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Review of a Free Gift Novella

Regency Fire



Book #1 of 5

by Bridget Barton

Available only to Newsletter Subscribers

Note: This story is an early-access and it is only available for newsletter subscribers and hasn’t been published anywhere else yet.

Author’s Description:

Upon the death of his father, Gabriel Farrington found himself suddenly the new Duke of Calgarth. And filling his father’s shoes will be no simple task. The family has been at war with Cornelius Cunningham, the Duke of Horndean, for three decades and it was the old Duke’s dying wish that Gabriel continue the feud with ever more enthusiasm.

Still, Gabriel has four brothers to help keep the flag of the Duchy of Calgarth flying high, and he expects each and every one of them to take his part.

Keen to lead the way, Gabriel determines to steal away the fiancé of Lord Richard Cunningham, the son of the Earl of Horndean. Lady Evelyn Godfrey, daughter of the Earl of Gorton, is beautiful and intelligent and only marrying Lord Cunningham to save her family’s floundering estate.

Initially cynical in his approach to Evelyn, Gabriel soon finds himself falling for her. As Evelyn finds her attraction to Duke of Calgarth growing she begins to wonder at his motives. With the flames of the feud burning ever brighter, Evelyn must decide whether she should trust Gabriel or follow the wishes of her father. And Gabriel must decide which is more important to him; the feud or his own happiness.

My Thoughts:

This is the story of a young Duke who is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps by continuing a feud between two ton families that started after his long dead aunt was jilted by the Earl of Horndean.

At a wedding Gabriel did not actually want to attend, he spots a young lady conversing with Lord Richard the son of said Earl. He gets the bright idea of continuing the feud by taking the lady away from Lord Richard.

This novella is well written and very compelling despite it’s length. I gave this short book  4 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 2.5 of 5 flames.

This novella has yet to be published for purchase and was provided to the author’s newsletter subscribers free of charge.

This in no way affected my opinion of this title.

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Regency Hearts

Book 1

by Bridget Barton

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

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Publisher’s Description:

51wO+JVzV2LExciting – Romantic – Daring!

Set in early 19th century England, this is a tale of jealousy, ambition, and forbidden love.

The Duke of Northumberland is a lonely and morose man. He tries to engross himself in the management of his coal mines, where he is famed amongst his employees for his sense of justice and fairness. However, the death of one of his most faithful workers in an accident perturbs him. Moreover, Abigail, the daughter of that employee, one of the housemaids in the castle he has inherited, will not let him forget his involvement in that accident.

A long-time business rival and his estranged cousin, the Earl of Aldrich, is also looking for a way to extract revenge from the Duke for previous wrongs. In a reversal of fortunes, the Duke finds himself forced to abandon his castle while Abigail discovers she is not really the daughter of a coal miner. Abigail, caught in the midst of the rivalry between two powerful men, discovers that nothing is as it seems. Not even her own past.

Regency Hearts

The Historical Regency Romance Complete Series

Books 1-4

Discover NOW The New Regency Romance Series by Bridget Barton!

$0.99 at Amazon

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Publisher’s Description:

Exciting – Romantic – Daring!51QTanBwxlL

The Duke of Northumberland is a lonely and morose man. He tries to engross himself in the management of his coal mines, where he is famed amongst his employees for his sense of justice and fairness.

He tries to engross himself in the management of his coal mines, where he is famed amongst his employees for his sense of justice and fairness. However, the death of one of his most faithful workers in an accident perturbs him.

Abigail, the daughter of that employee, one of the housemaids in the castle he has inherited, will not let him forget his involvement in that accident.

So, when these two different but dynamic personalities came face to face, both their lives change course. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles and finally be together?

So cozy up and join Abigail and the Duke of Northumberland in a tale of jealousy, ambition, and forbidden love!

The Collection Includes the Following:

Between a Duke and an Earl

Duke and Archenemy

Challenging the Duke

Saving the Kingdom


“Regency Fire!” A Sneak Peek of my upcoming Historical Romance novel. Five stories concerning two feuding families involved in a bitter feud for thirty-five years! The story is set in the wild, windswept north of England, with other action occurring in London.

Get This Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited!


About The Author:

Bridget-Barton-Profile-PicBridget Barton was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas.

She has studied English Literature in college and after a brief passage in journalism as a newspaper writer, she stirred her career to what she always loved: becoming an author!

She has always been intrigued by rascals, vagabonds, dukes and rogues, so having the chance to write stories about them is a wish come true for her!

Bridget is married to her own prince charming and is the proud mother of two daughters (and three adorable kittens) and soon to be a grandma!

She is a hopeless romantic who devours romance literature and of course enjoys writing love stories of her own.

When she is not writing, Bridget is relaxing by cooking for her lovely husband, exercising and listening to soft music.

Bridget loves to connect with her readers!


Leaving Lancaster

A Novel

Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy Book 1

by Kate Lloyd

Digital List Price: $14.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

AmazonB&N ~  Google

Publisher’s Description:
5a3106c31bcf291e00604f71ea0ffb64Can a splintered Amish family reconcile?
More than anything else, thirty-something Holly Fisher longs for family. Growing up in Seattle without a dad or grandparents, she wonders what it would be like to have a heritage, a place of belonging. Holly is furious when her mother, Esther, reveals a long-kept secret: Holly’s grandmother and uncles are still alive and begging Esther to return. And Holly is shocked when she learns that the family she’s never known lives on a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, farm—as part of an Amish community her mother once abandoned.
Guilt-ridden Esther, terrified to see her mother and siblings, begs Holly to accompany her on a visit to Esther’s mother before she dies. But can their journey to a conflicting world heal their emotional wounds and finally bring them home?
Set in the heart of contemporary Lancaster County, Leaving Lancaster explores the power of forgiveness, family reconciliation, and love where least expected.
About The Author:

Kate Lloyd is a novelist, a mother of two sons, and a passionate observer of human 61bTtGGa4BL__UX250_relationships.

A native of Baltimore, Kate spends time with family and friends in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the inspiration for Leaving Lancaster. She is also a member of the Lancaster County Historical Society. Kate and her husband, Noel, live in the Pacific Northwest, the setting for Kate’s first novel, A Portrait of Marguerite.

Kate studied painting and sculpture in college and has worked a variety of jobs, including car salesman and restaurateur. Find out more about Kate on Facebook or at

When Beauty Tamed the Beast

Book 2 in the Fairy Tales series

by Eloisa James

on sale in e-book for only 99¢!


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Publisher’s description:

4695669_506675Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, lives in a castle in Wales where, it is rumored, his bad temper flays everyone he crosses. He’s a Beast. Miss Linnet Thynne is one of the most exquisite young ladies ever to grace London’s ballrooms. She’s a Beauty. But wait—there’s more! Piers is a doctor: brilliant, lame, and impossible to get along with. There’s a version of him on Fox TV, named after a habitation. Linnet has been involved in a scandalous flirtation with a prince, and everyone in the ton thinks she’s carrying a royal child: she needs a husband.

Linnet estimates it will take two weeks—at the outside—to bring the earl to his knees. Piers knows that he will never fall in love, and definitely never marry.

A wonderful spin on a much-beloved fairy tale, Eloisa James’s When Beauty Tamed the Beast is heart-soaring and fun historical romance at its finest. No wonder People magazine raves about her books, saying, “Romance writing does not get much better than this.” Eloisa’s delightful take on Beauty and the Beast unfolds in Regency England, where a beastly, bad-tempered Earl matches wits with a brazen beauty who has vowed to make the handsome grump fall in love with her in two short weeks.


I love writing novels, but this novel was a particularly joyful experience. I’ve never had so much fun—and not just because I’m a House, M.D. fan either. I hope you love this second entry in my “Happily Ever After” Fairy Tales just as much as I do. —Eloisa

Read an Excerpt

***This gorgeous cover was remade with a yellow dress in honor of Disney’s new live action film, which I can’t wait to see!***


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