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kiss of a duke


November 8th & 9th, 2018




Lady Eleanor Mysteries Book #1

by Becca St. John

File Size: 3675 KB

Print Length: 308 pages

Publisher: Winterbourne Farm Publishing, LLC

Publication Date: December 24, 2015; 1st edition 

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


Digital List Price: $3.49

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2016 President’s Book Award Winner – Florida Authors & Publishers Association

He married for money, she wed by force ~ ~Neither considered love part of the bargain

On the brink of losing everything, the Duke of Summerton marries heiress Caroline Howlett, but at what cost? She wants neither his crumbling estate nor his title, and what is he, as a man, without them? Before he can resolve this dilemma, something more dangerous than doubt threatens their marriage.

When Caroline said she’d rather be dead than married to the duke, she hadn’t meant it literally. Forced into marriage by her guardian, Caroline doesn’t give a fig for the idle life of the aristocracy. She wants to run her father’s enterprises, and she will, once dead bodies stop getting in the way.

Aided by Summerton’s widowed aunt, amateur sleuth Lady Eleanor, the duke and his reluctant bride scramble to discover just who is trying to kill them.

The Lady Eleanor Mystery ~ Regency romantic mystery with a touch of Gothic.

The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse

Lady Eleanor Mysteries, #2

by Becca St. John

File Size: 2903 KB

Print Length: 283 pages

Publisher: Winterbourne Farm Publishing, LLC.

Publication Date: January 28, 2017; 2nd edition

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


$0.99 at:



Haunted by his past, Christopher Sterry fights to protect the woman he loves from a killer he cannot hear ~

Found standing over the lifeless body of his twin, Christopher is accused of killing his brother in a beastly rage. For Christopher is deaf in a society that condemns the silent as barbaric half-wits, quite capable of murder. While his accusers maneuver to return him to the tortuous asylum of his youth, Christopher searches for a killer now set on Helen, his murdered brother’s betrothed, as he struggles against a love never meant to be his.
Left a spinster at the altar, her groom murdered, Helen has no time to mourn. Her best friend and confidant, Christopher, is in danger and so, it appears, is she. Helen ignores her own risks and crosses into the line of fire to defend the only man to hold her heart. 
Lady Eleanor solves crimes. This one is personal. Condemned without evidence, her godson, Christopher, is threatened with the barbaric asylum that destroyed his youth. She must act quickly before unjust convictions steal him away and cruel deception shatters a love, hidden and denied for far too long.

Lady Eleanor Mysteries, Book 2 ~ 
Regency romantic mystery with a touch of Gothic.


Christmas Ever After

christmas everafter

A Clean Regency Romance Christmas Anthology

8 Delightful Clean Regency Romances

Regency Romance Christmas Anthologies Book 1

by Regina Jeffers, Alanna Lucas, Arietta Richmond, Cora Lee, 

Victoria Hinshaw, Emma Kaye, Janis Susan May, & Becca St. John

A delightful anthology of Clean Regency Romance

Christmas stories from best selling authors!

Fall in love at Christmas, with these wonderful romantic reads!

$0.99 at:


or FREE To Read With


This anthology contains:


Letters from Home by Regina Jeffers –

She is the woman whose letters to another man kept his hopes alive during the war. He is the English Major who her late husband described as ‘incomparable’. Can Major Lord Simon Lanford finally step from his brother’s shadow to claim happiness with Mrs. Faith Lamont, or will his rise to the Earldom keep them apart?

How the Duke Stole Christmas by Alanna Lucas –

Can the magic of Christmas melt his frozen heart? Theodore Winslow, Duke of Greystone, has been betrayed too often, and has walled his heart away. Miss Patience Leybourne is spending Yuletide at Castle Greystone, with her own family gone. The Dowager Duchess is delighted. Then Patience discovers that the Duke is the mystery man she so passionately kissed at a masked ball. How will she manage to endure his company — when that fiery attraction is still burning between them?

Courting a Spinster for Christmas by Arietta Richmond –

A Spinster who has lost purpose in her life, no longer a companion to the aristocracy, a Vicar who has discovered that loneliness makes everything hollow, a mystery that draws them together, a Christmas where everything changes, an unexpected love. 

Kissing by the Mistletoe by Cora Lee –

Everyone thinks Maddie Hayward is destined to wed Kit Mathison and expects a proposal… except neither of them wishes it. Thomas Mathison has loved Maddie for years, but hasn’t told her. When she suggests a sham courtship between them, to show she won’t marry Kit, he agrees, but she will be feigning affection and Thomas will not. Can he conceal his feelings from her? Will he have the strength to let her go when he returns to Edinburgh? 

Miss Hadley’s Holly by Victoria Hinshaw –

After two London seasons, Margaret Hadley has received offers only from fortune hunters, seeking her dowry. Lawrence Lannon means to devote himself to helping others as a physician, without regard to the charms of his patient’s pretty daughter. Their growing attraction seems doomed when she finds out that he is the younger son of an Earl, just the kind of match she must avoid. Can she see past her assumptions? Or is her love doomed? 

The Duke’s Christmas Wish by Emma Kaye –

Felicity Worthington wants justice – to find the traitor who caused her husband’s death. But the evidence is in the Duke of Marberry’s study — the man she almost married, and still loves. The Duke finds his former fiancée, who he’s never stopped loving, has snuck into his home under another’s name. Why has she returned? And why is she avoiding him? A shocking betrayal once tore them apart. Can they now find a future together? Or will new treachery keep them separated forever?

The Resurrection of Regina by Janis Susan May –

When Regina eloped, she ruined her life. Her father disowned her, and her husband abused her. When he was killed, Regina’s father turned her away. Rescued by Lady Howard and her son Sir Nathaniel who want to re-introduce her to Society, Regina is afraid. In spite of herself, Regina finds herself falling love with Sir Nathaniel. Will blackmail destroy her chance of happiness? Can Sir Nathaniel’s love bring about the Christmas miracle Regina needs?

Lady Eleanor’s Christmas by Becca St. John –

Will a mystery unravel Lady Eleanor’s chance at marriage? A lost toy leads her to hidden truths, unveiling hearts in need of a Christmas miracle. The charming, Lord Whittington pays court to her. Lady Eleanor likes him, enough to consider the marriage. Myths haunt his estate so she investigates. A child goes missing, broken dreams are uncovered, love is in the wrong places. Can it be untangled for Christmas? Or is everyone doomed to misery?

If you love regency Christmas romance you’ll love this anthology!



Kiss of a Duke

kiss of a duke

12 Dukes of Christmas Book 2

by Erica Ridley

A delightful romp featuring a rake (the sexy kind),

a perfumer (of the chemist heroine variety),

two turtle doves, one true love, and a kiss to last a lifetime.

Just one more kiss… (Milady, it’s cold outside)

Lady chemist Penelope Mitchell took England by storm with Duke, a perfume for men that has women swooning at their feet. To prove the same aphrodisiacal potency of her upcoming version for ladies, the new perfume must cause a rake to fall in love with her in ten days. And she has just the man in mind…

Sexy pleasure-seeker Nicholas Pringle—known as “Saint Nick” for his wicked ways—wants to end the absurd cologne that has every young buck believing himself a ladies’ man. How hard can it be to charm a spinster into changing her mind? But when Penelope does the charming, this rakish scoundrel must decide between losing the war… or losing his heart.

12 Dukes of Christmas

The 12 Dukes of Christmas is a laugh-out-loud historical romance series of heartwarming Regency romps nestled in the picturesque snow-covered village of Cressmouth, England—the town where it is Christmastide year-round. And nothing heats up a cozy winter night quite like finding oneself in the arms of a duke!

My Thoughts:

This is without a doubt one of the most entertaining books I have read this year.
Penelope Mitchell cares for nothing beyond her laboratory with her concoction of a men’s scent that makes all men who wear it swoon worthy.
Nicholas Pringle, rake extraordinaire frankly doesn’t want the competition so he decides to buy the rights of the scent from Penelope.
This is a laugh out loud, well written regency tale. I read it twice and loved it as much the second time as I did the first.
The play on names and even the misunderstanding between our hero and heroine make this a must read for this holiday season and many more to come.
I gave this second book of this series 4.95 of 5.0 stars for storyline, character development and plot. There is only one physically intimate scene but it gets a warm rating of 3 of 5 flames.
Give this reader more delightful Erica Ridley romance for this and many more holiday seasons to come.
I received a complimentary Digital ARC of this book by invitation to read.
This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

This Series:

  • Once Upon a Duke
  • Kiss of a Duke
  • Wish Upon a Duke (Release date Nov. 20th, 2018)
  • Never Say Duke ( Release date Jan. 05, 2019)





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