First Kiss Friday with Nicole Zoltack

Thought I would share this since it goes with the theme of my FREE For All Friday blog today.

Sherry Ewing

Welcome to another First Kiss Friday, my lovelies! This week, I have fellow Bluestocking Belle Nicole Zoltack as my guest who will give you her first kiss scene from her novella A Yule Love Story in our holiday box set, Follow Your Star Home. Happy reading and enjoy!


“One winter,” Anoundus said as they climbed into his longship, “Gunni and I had been riding horses. We were chasing after a beautiful white-tailed doe, the likes of which I never saw before.”

“You were hunting her instead of letting her live to produce more beautiful does.” Sonja shook her head sadly.

He laughed. “She got away, I will have you know. And we wouldn’t have killed her for sport. We were going to feast on her. As I was saying, we chased her for hours. Hours! We worked up a healthy sweat and found a pond. While our horses drank…

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