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A Governess for the Brooding Duke


A Historical Regency Romance Book

by Bridget Barton

Publication Date: May 10, 2017

“A Governess for the Brooding Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words.

No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Publisher’s Description:

Introducing the “A Governess for the Brooding Duke” Novel –

Discover NOW The New Regency Romance Book by Bridget Barton!

Lovely – Romantic – Exciting!

When Georgette Darrington’s father dies suddenly and with serious debts, she imagines things cannot get any worse. But when her attorney tells her that the family home must be sold to pay the debts, leaving her penniless and without a home, her only choice is to become a governess.

In no time at all, Georgette finds herself in the grand mansion of the Duke of Draycott, teaching his delightful, orphaned nieces. But, the more time Georgette spends with the little girls, the more she realizes they are missing their home and life in Wales, not to mention their own language. Georgette must find a way to convince the Duke to take an interest in the girls’ lives, and she must also find a way to keep their native language alive despite his determined instructions to the contrary.

As the tragic tale of the Duke’s sister and her forbidden love unfolds, Georgette must struggle with the deprivations of her lowered status, not to mention the spiteful plots and schemes of a jealous housekeeper and nurse. As her loneliness threatens to overwhelm her, Georgette must find a way put the splintered family back together, even as she battles her own feelings of love for the handsome, taciturn Duke.

My Thoughts:

I have recently read other books by this author and was impressed with her writing in most of them. This one was to date the best written in my opinion.

I much prefer this full novel rather than the others I have read which were written in installments.
This book has a decidedly sad storyline.
Our heroine’s father has died leaving his estate in debt.
Her home must be sold to cover the debts, leaving her penniless so she must find employment in order to survive. She finds herself governess to a pair of twin girls who are the nieces and wards of a Duke.
Our hero is constantly reminded of his deceased sister by the little girls, so he refuses to let their native tongue to be spoken in his home.
Georgette goes against his wishes because she feels the children need the familiarity of their native Wales to smooth their transition to a life without their parents.
How will this pair of adversaries who are very attracted to each other find their way to their own happily ever after?
I gave this book 4.5 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 2 of 5 flames.
My thanks goes to the author for this complimentary copy of this book.
This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I have read and reviewed voluntarily.

 My Lady’s Favour

My Lady's Favour

by Elizabeth Keysian

My Lady’s Favour is currently available on Wattpad.

You will need to set up a free Wattpad account in order to read it.

Author’s Description:

How can a knight rescue a damsel from the distress of a loveless marriage when the bridegroom is his own cousin?

Hampshire 1338:

England is on the brink of war with the French, belief in witchcraft is rife and folklore and Arthurian literature have as deep a hold on the minds of the nobility as religion.

Scarred by ill-fortune, Richard St. Aubyn discovers the woman of his dreams in the house of his cousin, Gilbert de Waltham. But the Lady Elena, thrown onto the mercy of the de Walthams after her father’s treachery against his king, is already betrothed to Gilbert.

Elena, treated more like a possession than a person, does not love Gilbert, and is instantly struck by strong feelings for the handsome, courageous Richard. But a quarrel between her two suitors could lead to dishonour and even death, and when a rival to Elena arrives at the castle and accuses her of witchcraft, Richard prepares to sacrifice himself in order to save her.



Son of a Duke

The Spy Series Book 1

by Jessie Clever

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Fans of both historical romance and historical women’s fiction will love this smart, witty, and suspenseful series from bestselling author Jessie Clever. If you like Lauren Willig, Deanna Raybourn, or Amanda Quick, you’re going to fall in love with this author.

439412983Publisher’s Description:

Society’s most capable housekeeper, Eleanora Quinton, has a problem.  Not only does a dead body fall right into the middle of her mistress’s ball and her son get kidnapped, the only person who can help her also forces her to face her most crippling fears. 

But the last thing Eleanora expects when the dead body hits the floor is love with the son of a duke.

A spy for the British War Office and illegitimate son of a duke, Nathan Black pulls the infallible housekeeper into a cyclone of espionage, intrigue and danger as he searches for the meaning behind her son’s kidnapping. Fighting to keep Eleanora safe, Nathan struggles with his growing attraction to the unflappable housekeeper, but as the treasonous plot twists around, too many clues point to Eleanora and a past of which she will not speak.

Can their love withstand her dangerous secret?

The books in the Spy Series:

1/2. Inevitably a Duchess (A prequel novella) – $2.99

1. Son of a Duke

2. For Love of the Earl – $3.99

3. A Countess Most Daring – $3.99

4. To Save a Viscount – $3.99

5. To Be a Spy (A Spy Series Short Story) – $0.99

6. To Be a Duke (A Spy Series Short Story) – $0.99

7. To Be a Debutante (A Spy Series Short Story) – $0.99

The Forbidden Duke


The Untouchables Book 1

by Darcy Burke

On Sale for $0.99 May 12-21 at these e-retailers:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo

Publisher’s Description:

Spinster Miss Eleanor Lockhart is suddenly homeless and employment is her only option. Ruined after succumbing to a scoundrel’s excessive charm nearly a decade ago, she’s lucky to obtain a position as a paid companion and committed to behaving with the utmost propriety. She definitely shouldn’t be in the arms of a man capable of utterly destroying what little remains of her reputation…

Titus St. John, Duke of Kendal, is known as the Forbidden Duke, a mysterious, intimidating figure who enters Society just once each year at his stepmother’s ball. A decade ago, he was a devil-may-care rake until his idle roguery brought about the ruin of Eleanor Lockhart—and his resulting self-imposed isolation. Now she’s back, and she needs his help. But by “saving” her, he may just ruin her life all over again.

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