Whatever happened to Aunt Flora?

Thank You for an excellent second book in this series of standalone titles.

Seduction, Scandal & Spies

If you’ve read  A PERILOUS PASSION, you will have encountered the heroine’s young maiden aunt, who dispatched a hefty burglar with a warming pan.

Yes, there’s a lot more to Flora than meets the eye, and in the next book in this series, we discover what happens when she runs into the handsome Dr. Campaign again.

potion banner fish out of water

Well, you can find out right now, in  A POTION FOR PASSION.

Here’s a wee snippet-

“Oh!” She flipped his notebook shut. “You’re awake. How do you feel?”

“All the better for seeing you,” he replied, in a voice that washed over her like liquid silk. Then he yawned, stretched, winced and gave her a rueful grin which made her heart thump rapidly against her ribs. My goodness, but this man was compelling beyond words! She struggled against the urge to just throw herself at him, and run her hands all over his perfectly…

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