to read that book first so that no surprises will be ruined, it is a standalone book that can be read by itself without prior knowledge of any other series.

My Thoughts:

Will their attraction for each other turn into love?

Will Evelina reveal the truth to Claude?

This book unlike most I have read by this Author has no magic involved.
This is a well written medieval tale of a young man who as a teen became infatuated with his friend. She was in love with another and married that man instead.
Now Rose and her husband have asked Claude to watch over her while her husband is away. Rose is imminently expecting a child and having lost two previously she is frightened and would like the company of her friend.
Evelina is a French lady hiding,disguised as a nursemaid from a cruel betrothed. She is attracted to Claude even though she fights it. And he is attracted to her even though he doesn’t trust her.

Will their attraction for each other then into love? Will Evelina reveal the truth to Claude?

I gave this short read 4.25 of 5.0 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 3.5 of 5.0 flames. There is only one physically intimate passage in this book but it is rather sensual.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author to read and review. This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

All prices are subject to change.

Make sure you check the price before clicking buy.

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