Lady of Desire by Darcy Burke

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Lady of Desire (Legendary Rogues, #1)Lady of Desire by Darcy Burke

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Legendary Rogues #1
Publication Date: 8/18/14

I read the third book in this series, Lord of Fortune, and absolutely loved it so I just had to read the earlier books in the series. This one didn’t reach out and grab me by the ears and pull me into it like the third one did, but it was a good story and it had another job to do. It did an excellent job of setting up several recurring series characters and the overarching story of the thirteen treasures and the secret organization, The Order of the Round Table, who will stop at nothing to achieve their aims. The H/h in this book are the parents of the main characters in the next two books. I think I liked our MC’s of this book much better in the third…

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