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How to Design a Duke


A Regency Romance Book

Tots of the Ton Series Book 2

by Eleanor Meyers

Publication Date: April 24, 2017

$0.99 in Digital Format

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Publisher’s Description:

He’s charming. She’s skeptical.
He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and she sees straight through to his heart.
It’ll never work. Or will it?

Lady Laura Abbey has much adjusting to do.
In a matter of one year she went from
being a little seamstress … to a widow … to the heiress of the Season.

She knows nothing about London and Society, but she’ll have to learn quickly if she plans to survive among the Ton’s casual cruelty.
Ironically, the most charming rogue and scandalous gentleman of London lends her his aid.

And like everything else in her life, it’ll come with a price.

Albion Kay IV, the Duke of Oakley, has never been known to play the part of gentleman until he meets her- a lady he finds to be so different than other ladies.

Everyone knows him to be a rake, but in one night, everything changes. Fighting his past will be Oakley’s biggest obstacle.

And Laura’s will come in the form of fighting her attraction for him.

Can the duke change from his old ways?
Will the lady find love or heartbreak?

My Thoughts:

Eleanor Meyers has done it again with another Worthington, Tots of the Ton title.
This book is certainly what we have come to expect from this author’s sweet/clean Regency Era Romance.

There are a bit more heated kisses than usual, but anything else is just implied.

Our hero has a child from a previous encounter.

Our heroine is a widow with money but she is from humble beginnings.
Can the attraction between these two culminate into their mutual happily ever after or will it lead to heartbreak?

I gave this title 4.25 of 5 stars for storyline and character development and a sensual rating of 1 of 5 flames.

Thank you to the author for providing an ARC of this title which I read initially before purchasing this title.
This in no way affected my opinion or review of this book which I have left voluntarily.


Amazon Top 100 Paid Best Sellers

in Victorian Historical Romance

How to Make a Marquess


A Regency Romance Book

Tots of the Ton Series Book 1

by Eleanor Meyers

Publication Date: March 27, 2017

$0.99 in Digital Format

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Publisher’s Description:

A favor led him to servitude…
Servitude led him to love…

Lewis Haywood is the Marquess of Lamont, but one would never know by looking at him.
During the last two years of service to the Duke of Wardington, he has become as jaded as one who was born on the roughest streets of London.

With two years down and only three to go, Lewis is looking forward to freedom and won’t let anything distract him during his latest assignment.

But as fate would have it, distraction comes in the form of a young boy whose lavender eyes are more than familiar.

Lewis has a son he never knew existed!
And there’s only one woman to blame…

Lady Phoebe Gillard fled England eight years ago with a broken heart and with a child the father never wanted.
When Lewis finds out about their son, everything changes …

Phoebe finds herself falling for the very man she vowed to never love again.
But when the flames of love are rekindled, both turn to face their last and biggest change.

The Duke of Wardington

He knows all and see all.
He won’t let Lewis go without a fight.
He demands all debts to paid.

And when the time comes, Phoebe and Lewis might find themselves paying for that freedom with blood… or at the cost of their love.

How high of a price is this couple willing to pay to be together?
And can anyone truly be free of the Duke of Wardington?

Page Count: around 330 pages

La Belle Christiane

Sweeping Historical Saga of Young America

Patriots and Seekers Book 1

by Lyn Cote

Digital List Price: $5.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Deal Starting Thursday April 27th

Ending Monday May 1st

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Lyn Cote bookPublisher’s Description:

Can the beautiful daughter of a French courtesan find a love that will last a lifetime?

In the early 1770’s, Christiane Pelletier, an extraordinarily beautiful young woman, is next in a line of courtesans who have been favorites at the French court during the reigns of two monarchs. Yet she longs to be the beloved wife of one man, not a lovely piece of human art passed from one noble to another. And the winds of change are sweeping Europe.

After her mother’s violent murder, Christiane flees France with her renegade father. In the Canadian wilderness, she survives the shock of leaving a life of wealth and privilege. To escape frontier violence, she moves southward only to become involved in the burgeoning American Revolution. Daughter of a French courtesan to frontier wife to companion of Lady Washington, Christiane moves into the heart of the American rebel elite. But one man in her life can never be forgotten. Once he was her friend. Now he has become her enemy. Will he become her destiny? Only God knows.

Note to my readers:

About La Belle Christiane, my very first manuscript never published till now.
When I began writing my first manuscript, I literally ran after my two toddlers with a clipboard in my hand and wrote whenever they paused. GRIN.
Anyway I wrote that story without knowing anything about the market. In fact, I told myself just to write the book and then I’d think about marketing it. The thought of that was overwhelming at that time. It took me three years of writing to finish my first manuscript-1,000 handwritten pages. Whew!

Then I found out that while it garnered interest from agents and editors, it never found a publisher. I think that’s because there are “unwritten” rules for inspirational and romance fiction and I didn’t know them or follow them. I still think it’s a good story and I didn’t want it to sit ignored on my shelf forever.
So I’ve revised it and polished it till its quality matches what I write now.

However, I’ve grown as a writer and solidified my brand. I want you to know that Christiane is not my “expected” heroine. She comes from a background far different than say, my Quaker heroines and she is trying to find her way to the truth and true love. So if you want just my regular heroine, I suggest you try my novella, “Where Honor Began” and read my Quaker Brides series. Christiane is different and yet very much like my heroines now. But I wanted you to know she’s flawed upfront.


2017 InD’tale Magazine

RONE Awards Nominee


To Tame a Scoundrel’s Heart

A Waltz with a Rogue Novella Book 4

by Collette Cameron

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

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Publisher’s Description:2019584010

To Tame a Scoundrel’s Heart

She had her whole life planned.
Katrina Needham intended to marry her beloved major and live happily-ever-after. Until he’s seen with another woman. Distraught, and needing a distraction, she agrees to assist the rugged, and dangerously handsome privateer, The Saint of the Sea, find a wife.

He loves everything about being a sea captain.
When Dominic St. Monté unexpectedly inherits a dukedom and the care of his young sisters, he reluctantly decides he must marry. Afterward, he can return to the sea-faring life he craves and leave his duchess to oversee his dukedom.

Nic enlists a family friend’s help in finding an acceptable bride and soon realizes Katrina possesses every characteristic he seeks in a duchess. However, he cannot ask for her hand. Not only is she promised to another, a man still determined to make her his, she has absolutely no interest in becoming a privateer’s wife. Can Nic and Katrina relinquish their carefully planned futures and trust love to guide them?


This humorous historical Regency romance contains a scoundrel turned respectable duke, a precocious heroine whose tendency to say whatever scandalous thing that pops into her head lands her in scrapes, a spoiled feline with an attitude, and a sweet, meddling elderly aunt.

Buy this 4th installment in the Waltz with a Rogue historical Regency romance novella series for a rousing, emotional, and romantic adventure you can’t put down.

A Kiss for Miss Kingsley (Book 1)
Bride of Falcon (Book 2)
Her Scandalous Wish (Book 3)
To Tame a Scoundrel’s Heart (Book 4)

See What Readers are Saying!

“…marvelously written novella that encompasses everything a full-length novel should have. ~InD’Tale Magazine Crown of Excellence Review.”

“As a whole this was a pricelessly romantic and wildly comical novella that held my attention from cover to cover.”~Pure Jonel Confessions of a Bibliophile

“Collette Cameron’s unique wit and writing style and you have an exceptional story.” ~Dee Foster

“To Tame a Scoundrel’s Heart! It’s well written, romantic and amusing! ~Nicole Laverdure” 

“It’s short, wonderful, and definitely hot! Just loved it!” ~Chatty

“…masterfully written tales, in “To Tame a Scoundrel’s Heart”. An enjoyable and very satisfying read!” ~April Renn

“The dialogue is charming and the story telling perfect.” ~Aleen Lampshade Reader

“Collette Cameron is one of the best regency writers that I’ve come across. Her stories are full of warmth and wit, with endearing characters you will fall in love with.” Kimberly Westrope

Ms. Cameron’s writing is like the most luxurious cashmere: warm, light, timeless, elegant, and it always feels so good. ~Mo Daoust

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