Her Duke of Secrets by Christi Caldwell

I love Christi Caldwell books!

Dee Foster, PA

July 23, 2018

Her Duke of Secrets by Christi Caldwell


My rating: 5 out of 5 Roses
Series: Brethren of the Lords Book 2
Publication Date: June 27, 2018

Death was preferable…
Since his wife was killed in an accident that stole his happiness and left him injured, William Helling, the Duke of Aubrey, is a broken man. Neither strong drink and loose women nor the power he wields as leader of the Brethren of Lords can free him from the nightmares that haunt him. He prefers to be left alone, and has no desire to heal the wound his life has become. Then one day Miss Elsie Allenby, rumored to be a skilled healer, enters his household. He should send her away and yet he’s enthralled by the mysterious stranger.

Healing was her life…
But not a day passes when Elsie Allenby doesn’t miss her father nor remind herself…

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