The Duke’s Scottish Lass by Tammy Andresen

I like this cover. It looks like another book by this author I’d like to try.

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The Duke's Scottish LassThe Duke’s Scottish Lass by Tammy Andresen

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Series: Brethren of Stone 0.5, Taming the Heart 0.5, World of de Wolfe Pack
Publication Date: 8/3/18

The prologue is very exciting – ships, a child falling from a cliff, a best friend tumbling into the cold waters. It is also sad because the friend, Reginald, is someone I think we would all have liked to meet. Actually, I think we will meet him in the other books in the series because this book – while it is the first published in the series – is actually the last in the series timewise. So – now, when we read the other books and meet Reginald we will already know his fate.

Roderick Maddox, fourth Duke of Manchester’s best friend, Reginald Alban, has invited him to become part of his large, loving and boisterous family. Reginald wants Roderick…

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