Medieval Monday with guest Cathy MacRae

Another excellent read by Cathy MacRae!

Sherry Ewing

Welcome back to our Medieval Monday blog hop! Over the next eight weeks, we’ll be sharing snippets from our stories so be sure to stay tuned and follow along. Please welcome this weeks guest, Cathy MacRae and a snippet from The Highlander’s Crusader Bride.

To attain an alliance between the MacLean and MacKern clans, Arbela has accepted Caelen’s proposal of marriage.


Arbela rose to her feet and lifted her goblet. “May we be blessed with peace and a prosperous alliance.” She tilted her head to Caelen. “Orhnut’yunner.”

“Blessings,” her father replied, translating her Armenian salute, then took a sip of his wine.

“Orhnut’yunner.” Alex tossed the contents of his goblet back and a serving girl quickly refilled it. He stood and surveyed the crowd. “My sister is a woman of priceless value—and Caelen MacKern the most fortunate of men. May their union be a blessed one.” He gave Arbela…

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