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The Scoundrel’s Pleasure


The MacNeil Legacy – Book Two

by Jane Bonander

Pub Date: February 14, 2017


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Publisher’s Description:

Jane Bonander, the bestselling author of The Dragon Tamer, writes a lush, sexy romance set in the Highlands of Scotland.

Only a short time after a single tryst changes their lives, Duncan MacNeil voyages over the sea to make his fortune in America. Isobel Dunbar stays in Scotland, giving birth to a spirited boy she names Ian. To protect her reputation, and to prevent Duncan’s wealthy, land-owning family from taking Ian away from her, Isobel concocts a story that the village comes to believe—that Ian’s father died, leaving her a poor widow. The truth, she hopes, will never be discovered, and her son will never meet his father.

When Duncan returns, weary of being out the New World and ready to take on greater responsibilities in his family’s holdings, his first order of business is to buy up the run-down brothel by the water, where Isobel has been living. He can’t understand why she refuses to sell, and he certainly cannot understand why she harbors such a resentment towards him. Then he realizes who this beautiful woman once was. Can an irresponsible boy grow into a man who makes amends? Can Isobel ever trust him to make amends, knowing that the truth puts everything she holds dear at risk.

This passionate, powerful story is Jane Bonander at her best—sweeping Scottish historical romance with characters who linger long past the final page.

My Thoughts:

Although this is basically a good story I found the journey back and forth from present to past somewhat distracting. I know that some of these details led to what happens between the hero and heroine but felt them unnecessary at times.
Our hero returns after leaving abruptly some ten years ago.
Our heroine at first finds his return somewhat disturbing.
Will the secret of what happened between them all of those years ago, although brief, keep them apart or bring them together?
That is the question that needs to be answered in this compelling and somewhat confusing story.
I gave this book 3.5 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization.
The sensual content is brief and does not really add to or take away from this story so it gets 2.5 of 5 flames for heat.
I received a complimentary digital ARC of this title from the publisher via NetGalley to read and review.
This in no way affected my opinion of this title.

Her Perfect Gentleman

A Regency Romance Anthology

by Lauren Smith, Gina Danna, Collette Cameron, Marie Higgins,

Jenna Jaxon, Louisa Cornell, Ella Quinn, Elf Ahearn 

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51-e35oej7lUSA Today Best-selling author, Gina Danna, joins best-selling, award-winning authors, Collette Cameron, Ella Quinn, Marie Higgins, Jenna Jaxon, Louisa Cornell, Elf Ahearn, and Lauren Smith in this delightful limited edition, containing eight tantalizing love stories.

He must woo his wife to awaken her past or lose her to a pirate forever.

BRIDE OF FALCON by Collette Cameron
Faced with spinsterhood, Ivonne Wimpleton takes fate into her own hands determined to win the heart of her wholly unacceptable childhood love . . . scandal be damned.

Even though their families demand that the youngest son of a duke, Lord Quartus Trevor, and the Duchess of Wharton remain apart, but their hearts don’t seem able to listen.

Is giving her heart to a stranger worth the price?

He’ll do anything to be her heart’s delight—except tell the truth.

He has a thousand reasons to steal the bride, but only one reason to steal her heart.

The thought of Claire Albright in the arms of another man is unbearable, but in his heart, Lord Flavian Monroe knows he mustn’t ask her to share the consequences of one terrible mistake.

Gemma never planned on falling in love with her childhood sweetheart’s best friend, Jasper, when he returns home, but she can’t resist the naval officer’s brooding charm.

Recently Released

Jan 23, 2017


A Lords of Action Novel

by K.J. Jackson

***Only $0.99 launch sale price for a VERY limited time!***

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Publisher’s Description:

51irmagewylA lady out for vengeance collides with the one man that can stand in her way.

The lady bent on vengeance.
Lady Canton has a list. A list of men she is ruining, one by one. The work is satisfying—as each and every one of the despicable men deserves it—and if Livia has to bend the rules of propriety for success—so be it. What she doesn’t anticipate is a past love barging into her life, determined to stop her.

The man that will stand in her way.
Lady Canton threw him over years ago to marry a lecherous old fool for his title, so the last thing Lord Reggard wants is to entangle himself with her again. But when Livia threatens to ruin one of his best friends, Tieran is forced to take matters into his own hands to stop her.

A second chance at first love.
Livia never stopped loving him, and Tieran is intent on using that fact to his advantage. Never mind the callousness of his actions—his loyalty to Livia died years ago and he has no desire to revisit the past with her. Yet the past may be the one thing Tieran cannot escape, and he may very well discover he never stopped loving her as well.

Note: The books in the Lords of Action series by K.J. Jackson are each stand-alone stories and can be read individually in any order. These historical romances are set in the Regency and Victorian eras, and do not shy away from scenes with steamy heat, occasional naughty language, and moments that might possibly make you squirm.

The Widow and the Rogue

Book 3 Gentlemen of Honor Series

by Beverly Adam

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Publisher’s Description:

513dvvdhplMarried off at a tender age by her greedy uncle, Lady Kathleen Langtry suffered through several years as the wife of a wealthy, but cruel man. Now a widow, and mistress of Dovehill Hall, Kathleen is determined to be her own woman. Independent and free. She certainly doesn’t want the famous solicitor, Beau Powers telling her what to do, even if he is devilishly handsome and charming.

Beau Powers is well aware that the beautiful widow resents his presence, but he is determined to guard Kathleen’s interests from her money hungry relatives. Besides he enjoys spending time with the refreshing young woman. But when an attempt is made on Kathleen’s life they realize there is more at stake than the estate. So in order to catch a killer, Beau and Kathleen embark on a journey to discover the secrets of Dovehill Hall . . . secrets to die for.

Time of the Draig

by Lisa Dawn Wadler

Digital List Price: $2.99

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Publisher’s Description:

51iaunyr9rlIn an attempt to save the world from destruction, physicist Major Samantha Sykes opens a door in time. Her plan to travel into the past to change the future has unexpected consequences. Trapped in 11th century Scotland, her mission is complicated by the love she never knew she was seeking.

Laird Faolan of the Draig clan has one desire: to claim the woman who fell through time and make her his. He will do everything in his power to convince Samantha that she belongs with him for all time.

Opening the door in time brings Samantha and Faolan together. Fate, destiny, and responsibility are at odds. The forces that brought them together may be their undoing.

Will their love survive Samantha’s journey back to her world to save time, or will the centuries that stretch between them tear them apart?

The Lady’s Slipper

by Deborah Swift

Digital List Price: $2.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Publisher’s Description:

‘Compelling and intriguing, this is a well-told story full of wonderful prose and 5106kmzbo1lsurprising events.’ — Romance Reviews Today

When English artist Alice Ibbetson discovers a rare orchid, the lady’s-slipper, she is captivated by its beauty and fragility. It is the last surviving specimen and she wants to paint it and tend it for future generations. 
 But she is not the only one who wants the flower – a herbalist wants it for its medicinal properties, and a ruthless landowner hopes that, like the tulip craze, it might restore his ailing fortunes. And pitted against them all is Richard Wheeler, the handsome man of new-found faith, whose searing honesty causes more danger than any deceit.
 Soon Alice finds herself caught up in a web of danger, treachery and unexpected passion.
A story of drama, intrigue and romance set in 17th century England. 
Shortlisted for the Impress Prize and the Salt Lake City Readers Award.
Book group questions available on the author’s website.


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