A Technicolor Regency Christmas!

This is a very good Christmas Anthology. I loved it!

Seduction, Scandal & Spies

I am thrilled to announce I have been part of a wonderful project aimed at raising money for the charity Planned Parenthood. Five historical romance authors (myself, Eve Pendle, E. Elizabeth Watson, Evelyn Isaacks and Diana Lloyd) were given the following brief- write a novella (around 30,000 words in length) set in the Regency era featuring romantic Christmas reunions and the parlour game of “snapdragon”.

And this is what we came up with.

anthology coverChristmas is a time for rekindling love in five new historical romance novellas.These couples will be sheltering from blizzards and hiding in wardrobes, reuniting with old flames, stealing mistletoe kisses, and falling in love. Passions are reignited by Snapdragon, a fiery Regency party game, but who will receive the best Christmas present of all—a happy ending? Immerse yourself in the romance, snow-covered landscapes, and blazing hearths of a heart-warming, sensual, Regency Christmas.

All proceeds from the…

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