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Highland Hearts Collection


by Elizabeth Rose

This collection includes four full-length Scottish

and English novels from four of Elizabeth’s series

File Size: 10849 KB

Print Length: 1129 pages

Publisher: RoseScribe Media Inc.

Publication Date: February 20, 2018

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English



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Highland Spring – Book 1
(Seasons of Fortitude Series)

Publisher’s Description:

Spring is a warrior of the Gunn Clan who is offered up as a bride to form an alliance with Shaw Gordon – their enemy. It is actually all a ploy to get inside the castle walls. But once Spring meets the chieftain and his three children from his late wife, she starts to care for them and is pulled into a life she never expected. However, her father has been keeping secrets and Spring finds out she has been lied to her entire life.

Can a warrior woman find love and happiness as the wife of her enemy when she discovers her entire life has been based on a lie?

My Thoughts:

I really liked this first book in Elizabeth Rose’s new series. Since I had just read another of her books that I found not to my taste and I did not care for the cover art of this one I was very skeptical about this read.
I was pleasantly surprised.
Spring has been raised as a warrior and can’t see herself as the wife of any man, much less her enemy. How can she be a wife and mother when she has no idea what is expected.
Shaw Gordon is the laird of his clan and a widowed father of three children, two boys and a precocious younger daughter.
When the children meet Spring the eldest son is intimidated by her warrior’s skills and takes an instant dislike for her. The other two children, however are totally enamored by her skills and attach themselves to her hip.
Will Spring betray her new husband or will she find herself so in love that she can’t possibly do the bidding of the man who she has thought to be her father for most of her life?
I gave this book 4.25 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 3.75 of 5 flames.
I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the author’s publicist to read and review. This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I have read and reviewed voluntarily.


617cVzDSWyL__SY346_Lady Renegade – Book 2
(Legacy of the Blade Series)

When a horrific battle between the English and the Scots takes Lady Wren’s sight, she is forced to go into hiding with her newborn, and eventually is the leader of a band of renegades. Highlander Storm MacKeefe is tricked into accepting the challenge of hunting down and bringing back the leader of the Renegades. Little does he know he is searching for a blind woman.

Two sides meet, but before he knows it, Storm is captured by a blind woman and her army of women warriors. Sometimes losing one’s sight isn’t what makes a person blind.

51EcojavG6L__SY346_The Baron’s Bounty – Book 2
(Barons of the Cinque Ports Series)

After witnessing the murder of the Scottish king, Isobel MacEwen is sent as her cousin’s proxy to marry the English baron, Lord Conlin de Braose. Isobel has a weakness for shoes and has learned to identify people by their shoes and way they walk. She’s seen the murderer’s shoes and now those same boots appear in England and happen to belong to Lord Conlin de Braose.

Love, murder, and mayhem are brought to the surface at the marriage of baron and a proxy with a secret love that isn’t supposed to be.


51G2jJ2Qq3LAidan – Book 3
(MadMan MacKeefe Series)

Aidan MacKeefe is the keeper of Scotland’s coronation stone, the Stone of Destiny. He uses the stone as his pillow. Kept in secret, the stone is safe until Aidan saves Effie MacDuff from her attackers and brings her back to camp.

Effie needs to steal the Stone of Destiny to bring it to the English and save her sister’s life. But along the way she falls in love with Aidan, and her mind becomes confused.

One person is willing to die to protect Scotland’s secret, while the other is willing to betray her country to save someone she loves. But when they both let down their guard, the tables take a turn and beliefs are shattered as desires grow stronger, and someone’s destiny is bound to change.

 A Kiss To Die For


Boxed Set

by Elizabeth Rose

File Size: 9661 KB

Print Length: 1141 pages

Publisher: RoseScribe Media Inc.

Publication Date: December 3, 2017

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English


FREE Through May 18th at:


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Murder, mystery, and romance; this collection of four full-length novels has it all. A murder has taken place in each story. Come along for the adventure as the heroes and heroines search for answers and find love and romance along the way.

This boxed set includes:

51EcojavG6L__SY346_The Baron’s Bounty – Book 2
Barons of the Cinque Ports Series
(Medieval Romance)

Scottish Lady, Isobel MacEwen’s only weakness is her love of shoes. Sent as her cousin’s proxy to marry the English baron, Lord Conlin de Braose, she witnesses the Scottish king’s murder on the road one night. However, she has only seen the killer’s feet and can only identify him by his shoes. Can a Scottish proxy and a baron of the Cinque Ports keep their alliance when one of them is suspected of being a murderer?

51Sal1ggVML__SY346_Ruby – Book 1
Daughters of the Dagger Series
(Medieval Romance)

Lady Ruby de Burgh is betrothed to Lord Nyle Sheffield – a man who is known as the Lord of Death. He’s has three wives murdered in the past month, and now he is looking for a pawn to flesh out the killer. Will murder and mayhem place a wedge between an unconventional wife and the Lord of Death, or bring them closer together as emotions are brought to the surface?


Summer’s Reign – Book 2
Seasons of Fortitude Series
(Medieval Romance)

Publisher’s Description:

When Summer’s abusive husband is found dead in his bed, the rumor is on everyone’s lips that he was murdered. Summer is a single mother granted permission from the king to choose her next husband. However, when Sir Warren Mowbray, her late husband’s nephew shows up asking questions, she wants nothing to do with him. Can a strong, determined woman who is the main suspect and a controlling warrior find love between them or will they destroy each other first?

My Thoughts:

What starts out as a serious story of an abused bride turns into a delightful mixture of mystery and love with a decidedly comical nature.

Summer chose to marry the baron in the place of another. After all he only wanted a bride to give him sons. After three unsuccessful pregnancies, she has given birth to a stillborn son.

The cruel man states she is to report to his chambers the same night after giving birth to submit to him once again in an effort to again conceive. Summer falls asleep and fails to appear until the next morning. When she goes in search of her young son who had been taken from her by the baron after she gave birth to the stillborn babe she finds her husband dead. He is thought to have died in his sleep until the arrival of his nephew who suspects foul play.

Sir Warren is the baron’s nephew who has been assigned the duty of being Summer’s guardian by the king. He doesn’t immediately suspect that his uncle’s death is not just what it seems, but he soon begins to think otherwise.

Can Warren and Summer get past this inauspicious beginning and find love?

This story takes a comical turn when Warren begins to desire Summer and due to stress and a lack of sleep acts on his desire by sleepwalking.
Summer constantly finds him in her room and in her bed. Although nothing untoward happens she decides to make him think otherwise by planting a story of love making in the mind of Warren’s manservant.

This is a story filled with mystery and the search for a murderer but still has a comical nature.

I liked this book more than I did book #1, Spring’s story, Highland Spring.

Both are well written but to me this one was more compelling.

I gave this book 4.25 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 2.5 of 5 flames.

Most of the scenes that could have been really heated turned comical because of our hero’s habit of sleepwalking.

I received a complimentary advance digital copy of this book from the author to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

Doubting Thomas – Book 1
Tarnished Saints Series
(Contemporary Romance)

Thomas Taylor, a single father of six young boys, has been accused by the town of murdering his second wife. Angel DeMitri works for Child Protective Services and comes to Thunder Lake on vacation. While there, as a favor to a friend, she decides to investigate Thomas to determine if he is a good father. A tortured man and a woman trying to do her job come together in challenging circumstances that will change both of their lives forever.

All of the books in both of these boxed sets

are available to be purchased separately

or read for FREE with a KindleUnlimited Subscription.

Magic book in the forest


Highland Secrets


Secrets of the Heart Book 1

by Elizabeth Rose

File Size: 2371 KB

Publisher: RoseScribe Media Inc. (July 6, 2018)

Publication Date: July 6, 2018

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English

ASIN: B07C6654G7

Pre-Order Price: $2.99 at


Publisher’s Description:

The Lady Captive: 

Being a daughter of one of the Legendary Bastards of the Crown proves to be a blessing as well as a curse for Fia Douglas. Having both English and Scottish blood, she is being fostered in Northumberland per the late English king’s wishes. This puts her far from her beloved family and homeland of Scotland. 
When war breaks out between England and Scotland, Fia finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Alone with a wounded Highland spy in the late queen’s secret garden, she ends up being kidnapped by the Scot and brought back to the Highlands where she is now a prisoner in her own land.

The Highland Laird: 

Laird Alastair MacPherson is wounded and left for dead after being ambushed on English soil. When he stumbles into a secret garden in the woods to find refuge, he discovers a red-haired beauty whose life he’s saved several years earlier. She is inclined to help him so she can pay back the favor. But when his life is threatened once again, he is backed into a corner and has no choice but to use her as a hostage to escape.

Can a rugged Highlander love a lass whose secrets threaten to ruin his one chance at redemption? And will a woman who has fallen in love with her captor, be able to betray him if necessary?

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