Love and Class in Victorian England by Jane Goodger

This is a new to me author and I think I would love to read this book.

A common theme in many of my historical romances is social class—something that in England was the determining factor for what a person’s life would be. But in the Victorian era, things began to change, which is why I so love writing about that time period. More often than not, I write about “low born” women somehow ending up with members of the aristocracy—though I have done the opposite trope as well. It was pretty uncommon for an earl, for example, to marry a woman not of his rank or social class. Not in my world, baby!

Though I always strive to be historically accurate, both in the actions and language of my characters, I find it so fascinating to see a couple who has no business getting together, get together. In Diamond in the Rough, I have a little bit of fun with class and turn it on…

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