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Pirates of Britannia Series, Book #1

by Eliza Knight

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When Highland pirate prince, Shaw “Savage” MacDougall was invited to a deadly feast, he didn’t know that saving a wee lass would forever change his future.  

Lady Jane Lindsey, widowed at a young age, seeks refuge from her departed husband’s vengeful enemies. For five years, she’s held a secret that could cost her everything, including her life. When her safety is compromised, she reaches out to the only man who’s protected her in the past, and offers him a bounty he cannot refuse.  

Shaw’s life is perfect. Whisky, women and mayhem. He wants for nothing—until Lady Jane presents a treasure he’d never considered possessing. Is he willing to risk his lethal reputation in order to save a lass he barely knows, again? Will she trust a pirate to see their arrangement through to the end? And what happens when perilous battles turn to sinful kisses? Who will save them from each other?

✦✦✦An excerpt from Savage of the Sea ✦✦✦

Copyright © Eliza Knight 2017

Jane flew from the bed, standing right in the stream of silver light from the narrow windows. She whirled around to glare down at him. Her blonde locks waved wildly about her head, and if he hadn’t been certain Medusa lay dead at the bottom of the sea, he might have been convinced his wife was the fiery monster herself.

“What are ye doing?” Her voice was full of surprise as she gaped down at her threadbare chemise. The silver glow of the moon shone through the fabric and gave him the perfect view of her curvy, alluring figure.

Propping his head up on his bent arm, he patted the mattress. “Making love to my wife.”

“How dare ye undress me without my permission.” Jane wrapped her arms around herself. Skin flushed.

“Ye were sleeping, lass.”

“And ye thought to make love to a sleeping woman? Is that the way pirates are?” She shivered, no doubt chilled out of bed. He liked to keep the room cool, and thus had pulled back the coverings from all four windows.

Shaw chuckled, amused by her outrage. If he didn’t know better, he’d say she was a virgin bride and no marriage to William had ever transpired. “Ye were not asleep when I touched ye. Ye moaned, arched against me. Ye like my touch.”

She shook her head vehemently, those blonde locks waving wildly. “I did no such thing.”

Shaw leapt from the bed to advance on her, stalking slow. “I beg to differ.”

Are ye calling me a liar?” Her eyes swept over his naked body, fully exposed in the moonlight.

“Aye, ye’re a liar, Jane. Ye want me. I can tell by the way ye kiss me. By the way ye press your arse up against me, even in your sleep.”

“Ah-ha!” She uncrossed her arms, to point at him and he got a clear view of pink, taut nipples beneath the sheer fabric. “Ye see, I was asleep.”

God, she was every man’s dream. “Ye were asleep until ye were not.”

She frowned, re-crossing her arms when she took note of his gaze. “Ye’re trying to trick me.”

“Trick ye? I just want to lie with ye. Ye’re my wife.”

Jane shook her head, biting her lip. “’Twas only a handfast.”

“Good in the eyes of all.”

“Ye’re a pirate,” she pouted.

He wanted to bite those lips, to take them between his teeth and suck. “And ye’re a dead woman, lass.”

She had no answer to that, but her lower lip trembled and he thought she might be very close to tears. Well, that wouldn’t do.

“Dinna cry, love. I’ll keep ye safe.”

“I never cry.” She stared at the bed. “I also never sleep.” She turned a frown back on him. “Did ye put a drought in my wine?”

Shaw raised a brow at that. “Ye think I’d resort to drugging my wife just so I can lie with her?” He shook his head. “Love, if there is one thing I’m not lacking in, its women willing to fill my bed.”

Her eyes widened as though he’d just revealed some great idea. “So, why do ye not go lie with one them?”

“Because. I’m married to ye. ”

She shrugged as though that made little difference. “Husbands are not always faithful to their wives. And pirates are notorious liars.”

Shaw stalked closer. “I should be offended at all the accusations ye keep tossing my way, lass.”

“I am not trying to offend. Merely stating facts.”

“Calling me a liar and philanderer. What else do ye think of me?” He was only a couple feet away from her now, and her eyes kept darting from his face to the space between his hips that jutted toward her like battering ram. Her furtive, curious glances only made him harder. God, he wanted her.

“Big. Ye’re very big.” She licked her lips, changing the subject. “Tall, I mean. And broad.”

“We’ll fit, if that’s what ye’re worried about.” Only a foot of space between them now. He stepped closer, half a foot, and then closed the distance, his hands coming to her elbows, gently touching her as he gazed down into her blue eyes. “I know ye had a lad afore, lass, but let me show ye what its like to be with a man.”

“A man…” She breathed out the words, barely audible, and a shudder passed through her. But it wasn’t one of disgust, because her nipples had pebbled hard against him and she was staring at his mouth.

“Aye.” He leaned down and brushed his lips over hers.

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Her Wicked Surrender


Regency Hearts Redeemed Series

by Jade Lee

$0.99 for a Limited Time at

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May not be available at all locations.

Check price before downloading.

Publisher’s Description:

Daughter of an Actress Seizes Her Chance in the Regency Era Romance, Her Wicked Surrender, by Jade Lee

Born in a tavern to an actress, all Scher Martin has ever wanted is respectability and a family of her own. Then Kit Frazier, the fourth son of a titled family, offers for her, and Scher seizes her chance.

But instead of family, Scher encounters ridicule, mockery and Kit’s cousin, Viscount Blackstone.

Scher sets Blackstone’s heart afire with a single glance. He knows what she wants… what she deserves. But his life is a sham from which he cannot escape, his wealth and newly acquired title built on a public lie undergirded by murders no one will admit happened.

Blackstone also knows Scher’s heart beats only for him, and he belongs to another.


Perfect Series #3

by Jenn Langston

Digital List Price: $3.99

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or Read FREE With KindleUnlimited

Read an Excerpt

Publisher’s Description:

   Notorious rake, Jonathan Alastair, Viscount Linwood, has spent six years proving he has moved on after being cast off by the only woman he ever cared for. When their paths cross again, his desire for her reignites. Intending to pursue her for one night of pleasure, he discovers he wants more from the one woman who got away. But can he overlook her previous rejection in order to forge a new relationship?
    Mrs. Catherine Gates is cursed as evident by the swift deaths of two husbands, both on their wedding nights. Brought to London at the insistence of her uncle to remarry, seeing Jonathan again makes her body ache, however she must maintain her distance to save him from the curse. Unable to fight her building passion, can Catherine find a way to break the curse that threatens his life and her everlasting happiness?



by Kathryn Le Veque, Claire Delacroix, Cynthia Wright,

Eliza Knight & Christi Caldwell 

This exciting bundle is specially priced at $0.99 and available only at Amazon.


It’s also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited,

so if you’re a subscriber, you can read it free!

Publisher’s Description:

Welcome to a blockbuster boxed set of romance, intrigue, passion, and betrayal. Welcome to the AGE OF CHIVALRY AND ROMANCE!

Five of Historical Romance’s top authors have come together in a collection that is a must-have for your library. Ride the high seas… or walk the streets of Regency London… or travel the moors of Scotland… or experience the castles of Medieval England… in this set of romantic stories that will take you away to far-off places to dream a little dream of worlds past and present.

This set includes:

The Fallen One by Kathryn Le Veque 

A fallen knight and a desperate lady who needs him to lift his sword one last time. Will a man who was once the greatest knight in the realm reclaim his right?

The Crusader’s Bride by Claire Delacroix –

Gaston leaves the order Templars in Jerusalem to take command of his family holding in France, vowing to deliver a package to Paris for his former brethen. Knowing that he needs a wife and heir, he chooses Ysmaine, a beautiful pilgrim in need of his assistance. But there is peril on the road from Jerusalem to Paris, and Gaston finds an ally where he least expects one – his resourceful lady wife.

You and No Other by Cynthia Wright –

Bold and witty Thomas St. Briac is a trusted knight with a perfect life. His courage in battle is legendary, but is he brave enough to withstand one delicate maiden who seeks to carry off an impetuous masquerade in the royal court?

Eternally Bound by Eliza Knight 

Lady Maxwell is about to be thrust upon many eager suitors at Queen Elizabeth’s court, but there is only one man who holds her interest–the very same thief she tries desperately to ignore. Lord Sebastien de Rayne intends to reposess his family’s ancient relics–the Theodosia sword and matching ring–stolen by Baron Dalston, even if it means seducing the lord’s only daughter, “Max,” into marriage. Will the power of the relics bind them together, or are they doomed to a life of misery? Or maybe, they might just fall in love….

Her Christmas Rogue by Christi Caldwell

Lady Winifred Grisham has been in love with her brother’s best friend Lord Trent Ballantine more years than she can remember. The only problem is, Trent is a notorious rogue who doesn’t dally with the respectable. Except, Winnie doesn’t want a dalliance–she wants his heart. Born to a miserable family, Lord Trent has found joy and comfort in the folds of his best friend’s family. Except, over the years he’s begun to notice something. Winnie who he’d always seen as another sister, is in fact something more–a captivating woman. Now, loving Winnie as he does, Trent knows she deserves more than a rogue in her life. With Winnie’s mother rushing her off to try and make a match at Lady Weston’s annual Christmastide house party, Winnie has but a few days to show Trent, that all she needs is his love. But then this is Christmas…when anything can happen!


3.25 stars


Bound to a Spy


An All the Queen’s Spies Novel

by Sharon Cullen

File Size: 2094 KB

Print Length: 258 pages

Publisher: Loveswept

Publication Date: October 24, 2017

Sold by: Random House LLC

Language: English


$5.99 in E-Book Format at:



Publisher’s Description:

A fierce Highland lass puts her life—and her heart—in the hands of a dashing British spy in this exhilarating romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Wed to a Spy.
Rose Turner’s mother sent her to the court of Mary, Queen of Scots, to give her a better life. Raised with rowdy brothers in a notorious border clan, Rose has plenty of experience fighting and thieving—and practically none when it comes to matters of decorum and discretion. Without a single ally, she has little hope of making a good marriage to salvage her family’s reputation. But after overhearing several influential lords plotting to murder the King of Scotland, Rose meets a man after all: a handsome spy trying to shield her from danger.
As one of the Queen Elizabeth’s top agents, Will Sheffield has come up north to keep a close eye on the goings-on at Mary’s court. A consummate professional, Will notices Rose’s presence at the secret meeting . . . and he’s not the only one. The wild, naïve beauty has made a fearsome enemy—and only Will can keep her safe. But after an attempt on Rose’s life pulls them tantalizingly close, Will faces an agonizing choice between professional loyalty or powerful passion.

Look for all of Sharon Cullen’s delightful historical romances:

The All the Queen’s Spies series:


The Secrets & Seduction series:



The Highland Pride series:


My Thoughts:

This is a mostly well written story with a plot for murder behind the storyline. With it’s stunning cover it attracted my immediate attention.

It is Book #2 of this series.

Will is a spy for Queen Elizabeth in Queen Mary of Scotland’s court. Having been schoolmates with an influential member of Mary’s court gives him the perfect cover for being there.

He is secretly listening to other members of the court plot the murder of the king when a young lady stumbles in and also overhears the plot. He has no idea who the lady is.
Rose, in her haste to flee loses her shawl giving Will the perfect excuse for finding her.
Rose, being a member of Queen Mary’s court is naturally horrified to have discovered a plot to murder the king and even more so when she discovers who is behind it.
Will this lead to more than a mutual knowledge of the plot of murder?

This story has it’s moments that I really liked, but it bogs down at about the midway point only to pick back up near the end.

I gave this book 3.25 of 5.0 stars for storyline and character development and a sensual rating of 2 of 5 flames. Although a historical novel some of the facts of the times were not well represented. The interaction between our hero and heroine lacked an underlying sensual nature and the addition of violence toward the heroine near the end of the book was a turn off.

I received a complimentary digital ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

 About The Author:

USA Today bestselling author, mom, wife, taxi driver, chef, mediator, housekeeper, Sharon Cullenfriend and dog lover.

At the age of nine my lifelong ambition was to own a horse and write a book. I’ve published 19 books but have yet to own a horse. Three kids, one dog and one husband are enough for me right now.

My dream is to retire to St. Maarten, or some equivalent place with white sand and turquoise water. Hopefully that dream won’t go the way of the horse.

If you want to talk about books, beaches or even horses, you can find me on Facebook as Sharon Cullen – Author, Instagram as SharonCullen, Twitter as @SharonCullen or contact me through my website,        





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