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How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days


What Happens in Scotland Book 1

by Kate McKinley

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Publisher’s Description:

Lucas Alexander, the ninth Duke of Arlington, is a man who gets what he wants. So when he sees the alluring Miss Pippa Welby from across a crowded ballroom, he vows to make her his. But the bold and spirited Pippa has sworn never to marry into the haute ton. Now Lucas must win her the only way he knows how—one wicked kiss at a time.

The daughter of a wealthy tradesman, Pippa has been sneered at by the upper echelons her entire life. So when the duke arrives on her doorstep with an invitation to her own engagement ball—to him—in ten days, Pippa hatches a daring plan. She must lose the duke before the ball, or risk losing her own heart.

My Thoughts:

How could this Duke possibly want a tradesman’s daughter for his wife even if her father is very wealthy?
This is the first time I have read this author’s work but will not be the last time.
I enjoyed the humorous byplay between the hero and heroine. The angst between these two was most enjoyable and stimulating.
The only problem with this story was the cliff hanger like ending making me want more and wonder how it would all end.
I gave this book a 4 of 5 star4-star-rating rating for storyline and characterization.
The sensual nature of the book in my opinion calks for a 3 of 5 flames flame-torch-md  flame-torch-md flame-torch-md rating.

I borrowed this book through Kindle Unlimited to read.
This in no way affected my opinion of this title.

Perfect In My Sight

Redeemable Rogues Book 4

by Tanya Anne Crosby

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Publisher’s Description:

51alu4ojgilAn RT Book Reviews HISTORICAL MYSTERY of the Year Nominee, Perfect In My Sight is a “a tangy, sensuous historical romance with the added bonus of an excellent, suspenseful plot.” [Rendezvous]

What would you do if you believed someone you loved was murdered? Everyone suspected Peter Holland married Sarah Woodard’s cousin for her money. Some were certain he killed her for it. Sarah is determined to discover the truth.

Posing as a tutor for Peter Holland’s blind son, Sarah suspects the clues to her cousin’s murder lay hidden in her missing journals. But her suspicions will either lead her straight to the heart of a doting father… or into the arms of a heartless killer.

Little Love Affair

Civil War Military Historical Romance

Southern Romance Series Book 1

by Lexy Timms

Digital List Price: $2.99

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Deal Expires On: Feb 12, 2017 

Publisher’s Description:

Knox Township, August 1863.
Little Love Affair, Book 1 in the Southern Romance series,
by best selling author Lexy 61fhtqf9lTimms

Sentiments are running high following the battle of Gettysburg, and although the draft has not yet come to Knox, “Bloody Knox” will claim lives the next year as citizens attempt to avoid the Union draft. Clara’s brother Solomon is missing, and Clara has been left to manage the family’s farm, caring for her mother and her younger sister, Cecelia.

Meanwhile, wounded at the battle of Monterey Pass but still able to escape Union forces, Jasper and his friend Horace are lost and starving. Jasper wants to find his way back to the Confederacy, but feels honor-bound to bring Horace back to his family, though the man seems reluctant.


This is romance series, book 1 of 4 . All your questions will not be answered in the first book

A Duke’s Wicked Kiss

Entangled Select

by Kathleen Bittner Roth

Print List Price: $14.99

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Publisher’s Description:

51fwueo8oul__sy346_His smile alone suggested all sorts of mischief

Miss Suri Thurston, illegitimate daughter of a duke and high-caste Indian royal, travels to India to confront a malevolent grandmother, and encounters a man who, ten years prior, left an indelible imprint on her soul. As covert head of the Queen’s Foreign Service, the Duke of Ravenswood’s duty is to prevent a mutiny, but when Suri appears in a Delhi ballroom on a mission that wreaks havoc, he is forced to intervene, only to find his heart forever bound to hers. While their love can rise above the scandal of marriage, will deceit and treachery tear their world apart?

The Scandalous Lady Mercy

The Baxendale Sisters

by Maggi Andersen

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Publisher’s Description:

After her four sisters married for love, Mercy Baxendale, in her first London Season, wants the same 51ctbv09qxlfor herself. Her requirements are simple. The man she marries must be madly in love with her, and he must also be prepared to support her business venture.

When an incident lands Mercy and Grant, Viscount Northcliffe in the scandal sheets and has everyone in London talking, they are forced into a marriage of convenience. Although Northcliffe is quite the most handsome man she’s met, he does not fill her criterion for a husband. Not only does he appear to be a man with secrets, he has a very public mistress.
Grant foresees no rush to marry and produce an heir. His grandfather, the Duke of Rotherham, and Grant’s father are still above ground. And squiring a fiancée around London for the Season is difficult with the dangerous work he’s undertaken for the Crown.
While he accepts that circumstances have thrust marriage upon him, he wishes his reluctant fiancée would be warmer. There’s a decidedly chilly expression in her beautiful blue eyes when she looks at him.
Will they find it possible to overcome their differences and love one another, or will his secrets destroy their chance of happiness?


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