The non-illustrated series has a whole new look!

A bit of the erotic in this series.

Jenn LeBlanc

EVERYTHING has changed. The titles, the covers, the series name. DON’T LET IT CONFUSE YOU! I need to separate these books in searches better because there’s too much confusion. SO I decided to completely rebrand the non-illustrated books as they aren’t my primary focus, the picture books are.

But I know they have readers and a dedicated audience, so I wanted to give them something special since I tend to think of them as an afterthought. The stories all remain the same EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST BOOK. Because of the way these are published I decide to split Roxleigh and Perry’s stories out into their own books. IF YOU OWN THE ORIGINAL DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR UPDATE THE FILE. You’ll keep both stories in one book. (Or do and then purchase Perry so you can have his book with his cover and his title)

The titles are all hero titles…

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