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After the Spy Seduces

Capturing the Carlisles Book 6

by Anna Harrington

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Print Length: 316 pages

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Publisher: NYLA (September 27, 2019)

Publication Date: September 27, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English



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After The Spy Seduces CoverThe Spy Who Loves Her

As the second son of the Earl of Spalding, Christopher Carlisle appears content to do nothing more than live out his life in gambling hells, wild parties, and widows’ beds. But Kit’s scapegrace existence hides his true calling—as a secret operative who has dedicated his life to crown and country. When his partner is murdered, nothing will distract him from his pursuit of justice…until he meets Diana Morgan. When he discovers the general’s lovely daughter disguised as a boy in a seedy tavern, he’s thrust into a tangled web of lies and deceit that leaves him wondering if anything is as it seems. Especially Diana.

Diana Morgan will do anything to keep her family safe, including risking her own life. So when her missing brother is accused of treason and murder, she’s forced to make a deal with the devil himself—cooperate with Kit in order to find her brother before the French get to him first. Diana must race to prove her brother’s innocence before Kit can send him to the gallows, but as trust grows between them, so does desire. Soon, secrets are revealed that threaten everything Diana holds most dear, and when their lives are placed in peril, she finds herself desperately wanting the one thing she can never have…Kit’s heart.

The Look of Love Series

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The Look of Love

Book of Love 1

by Meara Platt

The look of Love CoverWelcome to Book One in the fabulous new Book of Love series. A dingy old book tucked away in an old Regency London bookshop holds magic and love for those who use the ‘recipes’!

When Lady Olivia Gosling finds The Book of Love in a musty bookshop, she is most eager to try out its love “recipes” on someone safe. 

Did she say safe?

Well, Beast isn’t really safe, but with her odious guardian about to marry her off to one of his unsavory friends, Olivia needs her childhood friend to fall in love with her… fast. If Beast can love her, then any man she chooses will surely do the same.

Alexander Beastling, Duke of Hartford, is known as Beast among the ton. He is big and muscled, and there is a dark aura of mystery about him that he makes no effort to dispel. Now that he’s returned from battle, he’s appalled to learn of the marriage plans Lady Olivia’s loathsome guardian has for her. Beast has decided that he will help her find a proper husband, even if it means putting up with her ridiculous experiments taken out of a book she refers to as The Book of Love. Olivia calls them magical recipes for love. 

Is it possible they actually work? Because suddenly, Beast can’t seem to get Olivia out of his mind… or his heart.

The Taste of Love

Book of Love 3

by Meara Platt

Will the mysterious Book of Love lead Penelope to her true love?The taste of Love Cover

Book 3 in the bestselling Book of Love series is now available! Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! 

Lady Penelope Sherbourne is not – absolutely not – going to fall in love with Thaddius MacLauren, Laird of Caithness, even if he is a big, handsome Scottish brute and ridiculously protective of her. But now that the Book of Love has fallen into her hands, Thad is the only one she trusts to test out the sensations she must explore in order to find the perfect husband. She wants a mild-mannered English earl, one who lives near her family, and who will not make her heart leap or her bones melt as Thad does every time he looks at her.

Thaddius MacLauren intends to claim a kiss from Lady Penelope Sherbourne and nothing more. No, not a thing more, even though he’s loved the sharp-tongued, vexing lass forever. She’s also been kinder to him than anyone else alive, and for a boy who never felt loved by his family, Penelope’s kindness has come to mean everything to him. How can he ever tell her how he feels? She’s the daughter of a powerful earl and all he can offer her is a tumble-down holding at the northern tip of Scotland. It will take a miracle to win her heart.

Is it possible the Book of Love holds the magic to bring it about?

Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

The Book of Love Series

Book 1 – The Look of Love ~ $0.99
Book 2 – The Touch of Love ~ $2.99
Book 3 – The Taste of Love ~ $0.99
Book 4 – The Song of Love (Approx. Dec. 2019)
Book 5 – The Scent of Love (Approx. March 2020)
Book 6 – The Kiss of Love (Approx. June 2020)


Available for Pre-Order For $0.99 Each

All Hallowes Brides     Stars Shining Brightly

The Midnight Hour

All Hallows’ Brides

A Gothic Regency Romance Novella collection

When doors creak and ghostly whispers are heard in the midnight hour, this stunning collection of Gothic Regency Historical Romance novellas are sure to leave you breathless with Poe-inspired, romantic dreams…

(Note: This collection will be about 350 pages)

Welcome to the All-Hallows’ Brides collection. Seven of your favorite Historical Romance authors have come together for a collection of never-before published stories that will give you a chill, a thrill, and have you reading them again and again. Inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, you’ve never seen a collection like this by some of the biggest names in Historical Romance.

The title of each story is named for their ‘Bride’:

Emma by Kathryn Le Veque
Aislin by Meara Platt
Sarah by Scarlett Scott
Madeleine by Mary Lancaster
Beth by Maggi Andersen
Hyacinth by Chasity Bowlin
Eleanor by Sydney Jane Baily
Raven by Violetta Rand

So, grab your candle and lock your door, and settle down to read this smashing collection of darkly-tinged romantic tales with unforgettable heroes and magnificent ladies. Romance has never been so daring… or so Gothic.

And if you hear a knock on your door… don’t answer it.

Unless you are prepared to welcome a wandering wraith in a tattered wedding gown…

Stars are Brightly Shining

A Magical Holiday Collection

Enjoy a holiday collection from some of your favorite Dragonblade Publishing authors in this collection of never-before published tales!

(Note: This collection will be approx. 500 pages)

From the bedecked halls of Regency England to the cold and crisp air of Medieval England, and everything in between, welcome to the magic of a holiday collection that will bring the joy of the season into your heart and into your home. Ten New York Times, USA Today or Internationally bestselling authors bring you their twist on the holidays using some of your favorite characters in STARS ARE BRIGHTLY SHINING.

This collection includes:

“Heart of Thanks” by Paula Quinn –  ‘Tis the season of miracles, and when Elysande MacPherson begins falling in love with the son of her father’s worst enemy, she’s going to need one. A very big one.

“The Hope of Love” by Meara Platt – Felicity Billings, raised as an orphan, has always hoped for a family of her own. Will her wish come true when she takes a tumble and Wellesford’s handsome doctor comes to the rescue?

“A Christmas Kiss for the Highlander” by Collette Cameron – A prisoner of his past, Quinn Catherwood scorns heritage and kin. Skye Hendron cherishes family and traditions, and she offers him freedom and a future…but can he pay the price?

“Christmas Heart” by Mary Lancaster – A quarrel with her husband sees the Duchess of Alvan travelling to her parents’ home for Christmas. But the road is blocked by snow and there is no room at the Hart Inn…

“Starlight Night” by Alexa Aston – A child from the streets. A couple with love in their heart. A warm, wonderful Christmas.

“A Beastly Christmas” by Sydney Jane Baily – A frigid Christmas Eve, an infuriated husband, and beloved family members gone missing. Forlorn Lady Lindsey needs a holiday miracle, or maybe three!

“Warming Winter’s Heart” by Elizabeth Ellen Carter – Julian Winter has had his heart broken a time of two. And he’s tired of his well-meaning family trying to set him up with yet another vapid debutante. His attitude to attending a winter house party is frosty indeed until he meets fellow guest Caroline, a widow with a young son. As Christmas draws near Julian finds there is warmth in Winter’s heart, after all.

“A Bunch of Mistletoe” by Lynne Connolly – When Matilda, chaperone and aunt to the most scandalous family in London, takes a tumble from a tree, she’s rescued by the most unlikely saviour. Toplofty stickler Harold, the Duke of Trensom, is more than annoyed to find Matilda on his property. Worse when he finds himself falling for her. 

“A Solitary Candle” by Avril Borthiry – Lost in a winter storm, a cold-hearted man is drawn to a flicker of light in the darkness. Will he find the warmth he seeks?

“A Merry MacNaughton Mishap” by Aubrey Wynne – When Calum MacNaughton saves a man’s life at Christmas, he is unexpectedly rewarded with the clansman’s most precious possession. Now Calum has until Twelfth Night to convince her to stay.

From Dragonblade to you, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

All prices are subject to change.

Make sure you check the price before clicking buy.

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