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Rogues like it hot 0.99 sale

My New Release Review of

Rogues Like It Hot

Rogues like it hot boxed set

by Tamara Gill, Rose Pearson, Angelique Armae,

Bianca Blythe, Sandra Sookoo, Samantha Holt,

Arietta Richmond, Kelly Anne Bruce & Shereen Vedam

File Size: 5319 KB

Print Length: 1197 pages

Publisher: Helstone Press

Publication Date: July 9, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English



A collection of stories especially collated for summer from USA Today and bestselling authors. Enjoy a variety of heat levels from these rogues and the heroines that get them hot under the collar. Grab your copy for a bargain price or for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

My Thoughts:

1 – Gentleman Pirate by Tamara Gill –  I love Tamara Gill books this one not withstanding. There are some intimate scenes but not to an offensive degree.  4.5 stars

2 – A Reversal of Fortune by Rose Pearson – Not my first time reading Rose Pearson. Like all of her titles I have read this one is a sweet/clean story.  4.25 stars

3 – Prince of Rogues by Angelique Armae –  This author is new to me. The story occurs in a fictional kingdom and is pretty mild as far as steam goes.  3.75 stars

4 – A Marquess for Convenience by Bianca Blythe –  This one I had read previously and reviewed. 
Below is my original review of this book.
Just when I think Bianca Blythe couldn’t possibly write a better book she surprises me with the next installment in this series. This is book #5 from Matchmaking For Wallflowers.
Madeline has been in love with Aurthur since she was a young debutante. Because of a misconception they are parted and she marries another.
Arthur thinks she has spurned him and proceeds to leave to spy for the crown. 
Now the war is over and he finds himself with a new mission. He needs to locate and apprehend a jewel thief.
Because these stolen pieces are considered art he seeks the help of Madeline who he remembers to have an expertise in the field.
Madeline is now a widow, but the problem with Arthur’s need for her assistance is that she happens to be the thief he is seeking.
Will Arthur catch his culprit and if he does what will he do about her?
I gave this book 4.5 stars.

5 – Act of Pardon by Sandra Sookoo – This is one of the steamier stories as is expected from this author.  Some readers may find this one offensive. 3 stars

6 – Sinful Deeds by Samantha Holt –  I am a big fan of Samantha Holt. This story of a lord who falls in love with his widowed mistress enthralled me from the start. There are some descriptive intimacies in this story.  5 star read

7 – Scottish Governess by Arietta Richmond – Not my first Arietta Richmond read and like the others you will find likable characters and some mild intimacies. 4.75 stars

8 – The Duke’s House Party by Kelly Anne Bruce –  I know who this author is but had not read her work before. The story was a little bit slow paced but the sweet/clean romance and likable characters were a bonus. ; 4.25 stars

9 – To Capture Love by Shereen Vedam  – New to me author; This story is of a sweet/clean nature. ; 4 stars

I gave this collection an overall rating of 4.25 stars. Most are sweet/clean titles or mildly sensual.

married to the rake new release

My New Release Review of

Married to the Rake

by Samantha Holt

A Historical Romance

File Size: 2735 KB

Print Length: 185 pages

Publisher: Helstone Press

Publication Date: July 8, 2019

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


Get it now



married to a rakeWallflowers and rakes do seldom mix well. 

Miss Chloe Larkin is completely assured of that. Especially when said rake is a member of the Waverly family–the people responsible for a feud that has been ongoing since practically the dawn of time. 
But he comes offering a deal… 
The centuries-old feud between the Larkins and the Waverlys has taken its toll. Brook Waverly wants this fight solved. Now. His ageing father cannot take much more of the stress and he’s determined the problem shall be resolved before he comes to inherit. 
So he needs her help… 
Chloe is distrustful of Mr.Waverly–and rightly so. Not only is he her lifelong enemy but he has a reputation that would make the most experienced of women blush. And boy does he make this wallflower blush! However, she has little interest in continuing the silly feud and, with her little brother set to inherit one day and her father’s failing health, the sooner it is all over, the better. 
Working with the handsome, and far too charming Mr.Waverly to get their fathers to come to an agreement is…interesting. Especially when he seems to be less concerned with ending the feud and more interested in her. Can she really trust him or is this just another way for his family to get their revenge on hers?

If you love enemies to lovers and rakes with a heart of gold, buy Married to the Rake today or borrow for free in KU!

My Thoughts:

This is a very well written book with a bit of a Romeo and Juliet scenario without the tragic ending, This is an enchanting read that I couldn’t put down.
This is one of the best Samantha Holt books I have read and I have read a great many.
This is a very quick read in a sweet/clean genre.
I gave this book 4.5 of 5.0 stars for plot, storyline and characterization.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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