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Tangled in Sin


A Bound and Determined Novel

by Lavinia Kent

Publisher’s Description:

An innocent young woman flirts with scandal and becomes the mistress of her own forbidden desires in this stimulating Regency romance from the author of Mastering the Marquess.

Lady Cynthia Westhope can’t believe the shocking rumor is true. Her childhood friend, the daughter of a duke no less, has become the madam of London’s most exclusive and notorious brothel. Though she’s known as “Sin,” Cynthia is scandalized—and surprisingly curious. Just picturing the whips, the chains, the uncontrollable urges men gratify behind closed doors sends a jolt of electricity through her body. Still, Sin can’t imagine taking part in such games—until she’s snatched off the street during a raging storm and swept away to a remote cottage.

When James Winters encounters the comely virgin, he assumes she’s one of Madame Blanche’s fresh new beauties, especially after Sin pulses in ecstasy as he ravishes her. Then he discovers that she’s Lord Westhope’s virgin daughter . . . or was. Now they will both be compromised, unless James devises a plan to save Sin from disgrace. Before long, they’re entangled in a web of tempting propositions, family secrets, and sensual intrigue—and bound together so tightly that James never wants to let go.

My Thoughts:

Such an erotica book is not usually to my taste but I found this book totally engaging.
Sin (Cynthia) is so very innocent and such a concerned friend to James sister whose life has turned around from a pampered Duke’s daughter to an unwed mother and the owner of a notorious brothel.
As the story started I was almost certain that the story would be one about Jasmine. It began like a tale about this young woman’s fall from grace but quickly turned around into something quite different when Sin was mistakenly taken as Jasmine and abducted by men that James had hired to take his sister away from the unsavory situation in which she now lives.
I loved the unexpected turn of events that progressed into this well written story.
I gave this book 4.5 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 5 of 5 flames.
This book has a very erotic storyline. I found it to be unexpectedly enjoyable in spite of the eroticized language and situations.
I received  complimentary digital ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley to read.
This in no way affected my opinion of this book which I have voluntarily reviewed.

What a Woman Needs

by Caroline Linden

Print List Price: $5.99

Sold By: Penguin Random House Publisher Services

$0.99 in Digital Format at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

From award-winning author Caroline Linden comes a dazzling tale of seduction, intrigue, and unexpected lessons in love…

440309834Publisher’s Description:

Charlotte Griffolino knows a rake when she sees one—and the man her niece longs to marry most definitely qualifies. Stuart Drake is handsome, charming—and penniless. That he is interested in more than Susan’s considerable inheritance is highly unlikely. That he will be immune to Charlotte’s allure is even more unlikely…
With a Viscount title in his future, Stuart expects it shouldn’t be difficult to marry an heiress. Still, once he meets Charlotte, how hard will it be to charm her? Quite, actually. Now Stuart has only one option: to take revenge on her through seduction. But learning what this woman needs might only leave him hungry for more…

Reviews & Honors

Finalist in the NJRW Golden Leaf Contest for Best Historical Romance of 2005

“Wonderfully drawn characters, amusing and empathetic, define Linden’s highly enjoyable tale.” Booklist

“Tension mounts as quickly as Stuart and Charlotte’s passion…This cleverly plotted book is filled with intelligent characters, twists and turns, sexually charged repartee and danger.” Romantic Times Book Reviews

“Right from the outrageous opening scene, readers will quickly realise that they are in for a treat…What A Woman Needs is a must-have historical debut.” Fallen Angel Reviews

“This is one of the best books I’ve read this summer, and enthusiastically recommend it to all lovers of historical romance.” Affaire de Coeur

Re-released in 2015 with a new cover, but the exact same story as originally published in 2005.

The story behind the lost masterpiece of Anghiari is essentially true. Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco has been the subject of intense interest in the art world since its inception. Although everything about the rediscovered cartoons in What A Woman Needs is fictional, some of da Vinci’s sketches do survive, such as this one. And art conservationist Maurizio Seracini might have even discovered what remains of the original painting.

The Renegade’s Heart

The True Love Brides Book 1

by Claire Delacroix

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Google ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

Publisher’s Description:465720579

Released from the captivity of the Fae, Murdoch Seton wants nothing more than to forget his lost years. Undertaking a quest to recover treasure stolen from his family seems the perfect solution – but Murdoch is not counting upon a curious maiden who holds both the secret to the theft and his sole redemption.

Isabella is outraged to find her brother’s keep besieged by a renegade knight – especially one who is too handsome for his own good or hers. After a single encounter, she becomes convinced that his cause is just and decides to unveil the true thief, never imagining that their single shared kiss has launched a battle for Murdoch’s very soul.

As the treacherous Fae move to claim Murdoch forever, Isabella seeks to heal the knight who has stolen her heart. But will Murdoch allow her to take a risk and endanger herself? Or will he sacrifice himself to ensure Isabella’s future?

This edition includes an excerpt from THE HIGHLANDER’S CURSE.

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