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Same Time Next Christmas



by Victoria Alexander

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Publisher: NYLA; 1 edition 

Publication Date: December 13, 2015

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Language: English


Edition: E-Book

ISBN: 9781943772391

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To Be Re-Issued: December 13, 2017

Paperback: 292 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1533117020

ISBN-13: 978-1533117021

Publisher’s Description:

From #1 New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Alexander, comes a romantic Christmas historical—which features the happily ever after story of a fan favorite—and how one little impetuous moment can lead to the miracle of love!

My friends have always considered me the most proper among us. But no one was more surprised than I, Portia, Lady Redwell, when I decided to flee the matchmaking efforts of my family to spend Christmas in an enchanting villa on the coast of Italy. My admittedly impulsive plans were immediately complicated by the presence of a certain gentleman, Mr. Fletcher Jamison, who insisted he had a claim on the villa. It was only in the true spirit of Christmas that I agreed to share the villa with him. His charm, his blue eyes as dark as the December seas, and the laugh that oddly seemed to fill my soul were not considerations.

That I returned again for Christmas is due entirely to the charm of the villa, and nothing at all to do with the fact that he too would be there.

My friend Veronica has often said those least likely to bend are most likely to snap.

It appears I have snapped…

My Thoughts:

I truly enjoy reading the romantic tales spun by Victoria Alexander. They are delightfully funny with charming and interesting characters. Unlike other books I have read by her, this one is written entirely in first person, dedicated to the thoughts of the heroine. I don’t usually care for books that are written this way, but this one is totally engaging and a can’t put down read.

Portia is usually predictable and most likely a bit stuffy. In order to escape the matchmaking efforts of both family and friends she goes on what she terms as an adventure. She arrives at the villa her aunt has procured for their stay in Italy, sans her aunt who suddenly returned home to London.

There she finds a gentleman, Mr. Fletcher Jamison who claims he has procured the villa for himself. Their first meeting is very memorable as Mr. Jamison is quite naked and swimming in the sea.

After what seems to be a misunderstanding of graphic proportions Portia agrees that they should simply share the accommodations. This leads to a very unusual love story.
How can these two resist their pull toward each other?

I gave this delightful Christmas mix up 4.75 of 5.0 stars for story line and character development and a sensual rating of 3.75 of 5.0 flames. This book does not contain graphic love scenes but the chemistry simply sizzles between our hero and heroine, all seen from the heroine’s thoughts.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book from the publisher by invitation via NetGalley to read and review. This in no way affected my opinion of this story which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

Check Out Chapter One

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About The Author:

New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander was an award winning television reporter until she discovered fiction was much more fun than real life. She turned to writing full time and is still shocked it worked

Since the publication of her first book in 1995, she has written forty-one full length novels and eight novellas. The Perfect Wife—originally published in 1996 and reissued in March 2008—hit #1 on the New York Times list.  The best selling, award winning author has books translated into more than a dozen different languages and has readers around the world. Victoria credits much of her writing success to her experiences as a reporter.

Her years as a broadcast journalist were spent in two radically different areas of the country: Nebraska and West Virginia. In West Virginia, she covered both natural and manmade disasters. She was on the scene when a power plant construction accident in a small town left 52 men dead. She once spent the night on a mountain waiting to learn of the fate of coal miners trapped in a mine collapse. Victoria was producing a newscast when her husband (who worked at the same television station) and several other journalists were held hostage by a disturbed Vietnam veteran. In Nebraska, she reported on the farm crisis and watched people lose land that had been in their families for gen
erations. She covered the story that was the basis of the movie BOYS DON’T CRY and once acted as the link between police and a gunman who had barricaded himself in his home. Her investigative work exposed the trucking of New York City garbage to a small town dump in rural Nebraska.

During her journalism career, Victoria covered every president from Ford to Clinton. She knows firsthand what it feels like to be surrounded by rising floodwaters and inside a burning building. She’s interviewed movie stars including Kevin Costner, ridden an elephant and flown in a governor’s helicopter. She’s covered a national political convention and Pope John Paul II’s historic visit to Denver as well as small town festivals celebrating everything from walnuts to Glen Miller. Her work was honored by numerous organizations including the Associated Press who called a feature about a firefighter’s school “story telling genius”. It was the encouragement she needed to turn from news to fiction. She’s never looked back.

dogboys-web-610x585Victoria is a former president of the Omaha Press Club and in 2009 was named an OPC Face on the Barroom Floor. A caricature portrait of her joined previous faces including presidents, sports figures and politicians in a tradition that began in 1971.

Victoria credits her love of romance and journalism to the influence of her favorite comic book character: Lois Lane, a terrific reporter and a great heroine who pursued Superman with an unwavering determination. And why not? He was extremely well drawn.

Victoria grew up traveling the world as an Air Force brat. Today, she lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and two bearded collies—Louie and Reggie. They all live happily ever after in a house under constant renovation and the accompanying parade of men in tool belts. And never ending chaos. Victoria laughs a great deal—she has to.

Once Upon a Regency Tale


A Clean Regency Romance Boxset

Regency Fairy Twists Book 4

by Samantha Holt

File Size: 3700 KB

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Publication Date: June 27, 2017

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Language: English

ASIN: B071JJ3344

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Fairy tales and the Regency merge in this three book boxset by #1 bestselling author Samantha Holt. Get lost in the Regency world in these three fun, clean reads. Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty all get the historical treatment in these three novellas.

Included in this set are:

Wake Me With a Kiss

51PmyNWqYhLOnce upon a time, in a land far, far away…well, Scotland…Rose lived tucked away from the world with her aunt. Orphaned as a baby and adopted by her aunt, she’s used to her eccentric ways—including her overprotectiveness. But Rose wants more from life. However, she never quite expected for Laird Hamish McTavish—complete with kilt—to change things. The brash, and admittedly braw, man is hardly like the charming men Rose has been dreaming of.
Freshly returned from the battlefield with an unexpected inheritance, highlander Hamish is struggling enough to fit in at the sleepy lowland village. When he comes across a feisty young woman with wild hair and a brash tongue on his land, he doesn’t expect it to lead to more than a five-minute argument.
But he cannot help himself. His curiosity is piqued. Who is this young woman surrounded by three slightly-crazed elderly women seemingly intent on keeping her from the world? He must find out more.
Unfortunately, there are several people more than willing to get in the way of that aim. Rose’s aunt for one—not to mention his late-cousin’s mistress who is determined to replace one cousin with the other. Not only must Hamish deal with his duties and find a way to get close to Rose, he must also find a way to get rid of this abhorrent woman…before she does anything truly evil. 

The Beast Who Loved Me

512PMsDWlBLIsabel has spent her life being scolded for having her head in a book. If only she could find a way to help everyone around her understand her love of reading. She has no choice. She must bring books to her village. 
Even if that means braving the wrath of the Beast of Blackmoor. If Isabel is ever going to get her subscription library running, she must risk the ire of the infamous man—and the owner of one of England’s best libraries—and demand he help her build her book collection.
But the Beast of Blackmoor has little intention of anyone gaining access to his precious library. This demanding young woman will not be getting her hands on his books…or anything else for that matter. Particularly not his heart…
However, when Isabel finds herself confined to this mysterious duke’s house, with only the knowledge of his dastardly deeds for comfort, she begins to find that it is not only his library that interests her. Aided by his kindly servants, she learns of the circumstances behind his beastly reputation. Maybe, just maybe, he is not so beastly after all. 
When danger in the form of Isabel’s unwanted suitor darkens his doorstep, the duke must choose. Is he truly a beast or can he be the man worthy of love after all?

The Beast Who Loved Me is a sweet, clean, fairytale novella of 25,000 words.

Dance With Me At Midnight

51YqEgflzYLEloise has done her best to play the dutiful stepdaughter, taking on the work of her departed mother and running the household and looking after her useless stepbrothers. However, when her stepfather announces she’ll be married before summer—to a man she’s never met—she’s determined to fight it. 
Of course, in between battling her stepfather’s plans, Eloise has other things to keep her busy. Planning for the spring ball and looking after her ever-growing animal sanctuary. With the help of Bennett, the stablehand, she has nursed and raised everything from a baby owl to a rather naughty parrot. Much to her stepfather’s disgust.
Charles, the newly minted Earl of Marlton, always knew he’d be married within months of inheriting the title. Having returned home from his studies in France, he was prepared to be the dutiful heir and take on everything that being an earl entailed—including marrying a wealthy, attractive, well-bred woman. Lord Fairfax has promised his stepdaughter was just that. He’s fully prepared to wed the woman he’s never met by summer.
Until he meets her that is. 
Eloise is nothing like the poised, elegant and controlled woman he thought she’d be. Beautiful, yes, even with a damned parrot sitting on her shoulder, but hardly marchioness material. However, her wealth and connections, and his commitment to spend time with her family ensures he must stay. And perhaps he could consider himself a little intrigued by her. Unfortunately for Charles, he cannot seem to get close enough to her to find out more, especially when she keeps running off with the stablehand. 
Can he persuade her he’s more than a stuffy lord, interested in only her wealth? And does he really want to compete with a stablehand and a menagerie of animals? All he knows is the more time he spends with her, the more he’s convinced it might well be worth it. 

Dance With Me At Midnight is a 25,000 word sweet, clean novella.

These titles are available to purchase individually

or all can be read FREE with KindleUnlimited

How to Marry a Rake in Ten Days


by Samantha Holt

File Size: 3346 KB

Print Length: 106 pages

Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited

Publication Date: November 30, 2015

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Language: English

ASIN: B017733QY4

Digital List Price: $2.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:


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Publisher’s Description:

Dear Miss Manners,

I have been following your column for some time since I made my debut into society some five years ago. As a young woman, I took your advice to become a well-mannered, polite young lady who would surely find herself a husband during her first season. However, it soon became clear to me that your teachings no longer have a place in this century. England is a modern place now with modern gentlemen. They do not expect us to be coy and polite. In fact, such behaviour only has the effect of turning one into a wallflower. I would wager that the eligible gentlemen of today value a woman who can hold a strong conversation and show intelligence instead of submissiveness. After all, how are we English ladies meant to hold our own against these American heiresses and French beauties? 
Now, it is likely too late for me but there are many other young women out there following your advice, many of whom are to be consigned to spinsterhood. As an unmarried woman yourself, how are we to trust your advice? 
I challenge, you Miss Manners, to prove the worth of your advice. Show myself and your readers that etiquette can win the heart of a fine prospect. Christmas is approaching and it is a time to reflect is it not? I am sure many a man is considering the worth of a wife. I highly anticipate,and look forward to, the announcement of your own engagement by the start of the New Year.
Your once loyal reader,
Miss Disbelieving


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Member Since 2014

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