Medieval Monday with guest Ruth Casie

This looks like a good book. I haven’t read this author before.

Sherry Ewing

It’s week two for Medieval Monday and today’s guest is my friend Ruth Casie who is sharing an excerpt from The Guardian’s Witch. Happy reading and enjoy!


He slapped Alex on the back and put his arm around him. At close look, there were heavy lines on his brother’s face and the laughter was gone from his voice. “What goes here? You gave us a fright. When we left, Mother and Father were in deep conversation with Edward.”

All his brothers now gathered around him. They stood behind him like an impenetrable wall. Just being with them gave him strength. “Jamie, these are my brothers Geoffrey, Bennett, Damian, Edwin, Fayne and Cameron.”

Alex waited while the Scotsman evaluated his brothers. He knew together the seven of them could be a bit intimidating. But nothing intimidated Jamie.

The Guardian’s Witch – Book 1 of the Stelton Legacy

Will he…

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