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The Lost Letter


A Victorian Romance

by Mimi Mathews

Publisher: Perfectly Proper Press

Published: September 2017

ISBN-10: 978-0-9990364-1-9

ISBN-13: 978-0-9990364-0-2


AVAILABLE IN E-Book & Paperback

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Paperback $8.99

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Publisher’s Description:

England, 1860. An impoverished Victorian beauty is unexpectedly reunited with the now beastly earl who once broke her heart. Will they finally find their happily ever after? Or are some fairy-tale endings simply not meant to be?


When the tragic death of her gamester father leaves her destitute and alone, society beauty Sylvia Stafford finds work as a governess in a merchant’s household in Cheapside. Isolated from the fashionable acquaintance of her youth, she resigns herself to lonely spinsterhood…until a mysterious visitor convinces her to temporarily return to her former life–and her former love.


Colonel Sebastian Conrad is no longer the dashing cavalry officer Sylvia once fell in love with. Badly scarred during the Sepoy Rebellion, he has withdrawn to his estate in rural Hertfordshire where he lives in near complete seclusion. Brooding and tormented, he cares nothing for the earldom he has inherited–and even less for the faithless beauty who rejected him three years before.


A week together in the remote Victorian countryside is the last thing either of them ever wanted. But when fate intervenes to reunite them, will a beastly earl and an impoverished beauty finally find their happily ever after? Or are some fairy-tale endings simply not meant to be?

My Thoughts:

This is the first time I have read anything by this author but it certainly will not be the last if I find anything else by her.

I looked her up through Bing Searches and found only one other book by her that appears to be a Historical Fiction title. It does not release until November so this book which releases September 19, 2017 is her debut novel.

I enjoyed this tale of second chances.
Interfering family as almost always had a hand in this tale.
A scarred hero and a thought to be faithless beauty are the catalyst in this well written tale.
Conrad’s love for Sylvia is unmistakable but after leaving for war and never hearing from the beauty that has captured his heart he thinks she has forgotten him.
Sylvia thinks much the same as after writing to Conrad almost every day with no response she thinks he was only playing with her affections.
The interference of Sylvia’s father and her maid are solely responsible for what has happened.
Now Conrad’s younger sister has sought Sylvia out because she is sure this woman is just what her brother needs to bring him back to life after the battle that caused his scars.
This debut novel is a very well written and surprisingly poignant read. I made certain that there was no other books found that have been published by this author because it was hard to believe this could possibly be a debut effort.
I gave this book 4.25 of 5.0 stars for storyline and character development and a sensual rating of 3 of 5 flames.
I would only have liked to see a little more delving into the original meeting of this hero and heroine. If we could have had a bit more of their history I would have given this book a five star rating.
I received a complimentary digital ARC of this book to read from the publisher via NetGalley.
This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.


Publication Date: September 16, 2017

Black Widow


A Spellbound Regency Novel

by Lucy Leroux

Currently $0.99 at:


From USA Today Bestselling and Award-Winning Author L.B. Gilbert writing as Lucy Leroux

Publisher’s Description:

He wants to bring her to justice, but the secrets she holds may be the end of him. 

Shattered by the death of his cousin, Gideon Wells, the Earl of Flint, is determined to prove his cousin’s widow is the one responsible. When Amelia Montgomery finally returns to town on the arm of her new lover, Gideon vows to bring her to justice. But getting close to her sparks a hunger that he can’t ignore. As he begins to uncover the truth about Amelia, he encounters an evil more sinister than he ever imagined. Can he destroy the threat or will he suffer the same fate as his cousin?

The Complete Series:

Book 0 – The Hex, A Spellbound Regency Short – Available Now
Book 1 – Cursed – Available Now
Book 2 – Black Widow – Available Now
Book 3 – Haunted – Coming 2018




Three Daring Charades in the Pursuit of Love

by Beverley Oakley

Release date September 26, 2017

Pre-Order Price $0.99 at:

amazon-buy2b-n-buy2Google Play Buttonibooks-buy2kobo-button2

Publisher’s Description:

Three full-length Regency romances laced with mystery, intrigue and suspense.
A spoiled heiress masquerading as a shipwrecked governess, a widow with a tarnished reputation seeking her lost son, and a debutante pretending to be married… These very different Regency heroines dare everything for love!

A spoiled heiress who assumes the identity of a shipwrecked governess falls in love with her employer who has dark secrets of his own.
A beautiful widow whose reputation has been wrongly tarnished embarks upon a dangerous charade to reclaim her child, burdened by a terrible secret that threatens the future of the man with whom she accidentally falls in love.
A determined debutatante who pretends to be married in order to save the family plantation is framed by a jealous adversary for a series of diamond thefts. Now she must convince the handsome rake who believes she tricked him into marriage that she is innocent

Rake’s Honour


Scandalous Miss Brightwell Book 1

by Beverley Oakley

Currently $0.99 at:


Publisher’s Description:

Beautiful, impoverished Fanny Brightwell has a few scores to settle—and a heart to win—before she can secure the wealthy, aristocratic husband her ambitious mama demands.

Fanny is used to trading on her wits and beauty to ensure her family retains its tenuous hold on respectability. While her reprobate brother gambles away their fortune, and her feather-brained sister threatens to destroy the girls’ collective reputation by succumbing to any lure cast her way, Fanny is regarded as the Brightwell family’s saviour.

Pressured by her mother into accepting a marriage offer from lecherous Lord Slyther, Fanny is given one final opportunity to withdraw from her nuptials, provided she secures an equally rich and titled suitor within two weeks. Otherwise, she can look forward to a lifetime attending to Great Aunt Seraphina’s chilblains.

This is the story of Fanny’s perilous gamble amidst a London season’s offerings of debutantes with far greater address – but far less cunning – for the ultimate prize: dashing, delicious, daring Lord Fenton.

Book 1: Rake’s Honour
Book 2: Rogue’s Kiss
Book 3: Devil’s Run

What readers are saying:

“A fast paced story, filled with humour, sexual attraction, love and desperation. The first in a series of novels set in a time when chastity and honour were everything.”

Rogue’s Kiss


Scandalous Miss Brightwell Book 2

by Beverley Oakley

Digital List Price: $2.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:


Publisher’s Description:

Would a potential suitor be bolder if he were told the object of his desire had only six months to live?

Sweet, pretty Thea Brightwell’s dull, quiet life with her crotchety aunt is about to be turned upside down by a visit to Bath and a chance encounter with handsome Mr Grayling.

However, the fledgeling affair is quickly nipped in the bud by Thea’s aunt who has no intention of losing her unpaid nurse and companion, while Mr Grayling regretfully acknowledges he needs to marry an heiress to restore his family’s crumbling fortunes.

Unbeknownst to penniless Thea, she has an unlikely champion in her well-meaning but ‘not-too-bright’ Cousin Bertram who has decided to play matchmaker.

If the lack of a dowry is the only impediment to Mr Grayling making an offer of marriage, Bertram reasons the gentleman would play a riskier hand if he were told that the damsel he covets were destined for her deathbed within six months?

Crotchety maiden aunts, love letters gone astray, and ‘old flames’ appearing from the woodwork lead to a most disconcerting outcome!

ROGUE’S KISS can be read as a stand-alone. It follows award-winning racy Regency romp RAKE’S HONOUR.

Rake’s Honour: Book 1
Book 2: Rogue’s Kiss
Book 3: Devil’s Run 

What Readers are Saying about the series:

“I LOVED beautiful Thea’s story and couldn’t put it down losing hours of sleep!”

“The unexpected twist at the end made me smile and think…yes that’s perfect.”

“Nicely written and enjoyable Historical romance with a little steam.”

*Note: Due to the respective natures of the various Brightwell heroines, Rogue’s Kiss is sensual rather than steamy while Rake’s Honour is hot and steamy.



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