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Live and Let Rogue


Must Love Rogues Book 4

by Eva Devon

Publication Date: May 07, 2017

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Publisher’s Description:

When the Prince isn’t so charming, you can either Live and Let Rogue. . . Or bring him to his knees.

A Rogue Who Demanded Revenge:
John Forthryte, the newly made Earl of Mooreland, is an absolute bastard. Born the illegitimate son of a duke, hate has filled John’s heart since he watched his mother die in harrowing poverty. Once a small boy, forced to survive alone, John desired only vengeance. But after years of planning, successful feels hollow. Worse, he’s hurt a young woman in his relentless pursuit. Much to John’s shock, that woman awakens his cold heart. Now, he’s determined to see her happy. . . Without him. For a bastard and black hearted rogue could never deserve her love.

A Lady Who Loves Life:
Meredith Trent, known as Merry, loves life. Perhaps too much, for her wild love nearly caused her ruin. When the man she loathes shows up at her isolated home in the Highlands, offering to atone for his role in her fall, Merry tells him to go to the devil. But the more time she spends with John Forthryte, the more she sees he is a heartbroken man longing for love. When he fights again and again for her happiness, she cannot help but fall in love with the wicked man. But can a man as broken as John ever abandon his past and choose love?

My Thoughts:

This is book #4 in this series but the first one I have read. It does , however read well as a standalone title. There is just enough background from the previous books to keep the reader from being totally lost.

John, Earl of Mooreland is the illegitimate son of a duke who grew up as an unloved child after the tragic death of his mother. Love is a foreign concept to him.

Meredith Trent, Merry, loves life but she is the unfortunate recipient of the consequences of one of John’s plots to get back at his legitimate half brothers.
Now John wants to make amends by bringing Merry back to London and ensuring she has a season and finds a husband. He just never imagined that he may find the lady to his liking and be the one who wants her for his own.

This book is a quick read and very enjoyable.The premise is Shakespearean in nature so if familiar with the famous bard’s works you could never be lost in a story based on any of his plays.
I gave this book 4.5 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 3.5 of 5 flames. The only thing I can say I didn’t care for was the way the epilogue jumped so far ahead without explanation.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this book to read from the publisher. This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I have read and reviewed voluntarily.

Duke Goes Rogue

Must Love Rogues Book 3

by Eva Devon

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196849023A Duke Who Demands Perfection:

James Hart, Duke of Hunsdownt, is ruled by duty and honor. All his life he’s been driven to be the antithesis of his father. Every choice he has made is weighed by whether it is the right thing to do. When scandal does brush his ducal role, he only works harder to ensure that he hurts no one and nothing by his power. In his noble work for the impoverished, Huntsdown comes to rely on and value his new secretary, Mr. Stanhope. But when the duke discovers his secretary is a woman in disguise he knows he must, for propriety’s sake, send her away. Yet, his admiration now has turned to passion. Now, he longs to possess the young woman who has broken society’s rules. Will he yield to temptation or cut the rebellious young lady from his heart?

A Lady Who Breaks Every Rule:

Miss Olivia Stanhope has known a life full of adventure aboard her father’s ship. But when she tragically finds herself alone in the world, she is left with few options. When forced between giving up her independence or duplicitously working in the Duke of Huntsdown’s employ, she chooses the latter. But from the moment they meet, she cannot deny her feelings. Falling in love with her employer isn’t the safest thing she can do, but when he discovers she’s a woman, Olivia knows that she will do anything to have him.

About The Author:61F9aOAvVOL__UX250_

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USATODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Eva Devon, was raised on literary fiction, but quite accidentally and thankfully, she was introduced to romance one Christmas by Johanna Lindsey’s Mallory novella, The Present. A romance addict was born. She devoured every single Lindsey novel within a few months and moved on to contemporary and paranormal with gusto. Now, she loves to write her own roguish dukes, alpha males and the heroines who tame them. She loves to hear from her readers. So please pen her a note!

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Pure Temptation

Pure Escapades Book 2

by Auria Jourdain

Print List Price: $11.99

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Publisher’s Description:924733435

Jilted by his betrothed and desperate to escape his family’s strict “Gypsy” ways, Talon Barberry leaves England behind when he’s hired by a French extremist to kidnap a diplomat’s daughter sailing to New Orleans. However, he discovers that he is merely a pawn in the Frenchman’s game, and his target is actually a spy hired by the Cabildo—the most beautiful spy he’s ever seen.

Hired to take her best friend’s place on a ship bound for the West Indies, Talia Montrose uses her feminine wiles to seduce the handsome rogue sent to capture her. When they uncover the truth that she too is a victim of the Frenchman’s evil plan, Talon agrees to protect her and save her family home.

Over land and sea, they surrender to their uncontrollable desire for one another. Uprooting his entire moral grounding, Talon defies his honor by falling for the creole seductress, and Talia loses her heart to the man willing to sacrifice his life for hers. But, it can never be: Talon is Romani, and he could never marry a white woman. Conflicted by emotions, Talon realizes a little too late that he can’t live without her. Will he be able to give up his traditions to live a life of happiness with the woman that stole his heart?

*Parental Discretion is Advised!

An Improper Seduction

by Suzanne Quill

Digital List Price: $2.99

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51OOQXwPpKLPublisher’s Description:

Geoffrey Chisholm doesn’t want to be the head of a family, no less a marquess. But, his life radically alters when a cousin dies. At five and thirty, he must manage estates, marry, and provide an heir. A difficult chore considering how jaded he has become with affairs in the ton. He refuses to leg-shackle himself to just any woman; she must be one for whom he has some feelings.

Most women live to marry or must do so for family or finances. Angeline Hartley, her father’s estates unentailed, has no requirement to wed. Two years past her thirtieth year, she is on the shelf, her life contentedly complete. After the Marriage Mart and encounters with local gentlemen, she has vowed to remain unattached. After all, men do it when they have no need of a wife.

But Geoffrey meets Angeline and entices her to sample the intimacies of lovemaking. The coupling is explosive and now two strong-willed individuals must decide if they will give up personal stubbornness to make a bond for a lifetime.

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