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Heart of Stone

Hearts of the Highlands Book 3

by Paula Quinn

File Size: 2686 KB

Print Length: 222 pages

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Publication Date: August 29, 2019; 1 edition

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English

ASIN: B07WV653S9

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Heart of Stone Cover

She was like a living flame, an all-consuming fire, lighting up the way so he could find everything he’d lost!

Book 3 Heart of Stone is now available. Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited!

When widowed Nicholas MacPherson, Earl of Rothbury, returns from a two-year pilgrimage and finds himself in desperate need of a governess for his son, the last person he wants to see at his door is Julianna Feathers, the lass he had loved since he was a child servant in her father’s castle. He doesn’t want her back in his life, but his son needs her. Soon, Nicholas realizes that he needs her, too. Her familiar smiles and the ease he feels when they speak – even to argue – becomes harder to resist. But he doesn’t trust love. Her love. Still, when she stirs the rubble in search of his heart, the heart she once knew, he is helpless to stop her.

Julianna Feathers once lived the life of the privileged, but that was before the Scots attacked her castle and killed everyone in it. Before her father’s debts left her penniless and without title. Before she married a monster. Dreams of the love of her youth gave her strength to run, to free herself and find him. She knows him as William Stone. She let him go once because she was a coward. But she has changed. She has grown up, and she wants him back…until she meets him and decides she doesn’t like the earl with his new name and the diamond-hard set of his eyes against her. But she sees him beneath the rocks and rubble and she resolves to help him find his way out. Falling in love with him all over again is the easy part. Being torn from his arms by an enemy from their past is something else entirely. 

Will their love survive?

Hearts of the Highlands Series
Heart of Ashes
Heart of Shadows
Heart of Stone 

What a Scot Wants New Release Banner

My New Release Review of

What a Scot Wants

Tartans & Titans Book 3

by Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan

File Size: 1494 KB

Print Length: 300 pages

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Publication Date: August 26, 2019

Sold by: Macmillan

Language: English


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whatAScottWants_1600-683x1024Highlander Ronan Maclaren must marry, but he’s in no particular hurry. He’s perfectly happy as the laird of his clan, running the Maclaren Whisky Distillery.

Lady Imogen Kinley has cleverly avoided wedlock for years. Men, she has learned from painful experience, are not to be trusted. Determined to remain independent, she takes an indecent amount of pleasure in making herself as unattractive to potential suitors as possible.

Desperate measures are taken by their parents and unbeknownst to Ronan and Imogen a betrothal contract is signed, They each vow to make the other cry off—by any means necessary. But what starts out as a battle of wits…quickly dissolves into a battle of wills.

They are both very serious about their life as it is and neither wants anything to change, especially if it’s not their idea.

This Series:

* Sweet Home Highlander
* A Lord for the Lass
* What a Scot Wants

My Thoughts:

Each book in the Tartans & Titans series is written as a standalone but believe me when I say once you’ve read one you will want to read them all.

This writing duo has done it again. The book is seamlessly written with no gaps in the writing styles. I have read and enjoyed each book in this standalone series.

This book has it’s serious moments but mostly it had me laughing out loud. I found myself reading into the wee hours just to find out what would happen next. It is an historical romance with a bit of the Romantic Comedy. I loved the characters and even though some of them do go back to previous titles it will just make you want more. You will never be at a loss.

I gave this book a solid 5 of 5 stars. Believe me when I say if I could have given it more I would have. I received this complimentary copy from the publisher to read. All thoughts are my own I I read and reviewed this book voluntarily.

Review Coming Soon!

How to Heal a Highland Heart

Highlander Vows

Entangled Hearts Book 9

by Julie Johnstone

File Size: 1483 KB

Print Length: 228 pages

Publisher: Darbyshire Publishing LLC

Publication Date: August 29, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


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book coverFate bound them together, but love will set them free.

With no chance of escape…

When Patience Kincaide learns she’s being forced to wed for a third time, she’s desperate to compel her husband-to-be to stay away from her. Both her previous husbands were shockingly cruel, and she holds no hope this time will be different, especially since the man is known as the Savage Slayer. Her plan is simple: pretend she’s crazy. But what happens when the man she thinks she wed turns out to be hiding behind a facade cleverer than her own, one that conceals passion she didn’t believe possible and tenderness she never dreamed existed? What’s a lass to do when the very man she successfully drove away is the only one she’s ever wanted near? 

The best laid plans…

A second son relegated to life in the shadows, Highlander Brodee Blackswell left home to serve as the enforcer for the King of Scots, longing to one day govern his own lands and castle. And now that Brodee has become a legendary warrior, the king grants him exactly that. But even rewards have a price. The castle comes with a broken, albeit beautiful, lass he must wed. Yet for a man with no desire to marry, a woman lost in her own world might just be the best possible option. Except Brodee quickly discovers who Patience truly is, and the complicated, caring lass is awakening parts of himself he’d rather leave dead.

May be their undoing…

The potential of a dazzling future dangles just within reach for Brodee and Patience, but dangers they never conceived consume them, threatening their fragile, newfound trust. Their only hope of survival is to shed their meticulously crafted masks and relinquish the pain of the past to embrace the promise of healing, enduring love.

*If you love romantic, page-turning books set in the mysterious, rugged Medieval Highlands that are about honorable, alpha Scottish warriors and the brave heroines who capture their hearts, then this is the perfect novel for you!*

Secrets, seduction, and romance sizzle in the Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts novels from USA Today bestselling author Julie Johnstone.

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