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The Danger of Desire


Dartmouth Brides Book 3

by Elizabeth Essex

ERB Publishing

Historical Fiction , Romance

Publication Date April 04, 2017

Available For $3.99 in Digital Format at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

Also Available in Paperback For $13.99

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The Danger of Desire was originally published in 2011 and was nominated for a RITA Award. This new edition has been revised and reedited.

Publisher’s Description:


Royal Navy Captain Hugh McAlden will do anything to stop the treasonous flow of information out of the Admiralty, even if it means taking in a slyly attractive street thief to steal those secrets back.


Circumstances might have forced Meggs Evans into a life of crime, but she’s bound and determined to lift herself out of the gutters even if it means stealing for the wickedly handsome captain.

On the trail of a traitor, the undeniable attraction between Meggs and her captain explodes. But when danger ignites their desire, the only thing in danger of being stolen is her heart.

My Thoughts:

This is the third and final book of the Dartmouth Brides series. I loved this book. I never read the original which was published in 2011 and was a RITA Awards Nominee but it could not have been better than this 2017 revised edition.

The characters are quite well developed and loveable. The storyline is unique in that we start out believing the heroine is a gutter snipe and a thief and near the end of the story we discover something quite different. Our hero has a surprising side to his character. He is the male version of a virgin.

This story is both intriguing and sometimes comically amusing.

This is the second book I have read in the Dartmouth Brides series. I missed reading book #1 but read and reviewed book #2 as well as this one. They seemed to get better with each addition to this series.

This book does not need to be read as part of the series as it does quite well as a standalone title.

I gave this book 4.75 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 4 of 5 flames. There are some really heated scenes in this book, but they are strategically placed nearer to the end. The build up, though is quite the interesting read.

I received a complimentary digital ARC of this book from the publisher thru NetGalley to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I have reviewed voluntarily.

About The Author:

618GJ6WzOeL__UX250_Elizabeth Essex is the award-winning author of the critically acclaimed Reckless Brides historical romance series.

When not rereading Jane Austen, mucking about in her garden or simply messing about with boats, Elizabeth can be always be found with her laptop, making up stories about heroes and heroines who live far more exciting lives than she.

Her books have been nominated for numerous awards, including the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, and RWA’s prestigious RITA Award, and have made Top-Ten lists from Romantic Times, The Romance Reviews and Affaire de Coeur Magazine.

Her fifth book, A BREATH OF SCANDAL, was awarded Best Historical in the Reader’s Crown 2013.

Elizabeth lives in Texas with her husband, the indispensable Mr. Essex, and her active and exuberant family in an old house filled to the brim with books. You can sign up for her newsletter at:

A Time for Giving


Audible Audiobook – Unabridged

by Raine Cantrell

Ginger Cornish –  Narrator

Audible Studios – Publisher

$3.95 Audio Novella at Amazon

Raine Cantrell brilliantly spins a twist on THE GIFT OF THE MAGI in this heartwarming holiday novella.

Jacob DeWitt, a widower on Christmas leave during the Civil War, returns to his New York home determined to get Ellie Winifred to marry him. She has taken in his two motherless children and his younger brother while he is off at war. It makes perfect sense to him that they marry, but Ellie resists. It will take every bit of help Jacob, a proud, stubborn man, can get if he is going to convince Ellie that he is worthy of her love.  

Devil’s Bargain

The Regency Rags to Riches Series, Book 2

by Jade Lee

Digital List Price: $2.99

$0.99 For a Limited Time at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Google ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

1281425867Publisher’s Description:

A penniless relation, thanks to the sudden death of her father, Lynette resigns to the inevitable: selling herself into marriage.

But to whom?

Viscount Marlock—a carnal, unrepentant, dark-devil of a man—has offered to arrange a profitable match.

But for a price.

The Viscount commits to teach her all she must know about ensnaring a man—using touch and tongue—opening her to the pleasures of the flesh. In turn, she must obey without question, trusting his whispered promises.

But who will be caught, and who will be saved?

“A luscious bonbon of a read—the education of an innocent, hot sensual, romantic, and fun!” ~USA Today bestselling author Thea Devine

REGENCY RAGS TO RICHES, in series order
No Place for a Lady
Devil’s Bargain
Almost an Angel
The Dragon Earl

Jade Lee, a USA Today bestseller, has two passions (well, except for her family, but that’s a given). She loves dreaming up stories and playing racquetball, not always in that order. When her pro-racquetball career ended with a pair of very bad knees, she turned her attention to writing. An author of more than 30 romance novels, she’s decided that life can be full of joy without ever getting up from her chair.

Dangerous Secrets

by Caroline Warfield

Digital List Price: $2.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Publisher’s Description:513niMqPgDL

When a little brown wren of an Englishwoman bursts into Jamie Heyworth’s private Hell and asks for help he mistakes her for the black crow of death. Why not? He fled to Rome and sits in despair with nothing left to sell and no reason to get up in the morning. Behind him lie disgrace, shame, and secrets he is desperate to keep.

Nora Haley comes to Rome at the bidding of her dying brother who has an unexpected legacy. Never in her sunniest dreams did Nora expect Robert to leave her a treasure, a tiny black-eyed niece with curly hair and warm hugs. Nora will do anything to keep her, even hire a shabby, drunken major as an interpreter.

Jamie can’t let Nora know the secrets he has hidden from everyone, even his closest friends. Nora can’t trust any man who drinks. She had enough of that in her marriage. Either one, however, will dare anything for the little imp that keeps them together, even enter a sham marriage to protect her.

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