Medieval Monday: First Meet! ~ Ruth A. Casie’s The Pirate’s Jewel

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First Meet!

 Welcome to Medieval Mondays! Our theme for this year’s first round is the hero and heroine’s first meet.

This week I’m hosting the stunning Ruth A. Casie and her medieval romance

The Pirate’s Jewel


“Magnus,” she called. The man kept walking.

“Magnus,” she said more urgently. The shadow turned and faced her.

“You’re …you’re not Magnus.” Caught off guard, the face was familiar, but not the man.

“No, a pity that I’m not.”

The excerpt continues! Next week I’ll be here: Elisabeth Hobbes

You can catch last week’s excerpt here: Mary Morgan

Don’t forget, commenters each week will be entered into a drawing for a free digital copy of THE MAXWELL GHOST.

Jenna here. If you’re following my snippets too, I’m on Ruth‘s blog today.


He had walked away from women before, but never with remorse, never with his heart broken.

Wesley Reynolds…

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