Why Poodles? by V.M. Burns

I love this post. I am a former breeder and owner handler of silver toy poodles that I showed for nearly 25 years. Now the only ones I have are the four that own me. The two boys will literally fight for a chance to be my bed buddy and my two girls just love me.

When I was a kid my sister and I begged our parents to let us get a dog. We promised to feed, exercise, and care for the dog. We even promised to take on countless additional chores to sweeten the deal. While my dad was onboard with the idea, my mom was not. Eventually, we wore her down and she agreed to allow us to get a dog. However, there were conditions. The only breed of dog my mom would even consider was a poodle, a toy poodle.

The reason? Poodles don’t shed. My mom hated dog hair and absolutely refused any breed of dog that shed. So, given a choice between a toy poodle and no dog, we anxiously accepted. Our first poodle was a white toy named Candy. Candy was ten years old when we got her (toy breeds tend to live longer). She was smart and loving…

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