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Lord Valorous
Lords Of Night Street,Book 3

by Wendy Vella

$2.99 in Digital Format

Available at: 

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Publisher’s Description:

8231125Viscount Hatherton has never met anyone like Miss Poppy March. Exquisite, headstrong and reckless, she’s on a dangerous quest to expose the fiend who she believes is poisoning her employer. She enlists his help, and Jacob is soon tasked with protecting her, when he realizes her life is also under threat. 

The more time he spends with Poppy, the more he understands that she is what is missing in his life. She’s warmed his dark places, and brought him into the light. Can he keep her safe, and convince her of his love when she is equally determined the keep them apart?

Perfect Strangers

A Historical Romance

by Rebecca Sinclair

Digital List Price: $2.99

$0.99 For a Limited Time at:

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Publisher’s Description:

Perfect Strangers - Rebecca SinclairIn 16th century England, Gabrielle Carelton is one of Queen Elizabeth’s most devoted ladies-in-waiting. Then that loyalty is put to the test when Her Majesty commands her to marry Scotsman Collin Douglas.

But when Gabrielle is kidnapped by Collin’s twin brother, not even Good Queen Bess can save her.

Dubbed the Black Douglas, devilishly handsome Connor is known throughout the land for his magnificent feats of strength and cunning. But now he is in need of an heir. An English bride will bring peace to the warring nations—and give him the son he craves.

What the Black Douglas doesn’t expect is an Englishwoman as passionate as she is proud… and in possession of a desire that knows no boundaries.

Set against the pageantry and savage splendor of 16th-century England and Scotland, here is the story of a man and a woman who begin as enemies and strangers—and find a love that will triumph against all odds.

“A delightful read, filled with humor, pathos and the entire gamut of emotions in between… a wonderful romp.” ~Evelyn Feiner, Romantic Times Magazine

OTHER TITLES by Rebecca Sinclair
Montana Wildfire (A Historical Western Romance)
California Caress (A Historical Western Romance)


Rebecca Sinclair is an American author of twelve historical romance novels. According to thDVHW1KS4Romantic Times, Sinclair “has a skillful way with characters and some of her supporting cast members were so interesting they deserve books of their own. “

Critically-acclaimed author Rebecca Sinclair lives in a circa 1865 house complete with a widow’s walk, a Table-of-Death and, of course, its own ghosts! When Rebecca isn’t crafting stories, she enjoys time with her family, reading (a lot!) and listening to a wide variety of music.

Caelen’s Wife

A Murmur of Providence

The Clan McDunnah Series 1

by Suzan Tisdale

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

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Publisher’s Description:

a3a392f28969baa3ab6c6a56570732f628978ce2This is a novella, one of three books in the Caelen’s Wife/Clan McDunnah Series.

Rumor has it the water on Clan McPherson lands is magical….

Clan McPherson has known peace amongst their neighboring clans for more than one hundred years. That peace is threatened when Fiona McPherson is made chief after the death of her husband.
Known more for her fighting skills than her beauty, Fiona refuses the multiple proposals of marriage that begin to seemingly arise from nowhere. She may be the chief of her clan, but she’s still a woman. It isn’t Fiona they want, but her land and she’s willing to fight to the death to keep it.

Rumor has it Caelen McDunnah has lost his mind…

Caelen McDunnah, the chief of Clan McDunnah, has no desire to remarry. He’s perfectly content to still mourn the loss of his first wife and babe, even if it has been sixteen years. Until he meets the beautiful and feisty Fiona McPherson.
Known to start a fight out of sheer boredom or madness — no one is ever truly sure which — Caelen suddenly finds himself in the middle of battles he has no desire to fight, but fight them he will if it means he can have Fiona McPherson as his own.

There is always a wee bit of truth in every rumor.

A Recap of My Review

Originally Reviewed on August 22, 2016

When a Marquis Chooses a Bride


The Worthingtons Book #2

by Ella Quinn

Kensington Books / Zebra Shout


Buy at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Google ~ iBooks ~ Kobo


Publisher’s Description:

Thanks to their large extended family and unconventional courtship, the Worthingtons have seen their share of scandal and excitement. But nothing has prepared them for this…

The Dowager Lady Worthington isn’t quite sure what to make of country-girl Dorothea Stern. As the granddaughter of the Duke of Bristol, Dotty is schooled in the ways and means of the nobility. But her sharp wit and outspoken nature has everyone in a tizzy. Especially their cousin, Dominic, the Marquis of Merton.

Prematurely stuffy, Dom was raised by his cheerless uncle to be wary of a host of things, including innovation, waltzing, and most perilous of all: true love. Still, there’s something about Dotty, beyond her beauty, that Dom cannot resist. But the odds are against him if he intends to win her as his bride. Will he choose loyalty to his family—or risk everything for the one woman he believes is his perfect match…

My Thoughts:

This is a very good and well written book from Ella Quinn.

Although I have not read the first book of this series(this is book #2) I would say that “When a Marquis Chooses a Bride”can easily be read as a stand alone.

The characters are engaging and the story line is well thought out.

I would give this book 4.25 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensula rating of 3.5 of 5 flames.

I wish I had not missed reading the first book in this series. I am certain it is most likely as entertaining and well written as this one.

I received a complimentary digital ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley to read This in no way affected my review which I have left voluntarily.

I have, since reading and reviewing this title, read two others in this series and have found them to be equally engaging. Look for my review of Book #4 “It Started with a Kiss” coming soon.

The Worthingtons Series

51IJtQ6Ut3L__AC_US218_Three Weeks To Wed (The Worthingtons Book 1)

51Th1F7-4kL__AC_US218_The Second Time Around (The Worthingtons)

                                                       a Novella

         51TrNb8hMuL__UY250_      It Started with a Kiss (The Worthingtons Book 3)

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