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Heartbreak and Honor


Highland Heather

Romancing a Scot Series Book 3

by Collette Cameron

Digital List Price: $3.99

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Publisher’s Description:

Abducted by a band of renegade Scots, Highland gypsy Tasara Faas blackens her rescuer’s eye when the charming duke attempts to steal a kiss. Afterward, Tasara learns she’s the long-lost heiress Alexandra Atterberry and is expected to take her place among the elite society she’s always disdained.

Lucan, the Duke of Harcourt, promised his gravely ill mother he’d procure a wife by Christmastide, but intrigued by the feisty lass he saved in Scotland, he finds the haut ton ladies lacking. Spying Alexa at a London ball, he impulsively decides to make the knife-wielding gypsy his bride despite her aversion to him and her determination to return to the Highlands.

The adversary responsible for Alexa’s disappearance as a toddler still covets her fortune and joins forces with Harcourt’s arch nemesis. Amidst a series of suspicious misfortunes, Lucan endeavors to win Alexa’s love and expose the conspirators but only succeeds in reaffirming Alexa’s belief that she is inadequate to become his duchess.

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Romantic Legends


by Kathryn Le Veque, Hildie McQueen, Madeline Martin, Meara Platt, Collette Cameron, Anna Markland Victoria Vane, Catherine Kean & Elizabeth Rose

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Nine of your favorite Historical Romance authors have come together to bring you a spectacular multi-genre set that will give you hours of reading pleasure. Settle back, relax, and enjoy ladies fair and their dashing heroes in tales that are sure to warm your heart. This set includes:

Valiant Chaos by Kathryn Le Veque – A powerful foot soldier and a niece of the Earl of Warwick embark on a forbidden love.

Highlander’s Captive by Hildie McQueen – Get swept away to the Highlands of medieval Scotland with these two intermingled love stories with equal measures love, danger and sensuality. With clan clashes threatening on two fronts, they may be entering into a battle for their own hearts.

The May Fair Princess by Meara Platt – When Winifred Kingsley is rescued from peril on her way to the local May Fair by a mysterious nobleman, she never expects their meeting to open up secrets of her past. Ardaric Sinclair, fourth Duke of Blantyre finds himself drawn to the young beauty he has just saved, but in protecting her, has he placed his life at risk as well?

A Ghostly Tale of Forbidden Love by Madeline Martin – Gavin MacDuff is a laird with a cruel and bitter aunt he’s sworn to protect and Senara is the new lady’s maid at Castle of Park who has sacrificed everything for the betterment of her family. Their paths tangle and lead to a road of hidden longing and secret passion – all of which is threatened by the power of one ghost who is fixed on revenge.

Courageous Heart by Anna MarklandLute von Wolfenberg is the carefree middle son of a noble Saxon family. Obliged to fight in a foreign war, he struggles to hold on to his sense of humor and optimism amid the atrocities of the campaign. He is drawn to Francesca di Cammarata, an arrogant princess, niece of his enemy. She cannot deny her feelings for Lute.
The conflict will test their loyalty to country and family.

A Kiss for Miss Kingsley by Collette Cameron – A sweet story of love relinquished and redeemed as once betrothed Allen Wimpleton and Olivia Kingsley meet again after a three year separation only to discover, their love is stronger than ever.

Jewel of the East by Victoria Vane – His wounds run deep… but love is the eternal cure. When circumstance brings two damaged souls together, fate ignites a love story reminiscent of the Arabian Nights.

A Viking’s Promise by Elizabeth Rose – Having the ability to see visions of the future, Kadlin warns Brandr and the Vikings not to leave to raid overseas. When tragedy strikes, Kadlin is left with a dainty blue forget-me-not as Brandr’s promise that they will someday be together again.

A Knight’s Seduction by Catherine KeanAfter taking Lady Claire Sevalliere hostage in a plot to slay his father, Tye plans to seduce her, for he’ll never be worthy of her love. He soon finds he is the one seduced, because Claire brings light to his tormented soul. As battle draws near, and he risks losing her, Tye must confront his greatest torment—and his destiny changes forever.

Highland Quest


The Fraser Brothers Trilogy Book 2

by B.J. Scott

Digital List Price: $3.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Publisher’s Description:

No longer content in the shadows of his older brothers, and on a quest to find his destiny, Bryce Fraser’s chosen path is fraught with danger, passion, and decisions. Can his unspoken love for spirited, beguiling Fallon be triumphant in a time of war and uncertainty, or will they both fall prey to the devious plans of a traitorous laird from a rival clan?

Be sure to also check out the first book in the Fraser brother’s saga, HIGHLAND LEGACY.


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Chase Family Series Book 6

by Lauren Royal

Digital List Price: $4.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

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A Top 10 Kindle Bestseller from a New York Times Bestselling Author!

Publisher’s Description:

England, 1677:

Lily Ashcroft is far and away the most conventional member of her eccentric family. Though she fell for dashing Oxford professor Lord Randal Nesbitt at the tender age of sixteen, she buried her feelings in deference to society’s expectation that her older sisters marry first. Four years later, her sister Rose has now set her sights on Rand–and though it breaks her heart, what else can Lily do but help her beloved sister land the man of her dreams?

What no one considers are Rand’s feelings on the matter. He’s been nursing a secret affection for sweet, compassionate Lily ever since their first meeting. But Rose is just as beautiful and shares his academic interests. Now he finds himself caught between two lovely sisters–the one he’s expected to wed and the one who’s captured his heart… 


• Humorous historical romance
• Book Six of Lauren Royal’s beloved Chase Family Series
• Special Author’s Cut Edition
• A full-length novel of 100,000 words (about 400 printed book pages)
• R-rated content: Steamy love scenes!
• Originally published by Penguin Putnam (Signet)

This Author’s Cut Edition e-book has been completely revised from the original and includes Bonus Material: an Author’s Note, a preview of Lauren’s next book, and a link to an online contest where you can enter to win a piece of jewelry featured in one of Lauren’s books.


• Top 10 Bestseller on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks!
• Rose Award Nominee!


While LILY can be read as a stand-alone novel, many readers enjoy reading it as part of a series. All of Lauren’s books feature Chase family members. Should you wish to read them in chronological order, this is the sequence:

Chase Family Series
1666 – AMETHYST (Colin & Amy) – FREE at most retailers
1667 – EMERALD (Jason & Caithren)
1667 – FOREVERMORE (Cameron & Clarice)
1668 – AMBER (Trick & Kendra)
1673 – VIOLET (Ford & Violet)
1677 – LILY (Rand & Lily) – FREE for one week only!
1677 – ROSE (Kit & Rose)

Regency Chase Family Series
1815 – LOST IN TEMPTATION (Tristan & Alexandra)
1816 – TEMPTING JULIANA (James & Juliana)
1817 – THE ART OF TEMPTATION (Sean & Corinna + Griffin & Rachael)

Specially Priced Boxed Sets


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Chase Family Series

Regency Chase Family Series

Renaissance Chase Family Series

Boxed Sets



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