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This Love of Mine


by Gina Danna

Publisher’s Description:

England 1810

Kidnapped on a trip to London, Lady Eleanor Whitmore awakes in the hold of a ship with no memory of her past or of her perfect marriage to Lord James Haddington III, Earl of Windhaven. All she knows is that a fierce and stunningly handsome pirate is yelling about women being bad luck on a voyage. Adrift at sea in both body and mind, she finds herself falling in love with the pirate captain, whose flashing eyes and muscular frame leave her breathless.

Lord James resisted the shackles by marriage until he met Eleanor. Her beauty and charms captured his heart, and now that she’s disappeared, he vows he will find her or die trying. His search becomes a chase to the New World, a trip that could destroy him as Eleanor’s bonds with a pirate captain tighten. Can James provoke her memory and win her love, or will the pirate steal her heart forever.

My Thoughts:

One thought… Excellent!!
I was captivated by the characters in this short novel from the start.
Our heroine wakes up after being kidnapped with no memory of her so called perfect marriage to our hero leading to an adventure that keeps the reader captivated.
This is a fast paced read that can be completed in a short amount of time.
This book gets a 4.25 of 5 star rating from me for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 3 of 5 flames.
I received a complimentary digital ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley to read and review.
This in no way affected my opinion of this title.

The Truth About Cads and Dukes

Rescued from Ruin Book 2

by Elisa Braden

Digital Price Currently $0.99 at:

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Publisher’s Description:

51o3vgz2ptlWhen a wager goes wrong …
Painfully shy Jane Huxley is the furthest thing from a diamond of the first water. Bookish, bespectacled, and, well, plain, she never expected to befriend a dissolute charmer like Colin Lacey, much less agree to help him retrieve a lost family heirloom. Fortunately, he is nothing like his cold, rigid older brother. Unfortunately, he is not above deception if it means winning a wager. And that puts Jane in a most precarious position.

A formidable duke will marry a plain Jane …
For Harrison Lacey, the Duke of Blackmore, protecting his family honor is not a choice, it is a necessity. So, when his cad of a brother humiliates the unwitting Lady Jane, Harrison must make it right, even if it means marrying the chit himself.

And a marriage of convenience will become so much more …
Her reputation hanging by a thread, Jane agrees to wed the arrogant Duke of Blackmore, although she’s convinced it will result in frostbite. Only after lingering glances lead to devastating kisses does she begin to suspect the truth: Perhaps—just perhaps—her duke is not as cold as he appears.

Regency Hearts

A Historical Regency Romance Series – Book 2

by Bridget Barton

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Exciting – Romantic – Daring!

The days drudged on for the Duke whose hopes had been lowering. From Northumberland to 51wojvzv2lLiverpool to London; his travels had done little to benefit him. And even now, aware as he was of her presence in London, he had no way of reaching out to her and his morose began to get the better of him. He often sat in the parlour, looking out through the windows on the streets as if holding onto a vain, kindling hope that he might have the fortune of seeing her as she passes by.”

Abigail wants nothing but the truth. The truth about her father’s death, her feelings for the Duke and a stepbrother she never knew she had. Seeking the truth, she wanders into the city of London with the Earl’s wicked men right at her heels. Duke Edmund, restless because of her absence and determined to bring his beloved home, crosses paths with the Earl. A conflict that could very easily turn into tragedy.

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The Prequel – The Marquess’ Temptation

The Fairbanks Series – Love & Hearts

CLEAN Historical Regency Romance Forbidden Love

by Jessie Bennett

Digital List Price: $2.99

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516zox7kjalA defying young man. A naive maid waiting to be loved. A temptation hard to resist. Secrets to hide or regrets for life.

Lord William is a rebellious man that defies all including his wife, but that doesn’t stop him from romancing the ton.

His brother is faced with the impossible—admit to a dalliance he didn’t have, or risk shaming is younger brother.

Lord Fairfield, William David Montgomery only choice—or so he assumes—is to use another man’s name in order to philander freely at society’s functions. However, the name he uses is the worst imaginable: his own older brother’s name.

Lord Abraham Montgomery is also a happily married man, the firstborn son of the Duke of Fairfield and standing to inherit his father’s title. If his brother’s escapades continue though, he will be forced to give up everything, as the scandal will ruin the family name forever. He must choose between loyalty and doing the right thing, especially when a young woman in the household is found to be with a Montgomery child.

Abigail is just a simple maid, working hard in a place where she is cherished, and sought after by the young and brash William. The handsome and charming young man manages to seduce her, but she believes that he’s his older brother, the heir to the family name.

Will Lord William stop to his roaming ways and mend things with his pretty wife before it’s too late to salvage the Montgomery name?

How will Lord Abraham get out of his predicament without sullying his own name—and that of his beloved father?

This is a clean historical regency romance novel.

Duke’s Forbidden Love

by Jessie Bennett

The Fairbanks Series – Love & Hearts

Historical Romance Fiction

Digital List Price: $2.99

Currently $0.99 at Amazon

51h0qkps1zlA beautiful widow. A daring younger man. A society-threatening age gap. Keep it a secret or risk the wrath of the ton? Will there be any happily ever after for them?

Mrs. Anna Vanessa Maddy is a beautiful widow, now in her early 40s, although she’s always told that she looks much younger.

Duke Bryan Michael Watson has never minded a challenge, especially when society would not approve of the match.

The duke knows that if he hurts the pretty widow, regardless of her age, the members of his peerage—and all generations surrounding—will never forgive him. She’s a beautiful lady on the inside and out, and well loved by all those who know her. However, he’s immediately attracted to her, despite an age gap of more than twenty years.

Anna is lonely, despite the attempts of her teenage son and father to distract her from the sadness caused by her husband’s untimely death a few years earlier. At a grand ball, she meets a handsome young man who draws her into his aura, creating a magnetism that neither of them can deny.

Her father does not approve of the match, mostly due to the age difference, and they couple fears that society will never accept them for this reason. Without her father’s blessing, Anna cannot wed her handsome love, regardless of how she feels, and even if it means ignoring the fact that she already loves him more than she ever loved her husband.

Will Anna be forced to marry the much older Duke Doughtery, her father’s friend, instead of the love of her life?

Can Lord Bryan convince her father that his age is truly not a factor, and that his business savvy and maturity should be considered first—along with his love for Anna and her son?

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