The Last Duke by Jess Michaels

I was granted an ARC of this book on the last possible day but in archived before I could download it. I have it pre-ordered so I guess I’ll see it today on my kindle.

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The Last Duke (The 1797 Club #10)The Last Duke by Jess Michaels

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The 1797 Club #10
Publication Date: 11/13/18

The Last Duke is perhaps the best Duke of all. It is a wonderful goodbye to the ten Dukes in the 1797 club and their wonderful wives and children. They are all featured and catching up with them is lovely. This book isn’t as fast-paced and exciting as some of the others, but, I think that is perfect because, well, goodbyes are sad. The writing is excellent, it is well-plotted, well-written and the characters are absolutely lovely.

It is the saddest of times. Christopher Collins, Kit, and all of his friends are gathered at his father’s country estate to say goodbye to the Duke of Kingsacre, Kit’s father. The Duke is loved and admired by all the members of the 1797 club because he was kind to them and helped…

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