The Duke That I Marry by Cathy Maxwell

I haven’t read anything by Cathy Maxwell in some time. I once didn’t miss a new release by her and anxiously awaited the paperback to hit the shelves.

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The Duke That I Marry (The Spinster Heiresses, #3)The Duke That I Marry by Cathy Maxwell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Series: Spinster Heiresses #3
Publication Date: 11/27/18

Willa Reverly is one of the wealthiest heiresses on the marriage mart and she is the last unmarried Spinster Heiress. At the beginning of the season, in order to make standing around at balls more tolerable, the heiresses came up with a game. They chose the most eligible bachelor of the season and then devised a point system for interactions with him. They ALL wanted to win the game and to win the Duke of Camberly – but – Willa won both the game and the man.

Willa hasn’t seen her betrothed since the night of their betrothal party – quite some time ago. He left London without a word to her. She hardly knows the man since they’ve only spoken two or three times. She’d hoped for a…

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