Cover Reveals for Spying on Christmas by Leona Bushman and Loving and American Spy by Dawn Brower

I wish to read both of these upcoming titles by Dawn Brower and a new to me author.

Book Reviews And More From A Sassy Book Loving Southern Belle

Title: Spying on Christmas

Author: Leona Bushman

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: November 26, 2019


Christmas is not always what it seems.

Melody hated Christmas. Ever since her parents died on Christmas Eve, nothing had ever been the same. She and her brother had been forced to live with their grandfather. Her brother, the now presumptive heir, received most of the attention as he learned about the holdings.

She had been given lessons on how to be a lady.

As if she wanted them. She would rather do anything else than be a lady with no rights. One night, at a soiree, someone had approached her to spy for them. Not giving her a choice, really. So, with great reluctance, she’d accepted the invite to her cousin’s Christmas house party.

Two weeks pretending to be happy about Christmas? Worse punishment ever for simply being at the wrong place at…

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