The Lady is Daring by Megan Frampton

I have read a couple of books by this author and would love to read more.

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The Lady is Daring (Duke's Daughters, #3)The Lady is Daring by Megan Frampton

Barbara’s rating: 3 of 5 stars

Series: Duke’s Daughters #3
Publication Date: 9/25/18

Megan Frampton is normally one of my favorite reads. I enjoyed this story, but it was mostly because of the humor of the ‘classification game’, etc. Otherwise, I thought it was a bit slow and I never came to feel involved with the heroine because I didn’t like her or relate to her. I liked the hero much better, but I found him to be more milquetoast than hero. I think the author was trying very hard to put modern standards in period dress without seeming to do so. My rating is a 3.5, but I have had a hard time deciding whether to round down to 3 or up to 4, so I guess I’ll decide once I have the review written.

Lady Ida Howlett has inattentive, uncaring and…

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