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In Celebration of the

New Release of “Summer’s Reign”

Elizabeth Rose is offering

Ruthless Knight


Legendary Bastards of the Crown Book 2

by Elizabeth Rose

Digital List Price: $3.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:


or Read FREE With KindleUnlimited

Publisher’s Description:

Rook the Ruthless is one of the triplet bastards of King Edward III. At birth the king ordered them killed, since triplets were thought to be bad luck and spawned by the devil. But they were saved in secret and taken to Scotland to be raised in secret.

Now, two decades later, Rook lives in the catacombs of the ruins of Lanercost Priory, having had to hide years ago when Edward pillaged and burned their homeland. He and his brothers have been raiding the king, working together as the legendary Demon Thief, in vengeance after finding out the truth of who sired them.

Rook’s brother Rowen has betrayed them, and Rook and Reed have to carry on the raids without him or his pirate crew. But when a raid gone bad leaves them in a horrible position, their legend is threatened to be put to rest. Rook’s heart is black and he will never change his ways, letting his hatred of his father rule his life. But one night he finds a woman named Calliope in his catacombs, and he is captivated by her beauty and kindness. With her presence she brings light back into his life, and Rook starts to question the choices he’s made as well as all his ruthless acts.

Can the Lord of the Underworld be brought from the darkness by the angel who sees a spark of light in his soul that he doesn’t believe is there? Find out in Ruthless Knight – Book 2 of the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series. Don’t forget to also read the prequel, Destiny’s Kiss, and the other two books in the series, Restless Sea Lord – Book 1, and Reckless Highlander – Book 3.

Legendary Bastards of the Crown  Series:

  1. Restless Sea Lord
  2. Ruthless Knight
  3. Reckless Highlander

Buy at Amazon For $3.99 each

or read any of them FREE with KindleUnlimited.


Warriors of Odin


Six Viking Romances

by Kathryn Le Veque, Glynnis Campbell, Anna Markland,

Emma Prince, Violetta Rand & Sky Purington

$0.99 at:


or Read FREE with KindleUnlimited


Six Viking Romances that promise passion, adventure, and all things Viking.

Welcome to Warriors of Odin, a collection of six fabulous Viking tales from some of the top authors in historical romance. Visit a world where the men from the north ride the waves in search of conquest, passion, and power.

This bundle includes:

Kingdom by the Sea by Kathryn Le Veque:

A Viking raider and a warrior princess square off in this exciting novella of king’s gold, tall tales, romance, and reincarnation.

The Shipwreck by Glynnis Campbell:

A Norse marauder ends up shipwrecked and at the mercy of a Pictish warrior maid with a grudge against Vikings and a little girl in need of a father.

The Rover Defiant by Anna Markland:

Torstein’s bravery has earned him his freedom, but the Viking nobility will never forgive or forget he was once a slave. The high-born woman he loves has too much pride to give herself to a former thrall.

Aegir’s Daughter by Emma Prince:

Ulfarr believes only the sea can quench his thirst for adventure—until he meets the mysterious Bára, who heats his blood like no other. When an enemy from his past seeks to destroy him, Ulfarr must turn to Bára for help, and together, they set out on their greatest adventure yet.

Love’s Fury by Violetta Rand:

Duty, passion, revenge, and seduction create the spellbinding tale of Konal the Red and his conquest, Silvia.

Rise of a Viking by Sky Purington:

Hearts are tested and lives forever changed when a modern-day woman is swept back in time to tenth-century Scandinavia. Now a Viking set to inherit the throne must battle a powerful enemy to protect not only her but his people.

Enjoy this collection for a limited time!


A Mask, A Marquess,

and a Wish Upon a Christmas Star


Be Careful What You Wish For Book 1

A Cinderella Christmas Story

by Ingrid hahn

Releases October 2, 2017

$2.99 in Digital Format

Pre-Order Now at:


A Regency Romance Infused with a Hint of Fairytale

One simple wish leads to one perfect night. But is forever out of reach?

Abigail Sutton doesn’t belong at the Marquess of Harland’s infamous masked Christmas Ball. But she indulges anyway, and from behind the safety of her disguise, she discovers perfection: the Marquess himself. And he demands just one thing from her: a dance. In his arms, Abigail’s heart does something strange. When he asks for one night together—just one night—she can’t say no. But it can be only one night. And her mask must remain on.

With the masked woman who enchants him, the Marquess of Harland comes alive. When he awakens alone, he realizes that without her, part of him will be forever missing. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to find her and make her his, no matter how different their worlds might be. But when Harland discovers his mystery woman in the last place he ever expected, convincing her to be his forever isn’t as easy as he dreamed. They had a single night together…could just one night ever lead to true love?


Tempted at Christmas


Including Regency romance novellas

by Kate Pearce, Jane Charles and Elizabeth Essex.

Available September 26, 2017


Pre-order now at:


The Earl and Countess of Banfield cordially request your attendance at the wedding for their daughters: Lady Tamsyn Hambly to Mr. Gryffyn Cardew, & Lady Morgan Hambly to Harold Mort, Viscount Blackwater, on the 24th day of December, 1811, at Castle Keyvnor, Bocka Morrow, Cornwall.



Kate Pearce’s And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Jane Charles’ His Mistletoe Miss

Elizabeth Essex’s Sea of Temptation





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