Call of the Morrigú is LIVE!

lOVE THIS COVER! I am unfamiliar with this author but the cover art drew me in.

Christy Jackson Nicholas, Author and Artist



Call of the Morrigú is now LIVE and ready to go!

It’s on sale just through the weekend, so get your copy now

before the price goes back up!


Would you dare rouse a goddess?


Life isn’t easy in 1798 Ireland. Rebellions are rising across the countryside, and the English can be cruel overlords. However, this brutality hasn’t reached the country estate of Strokestown.


Theodosia Latimer and her grandfather Reginald are on a mission to discover the past. They’re determined to excavate some ancient mounds on the Strokestown estate. But when they discover an imprisoned goddess straight out of Ireland’s rich mythological history, they’re both amazed and frightened.


Tasked with integrating this primeval warrior woman into polite society, they develop both respect and fear for the powerful goddess. Will they be able to tame her lust for violence in the upcoming rebellion? Or will…

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