To Love A Duchess by Karen Ranney

It’s been a while since I read a Karen Ranney book, but this one caught my eye.

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To Love a Duchess (All for Love, #1)To Love a Duchess by Karen Ranney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: All for Love #1
Publication Date: 7/31/18

This is a lovely read that is emotional and compelling. It is well paced, well plotted, and well written. The characters are fully three-dimensional and very likable and relatable. It is also very sad and melancholy in its telling of grief, despair, and loss.

Suzanne Whitcomb, the Duchess of Marsley, is merely existing. There is no joy, no happiness, no goodness – just nothing left in her life. All that mattered in her life died two years ago in a terrible accident. She just complies with everything now – her father orders her to attend a function and act as hostess – she does it – no questions, no arguments. Her disagreeable maid orders her to take her potion – she takes it – even though it makes her…

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