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I Hope To Be in Atlanta for the Giant Book Fair Saturday, May 6, 11am-2pm.

Kissing The Enemy


Scandals and Spies Book 1

by Leighann Dobbs

Digital List Price: $3.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Publisher’s Description:

Stealing a code book from an enemy spy should be easy for someone like Frederica Vale. As the plain looking older sister, she’s practically invisible at social events. Never mind that she has no experience as a spy or that the codebook rests in the possession of one of the most powerful men in England. Freddie has no choice-she’s desperate to save her young sister from the lecherous intentions of their guardian and recovering the book is her only option.
Tristan Graylocke has never been able to measure up to his brother, the Duke of Tenwick.  But being second best has its advantages. No one pressures him to get married and produce an heir, leaving him to carouse at will-an activity that lends itself perfectly to the brothers’ secret lives as spies.
When an alluring enemy spy shows up at the house party planned specifically for the purposes of passing along a code book, Tristan finds himself drawn under her spell. Freddie seems innocent and inexperienced.  Is her innocence is a clever guise, or is she being coerced by someone?
Tristan and Freddie soon find themselves engaged in a seductive game of cat and mouse where each will do what they must for their country, especially if it involves kissing the enemy.


The “Once Upon A Time” Collection


by Leighann Dobbs

Digital List Price: $0.99 at Amazon

FANCYTALES: The “Once Upon A Time” Collection
…classic fairytales you know and love – with a romantic Regency twist!

somethinginred-dobbs-247x400Once Upon A Time…

Lady Rhiad of the Ryding Hoode’s met a Wolfe on the dark road to her grandmother’s house. But little did Rhiad or the Wolfe know that their meeting was a scheme put into motion by her grandmother..

Though she knew her grandmother’s intentions were good, Rhiad could not help but feel betrayed. After all, what sort of grandmother offers her own grand-daughter up to be made a meal of by a hungry predator – even if said predator was completely human and fed solely on the virtue of innocents?

Still, Rhiad cannot deny being tempted — would it truly be so bad to surrender herself, body and soul, to the heat in his gaze, the pleasure of his bite?


* * *

snowwhitemock-dobbs-247x400Once Upon A Time…

…A greedy stepmother plans to steal a dowry whose only key lay within the her lovely stepdaughter’s heart hires an evil man to take the heart from the girl…

Lady Sonoria White is horrified to find herself whisked down a dark London alleyway and off into a dense, murky forest by a band of crafty rogues…

Snow is forced to spend her days hiding inside the dark, timber-framed bulk of an abandoned hunting lodge under the protection of seven rogues – and her nights dreaming of the Marquess whose heart she can no longer win in


* * *

dancingonglassnew-dobbs-247x400Once Upon A Time…

Maxwell Denning, the 4th duke of Rothminster held a grand ball at which he planned to choose a bride – his future duchess – but he never meant to fall in love…

Arielle Tremaine was not a lady. Nor was she a member of the aristocracy, and most especially not a royal princess – although she does feel like one in the outfit Max purchases for her to wear to the ball.

While Max tries to come to terms with his newly discovered feelings, Arielle does her best to do only what he has asked of her – help him choose the most suitable duchess. The problem is, envisioning her life without Max in it feels very much like dancing on broken glass…

Max and Ariel come together in DANCING ON GLASS.

* * *

beastofedenmaine-dobbs-2Once Upon A Time…

…a young English lord lost his brother in a terrible fire. Unable to bear the guilt he suffers night after night reliving the fire in a state of madness.

Five long years passed, years in which stories of the young lord-turned-mad-earl were bandied about from parlor to parlor. Then one night at a ball, said beast stole away with Lady Jane Cerrigwyn and made her his reluctant bride.

Lady Jane is horrified to find herself wed to a madman, but perhaps, she thinks, all is not as it seems for by day the earl wooes her as carefully as any lover might.

Dare she try to save him from the madness that consumes him?


* * *



Once Upon A Time…

…at the grand old age of six, Lady Helena Blackthorpe kissed a toad. But how was she to know the toad would soon transform into a very handsome, headstrong prince who would change her life forever?

Join Helena and Simeon within the pages of THE RELUCTANT PRINCESS where Ms. Dobbs proves once again that, where and when you least expect it, something magical occurs.

* * *

sleepingheiress-dobbs-247x400Once Upon A Time…

…the heir to an earldom fell in love with a wealthy merchant’s daughter who was betrothed to marry a prince.

The girl’s father, persuaded the future earl to leave the country — but soon thereafter, his beautiful daughter fell into a deep, mysterious slumber.

Though he had tried to forget the beauty he had left behind, the heir’s heart had never swayed. But upon his return, Ananias Quinn, found himself quite suddenly in desperate need of a very wealthy bride.

As convenience would have it, the wealthy merchant had long ago endowed his beautiful daughter with a considerable marriage portion — Ananias can have …his true love and wealth … but how does one court a woman who has slept for two long years?

Join Ananias in his desperate quest to wake the lovely Lady Ebrielle in Leighann Dobbs latest Fancytales installment: SLEEPING HEIRESS – a quaint new romantic re-telling of the classic “Sleeping Beauty” tale you already know and love — but with a bit of a Regency twist!


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