A new release from Judith Sterling & a giveaway

I have never read anything by this author but the cover really catches my attention.

Sherry Ewing

I have a double treat for you today, my lovelies. Please help me welcome my friend Judith Sterling on a special post just for you. Today Judith is sharing a scene from The Cauldron Stirred along with offering a giveaway to a lucky person who leaves her a comment. She also has The Stone Awakened releasing December 19th so be sure to grab yourself a copy! Read on and enjoy!

Excerpt for The Cauldron Stirred:

The night air was deliciously cool. Moonlight and darkness held equal sway over the backyard thanks to the shifting clouds. I dashed across the lawn and halted in the exact spot where Aengus had stood. Panting, I looked around, willing some kind of clue to materialize.

The ruins in front of me darkened as large, heavy clouds swallowed the moon whole. The wind tugged at my long, loose hair and pajamas. Tiny raindrops spattered…

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