Review – To Covet a Lady’s Heart by Ingrid Hahn

Loved It Too!!!


After a lifetime of rakish behavior, Lord Maxfeld must pretend he’s reformed and find a fake wife. And there is nobody more suitable than Lady Phoebe. Trouble is, Phoebe will not agree to a false engagement and leaves Max no option but to blackmail her into agreeing to his scheme.

Phoebe will go to great lengths to avoid anything remotely dishonourable and blackmails Max right back—directly to the altar. Once married, though, Phoebe wants more than just Max’s ring — she wants his heart, something he can never give….

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To Covet a Lady’s Heartseparator

My Review:   

Time for Review road sign illustration design over a white background I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review.

Reviewed by Rose 3

Lady Phoebe Landon and her family have only been given a lukewarm reception back into society after the scandal they suffered when Phoebe’s father gambled away their fortune.  When Grace, Phoebe’s sister…

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