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Five star rating - shiny golden stars

My One True Highlander


A No Ordinary Hero Novel

by Suzanne Enoch



Scotland, 1812 –

Rugged Highlander Graeme’s loyalty to his clan means that their enemies are his own—even when that includes his neighbor, the Duke of Lattimer. It’s a fight he doesn’t relish, but when Graeme’s reckless younger brothers foolishly kidnap Lattimer’s younger sister, all bets are off…

Lady Marjorie Forrester may be aligned with the enemy, but capturing her puts Graeme squarely in the middle of a war. If he turns Marjorie over to his clan chief, she could be killed. If he lets her go, his brothers could face prison. In addition, the woman can’t stop trying to civilize the lot of them! What’s a Highlander to do, then, but keep the stubborn lass close…and explore the unexpected passion that develops between them?

But how can Graeme protect Marjorie and his brothers when both Lattimer and his own clan are on the warpath – and will do whatever it takes to tear these two star-crossed lovers apart, in My One True Highlander, the next No Ordinary Hero Scottish romance from New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Enoch.

My Thoughts:

I laughed, cried and trembled with fear for our heroine and her hero in this delightful new novel by Suzanne Enoch.

Suzanne Enoch never fails to entertain me.

This book is number two in this wonderful new series and I have read both of them. I loved every minute of this story with it’s humor and angst between our main characters.

The addition of a very delightful eight year old little boy who collects a menagerie of animals such as rabbits, foxes, and mice adds just the touch of humor needed in this very well written book.
After his younger brothers kidnap Marjorie, Graeme decides forcing her to marry him is the answer to most of his problems but he never counted on actually falling in love with her.
I found the characters in this story to be well developed and the storyline to be exceptional.
Connell (our eight year old boy)is a scene stealer with his effectively childish innocence. This book would not be the same without him.
I gave this book a lofty 5 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 3.5 of 5 flames.
I received a complimentary digital ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley to read. This in no way affected my opinion of this title which I have voluntarily reviewed.

The Wake

And What Jeremiah Did Next

by Colm Herron

Digital List Price: $3.99

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Publisher’s Description:

418Up5Xsl9L__SY346_The year is 1968.

Jeremiah Coffey is a twenty-seven-year-old teacher — Catholic, conservative and plagued by guilt on account of his relationship with a beautiful bisexual called Aisling O’Connor.

Aisling is everything that Jeremiah is not — feisty and radical, angry and committed. She is a leading figure in the Irish civil rights movement and is planning to help organize a potentially explosive protest march inspired by the US black civil rights activists’ Selma to Montgomery marches of three years before. The scene is set for a brutal confrontation to match the 1965 Bloody Sunday in Selma.

The Dixie Virgin Chronicles


Book 1 of 7

by Peggy Webb

Digital List Price: $0.99

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Publisher’s Description:51IW7esI+EL
Sweet, sassy, and laugh aloud funny, this 7-book series follows seven women from the Deep South who met at summer camp when they were in pigtails and remained best friends. Now in their early twenties – some in college, some in new jobs – they’ve set out to find Mr. Right while breaking all the rules…except Rule 4!
Belinda, an old-fashioned girl who never had the advantage of a college education, lands a job as nanny and falls in love with her boss. But getting him to fall in love with her requires a lot of scheming by the Dixie Virgins.

Don’t miss book two

The Dixie Virgin Chronicles


Book 2 of 7

by Peggy Webb

Digital List Price $0.99 at:

Amazon ~ B&N

41KhBZosbsLPublisher’s Description:

While Carrie Bradshaw was in Manhattan looking for Sex in the City, the Dixie Virgins looking for love, marriage, and a baby carriage.
 Sweet, sassy, and laugh aloud funny, this 7-book series follows seven women from the Deep South who met at a summer camp for girls when they were in pigtails and remained best friends through the years. Now in their early twenties – some of them in college, some in new jobs – they’ve all set out to snare a man while staying true to the rules they made that long ago summer.

 Janet has her life mapped out: finish her medical degree, hang out her shingle, then find a suitable man and have a family that includes two kids and a dog with a pedigree. When a stray named Harvey and a sexy Mr. Wrong upset her plans, it takes the Dixie Virgins to make everything right.


Get all 7 Dixie Virgin books  from award-winning,

bestselling author Peggy Webb and save 40%! 


Publication Date: March 21, 2017

Echoes of a Highlander


Arch Through Time Book 3

by Katy Baker

$3.99 at Amazon

or READ FREE with Kindle Unlimited

 Publisher’s Description:

Lucy Jennings has given up on love.

After having her heart broken she finds solace in music. All she dreams of is getting her break, of making a living through her music. It’s the only way she finds peace.

So when a strange old woman offers her the chance to obtain her heart’s desire she jumps at the offer. She travels to Scotland to play in an orchestral tour but stumbles through a ruined archway and finds herself thrown back in time five hundred years – and right into the path of Andrew Harris, a brooding highland laird.

This wasn’t the deal. How is Lucy supposed to find her heart’s desire in a strange time, a strange land, with a man who treats her like a child? Andrew Harris is arrogant, aloof and rude.

But she soon begins to discover that’s not all he is. As they get closer she begins to peel back his armor and see the man beneath. And she realizes that her heart’s desire might not be what she thought after all.

But Andrew Harris has demons of his own. Plagued by guilt following the death of his family, he struggles to trust anyone. Lucy Jennings might just change that. But dare he take the risk?

Can Lucy and Andrew heal each other? And will they realize what they truly desire before it’s too late?

Echoes of a Highlander is the third book in The Arch Through Time time travel romance series. Each book can be read as a standalone novel.

Book 1, Dreams of a Highlander, and book 2, Touch of a Highlander, are available now!




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