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The Time Traveler’s Christmas


 by Amy Jarecki

Publication Date: October 04, 2016

Reviewed on: October 03, 2016



Publisher’s Description:

A man’s life can fall apart in an instant…

Tougher than oxhide, Lachlan Wallace can take about anything except a breakup call from his wife two minutes before competing in the Karate Championship of the World. Arriving home with a loss, he agrees to watch his uncle’s cat over the holidays. Or so he thinks–until he awakes on a fourteenth century battlefield beside a woman fighting for her life.

Never underestimate a woman’s determination…

Taken from her at the age of two, Lady Christina de Moray hasn’t seen her son in thirteen years. While traveling with Robert the Bruce’s army to exchange an English prisoner for the lad, a battle erupts. Losing the fight, Christina is rescued by a mysterious warrior while the English escape with her son yet again.

And never bet against the potency of passion…

Left with no way back to the twenty-first century, Lachlan agrees to help Christina rescue the lad from his English captors. If the heir is not returned by Christmas next, the Bruce will make his decision whom to grant the de Moray lands, including Lady Christina’s hand. Once his duty is fulfilled, Lachlan hopes to discover a way home–as long as he keeps his mind on the goal and ignores his growing love for the spirited woman who gives him her trust–and her heart.

My Thoughts:

I grow more in love with books by Amy Jarecki with every new one I read.

This is book #3 of the Guardian of Scotland series. I own one of the others in paperback, but this is the first one I’ve actually read of this series.

I have read one other book by this author for review through Netgalley and although I gave that title a 5 star rating I still feel this one was better.

This tale begins with our hero who has recently received a break up call from his wife suddenly being thrust back in time to medieval Scotland. Talk about a surprising event.

His time in the past begins near Christmas and stretches out for a year with many things he previously did not know about himself and his linage being revealed along the way.

I found this to be among my favorite time travel books.

I would compare it favorably with one of my favorite authors, Lynn Kurland books in her MacLeod Family Series like “A Dance Through Time” & “The Traveler”.

As I indicated I gave “The Valiant Highlander” a 5 star rating and this one is it’s equal if not better.

I am giving “The Time Traveler’s Christmas” 5 stars as well. I received a digital ARC of this book directly from the author before being approved for this title through Netgalley and also from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My thanks goes out to Amy Jarecki for sending me an ARC while I was still awaiting approval for this title.

 This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I read and reviewed voluntarily.

The Fearless Highlander


Highland Defender Book 1

by Amy Jarecki

Print List Price: $13.49

Currently $0.99 in Digital Format at:

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Publisher’s Description:

Heir to the most notorious clan in the Highlands, Hugh MacIain hides his identity while imprisoned in the bowels of Fort William’s hell. Aye, this braw warrior has endured horrors that should have seen him dead, though now it appears it’s the bloody flux that will send him to Satan’s fire.

Optimistic, competent, and captivating, Charlotte Hill takes pity on a fevered prisoner sprawled atop a cot in the fort’s surgery. When finally the Highlander opens his eyes, he seizes her heart with a pained stare. Truly, this is no commoner—but in 1692, a warrior loyal to the Jacobite cause and the daughter of a government colonel may as well be worlds apart.

After his escape, Hugh snatches a chance to woo the lass, until disaster strikes. While war and lust for vengeance force Charlotte further from Hugh’s arms, the couple’s romance seems aimlessly adrift on the open sea. Before they sail too far apart, can the tender love of an English lady coax a determined Highlander from his path of revenge?


Amy holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland and now resides Amy_Jarecki_Head_Shot_Smallerin Southwest Utah with her husband where she mostly writes historical romance. When time is available, she lectures on writing topics at conferences across the US.

Amy’s first published novel, now titled Boy Man Chief, won the League of Utah Writers award for Best Manuscript, and the St. George Spark Book Award. Since then, she has won many other writing awards, including hitting Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller List, an Amazon All Star Author, as well as being a “crowdsourced” winning author through Amazon’s Kindle Scout Program for A Highland Knight’s Desire. In 2016 she won a RONE award from InD’tale Magazine for BEST TIME TRAVEL for her novel Rise of a Legend.

In addition to historical romance novels, one of Amy’s passions is romantic suspense. Stay tuned for her action packed ICE Series (International Clandestine Enterprise) to be announced in the coming months!

 A Soldier’s Seduction


A Super Steamy Time Travel Romance

by Em Brown

Currently $0.99 in Digital Format at:

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Buy at Kobo sw-logo-notag

Publisher’s Description:

How Hot Can a Time Travel Romance Get?

Pauline San Martin thinks she’s hit rock bottom. Laid off from her job. Dumped by her boyfriend. About to be evicted from her apartment. Reduced to stripteasing for money.

But life is about to get worse.

Mysteriously hurled back in time to one of the bloodiest battles of the Revolutionary War, Pauline is captured by the British and accused of being a rebel spy. What’s a girl to do?

Seduce the handsome army captain…unless he seduces her first.

Because if she doesn’t escape, being stuck in history will be the least of her problems.

Warning: This time travel romance is *extremely* steamy. It is not bashful reading. But if you like your history super hot and sexy, grab A SOLDIER’S SEDUCTION to heat up your reading today!

Notorious Deception


by Adrienne Basso

Currently $0.99 in Digital Format at:

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Publisher’s Description:

From Adrienne Basso comes the intriguing tale of a young, beautiful, and tempestuous widow with an uncertain future—and a startling secret…

Diana Rutledge, Countess of Harrowby, was shocked by the unexpected death of her husband. But a trip to London to settle his affairs brings only more unpleasant surprises. For Derek, the new Earl of Harrowby, is arrogant, brooding—and far too handsome for Diana’s peace of mind. Worse, he insists that Diana is a bold impostor. Now, determined to stand her ground despite Derek’s rudeness—and her unsettling attraction to him—Diana will risk her reputation, her heart, and her very life to prove she is not part of a notorious deception…
“The sensuously detailed love scenes, undercurrent of danger and polished writing fuel Basso’s latest regency, which will draw fans of Amanda Quick and Nicole Jordan.” –Booklist on To Protect an Heiress

Seducing the Bride


Brides of Mayfair Series Book 1

by Michelle McMaster

Digital List Price: $3.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

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Publisher’s Description:

After a night of gambling at London’s most famous gaming hell, Lord Beckett Thornby and his friend, Lord Alfred Weston, make a shocking discovery. They come across a beautiful young woman–clad only in a nightdress–laying unconscious in a rubbish heap. Worried for her safety and famous for his habit of taking in strays, Beckett takes the mysterious girl home and puts her to bed, intent on calling a doctor the next day. But his good intentions go awry when his mother and solicitor make an unplanned visit the next morning, and all hell breaks loose.

When the impoverished viscount learns he is now heir to a wealthy earldom, Beckett must quickly take a bride. Having been jilted by his former fiancée, he no longer believes in love… but Beckett does believe in the heated desire this “mysterious angel” stirs within him. He vows to make the voluptuous beauty his wife.

Isobel Hampton is on the run from a villainous nobleman who will stop at nothing until he possesses both her and her family estate. The strong-minded miss makes a break for freedom and disappears into the night, but Sir Harry Lennox vows to find her.

When she awakens in the bed of a handsome viscount, Isobel demands to know how she got there. But something in Lord Thornby’s eyes makes her want to trust the handsome lord. When he proposes a marriage of convenience, it could be the solution to all of Isobel’s problems… or just the beginning of them.

For though Beckett and Isobel have sworn to a marriage in name only, the flame of passion burns hot between them. As they engage in a dangerous dance of seduction, the last place they expect to find true love is in each other’s arms.

(Originally published under the title The Marriage Bargain in 2000 – Seducing The Bride is a newly revised and updated edition.)

“A fast-paced, sexy story!” — Margaret Moore, USA Today Best Selling Author

Other books in the BRIDES OF MAYFAIR series:

  1. Seducing the Bride – Book One
  2. Taming the Bride – Book Two
  3. His Courtesan Bride – Book Three
  4. Spring Seduction – Brides of Mayfair/Seasons of Love Crossover Novella

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