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My New Release Review of

The Earl’s Perfect Match



The Sebastiano Series , Book #4

by Kimberly Nee

File Size: 1266 KB

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Publication Date: July 23, 2018

Sold by: Macmillan

Language: English

ASIN: B07F67N235

Available in Paperback & E-Book

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Publisher’s Description:

Bennett Markham, Earl of Dunning, needs an heir, which means he needs to find a wife first. His only requirements are that his bride not be a fortune-hunter and absolutely cannot love him, now or ever.

Love is not in the cards for Markham men.

Elena Sebastiano is more than a little surprised when the Earl asks her to play matchmaker for him. They barely know each other, so how is she supposed to choose the perfect bride? Nonetheless, the challenge intrigues her.

But what’s a woman to do when she wants the man for herself? Convince him no one will do but her…

My Thoughts:

This is my first read by this author but it will not be the last. I may have missed out before because fantasy romance is not my cup of tea and I did associate this author with fantasy. She has, however written several historical romance books before this one and I will look into them.

A family curse, the need for an heir, a fiance who jilted him; these are the elements that make up Bennett Markham’s life. He will absolutely not marry for love. That is one element not in the cards for our Hero.

Elena, our heroine wants nothing more than this man who surprises her by asking her to play matchmaker for him. What is she to do? She wants this man for herself, not to find him someone else.
Fighting their mutual attraction seems to be in the cards. Will Bennett finally give in and admit his love for Elena?

This well written regency surprised me with how much it drew me in.
I gave this book 4.25 of 5.0 stars for storyline and character development and a sensual rating of 3 of 5 flames.
Th angst between this couple is palpable.
I received a complimentary digital ARC of this book to read and review.
This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

Each book in The Sebastiano Series is a standalone story

that can be enjoyed in any order.

  • Book #1: Eden’s Pass
  • Book #2: Tiger Eyes
  • Book #3: When I’m With You
  • Book #4: The Earl’s Perfect Match

About The Author:

Kim fell in love with historical romance when she was sixteen, and blames it on Kathleen Woodiwiss, since it was her The Flame and the Flower that got her hooked. Not long after finishing it, she sat down to write one herself and now, many moons later, she’s still writing them.
A native of New Jersey, Kim still lives there with her husband, their two children, and their dumb but lovable boxer /lab mix, Roxy. When she’s not writing, she’s a gym rat who weight trains, does cardio grudgingly, and like a true Jersey girl, is obsessed with Bruce Springsteen, the New York Giants, the New York Rangers, and the New York Yankees. She’s also strangely fond of tattoos, American history, Tom Hiddleston, the Rolling Stones, and reading, and not necessarily in that order.

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Nobody’s Angel

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]

De Wolfe Angels Book #1

File Size: 1876 KB

Print Length: 111 pages

Publisher: WolfeBane Publishing

Publication Date: July 19, 2018; 1st edition

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


Publisher’s Description:

Read Book 1 in the de Wolfe’s Angels series!

Letitia Beresford, daughter of the Earl of Beresford, has always been able to hear her guardian angel, but understanding him is quite another matter when he only speaks in riddles. Now he’s warned Lettie that her soul mate and the only man who will ever make her happy, will disappear from her life forever unless she acts quickly. Lettie is willing to find him, but who is he? Her angel won’t tell her, and now she’s botched the search, ruining her best friend’s engagement party and infuriating everyone, including her parents who decide to ship her off to family in Wrexham until the fuss dies down. Her best friend’s adoptive brother, Brynne, a foundling left on her neighbor’s doorstep as an infant, is assigned to escort Lettie. Along the journey, Lettie realizes that Brynne is her soul mate, and to prove it to cynical Brynne, she promises him that she will discover his true lineage.

Brynne has been in love with Lettie for as long as he can remember, but how can a foundling ever hope to marry an earl’s daughter? The only hint to his identity is the birthmark on his shoulder in the shape of a wolf. After all these years and no one stepping forward to claim him, Brynne knows it will take a miracle to discover the truth. Brynne doesn’t believe in miracles, nor does he intend to remain in England. He has always been alone in the world and knows he is nobody’s angel. With less than two weeks before Brynne leaves her forever, can Lettie discover Brynne’s identity and prove that love is the greatest miracle of all?

Kiss An Angel

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]

De Wolfe Angels Book #2

File Size: 5236 KB

Print Length: 93 pages

Publisher: WolfeBane Publishing

Publication Date: July 19, 2018; 1st edition

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


Publisher’s Description:

De Wolfe’s Angels Series is here!

Ginny Beresford, daughter of the Earl of Beresford, has always been able to see her guardian angel, but as she grows up and enters Society she realizes that her soul mate and the only man she will ever love is her angel, a renowned warrior who lived 350 years ago. Can she overcome the obstacles of time and the laws of nature and existence to find happiness with this warrior who has claimed her heart?

Titus de Wolfe’s life was cut short by men he trusted who turned traitor to their king. A fierce warrior in his day, he is now an admired warrior angel known as Jeremiah, but his existence has always felt incomplete until he is assigned to guard Lady Ginny Beresford and finds himself falling in love with her. He knows he must risk all if they are ever to have a chance of being together.

Bhrodi’s Angel

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]

De Wolfe Angels Book #3

File Size: 3484 KB

Print Length: 92 pages

Publisher: WolfeBane Publishing

Publication Date: July 19, 2018; 1st edition

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


Publisher’s Description:

Book 3 in the lovely Regency Historical Romance series, de Wolfe Angels! 

Prudence Pertwee and her Pembroke Ladies Birdwatching Society have been crossing the Duke of Pembroke’s land for years to look after the birds that nest upon the duke’s cliffs. But Bhrodi de Shera, the new Duke of Pembroke, a big, handsome oaf who is descended from the Serpent, the medieval warrior known as the protector of Wales, is a constant thorn in Prudence’s side. He’s forbidden her to cross his lands or climb his cliffs, but she will have none of it. Yet with their every clash, she feels his brooding silvery gaze on her, and knows that this powerful duke could very well steal her heart if she doesn’t guard it closely.

Bhrodi de Shera, Duke of Pembroke, has returned to his estate in Pembroke, Wales at the request of the Prince Regent to foil a plot to overthrow the English rule. But the impertinent and headstrong Prudence is constantly getting in the way of his investigation, not to mention wreaking havoc with his heart. She is too brave and compassionate for her own good. When the rebels trap him and Prudence amid the dangerous oceanside cliffs, Bhrodi knows it will take every ounce of his courage and help from the Serpent everyone believes is mythical to save their lives. Can Prudence ever love him once she realizes the beast that lies within him?

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